Refreshing the Created By box on your Ning Network

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On Monday, we’re refreshing the Created By box with a new look and updated language. The Created By box, which appears in the right column of your Ning Network, serves a few purposes. First of all, it lets everyone know who the Network Creator is. Second, along with links in the header and the footer, the Created By box invites people to create a Ning Network themselves. In this release, we’re refreshing the design of the Created By box and updating the text. Here’s how it will look:


You’ll notice that the Created By box language invites people to “Create a Ning Network!” rather than the “Create your own social network” text you see on Ning Networks today. The goal here is to update your Ning Network with the language we’ve been using on and here in the Ning Blog for a while now. If you’re looking for a way to remove prompts to create a Ning Network, check out the “Remove Promotion Links” premium service explained in detail here.

While these are probably the most noticeable changes, it’s worth pointing out that we’ve made some smaller language changes across your Ning Network. Specifically, where your members used to see “social network” or “network,” they’ll likely see the name of your Ning Network instead (for example, “Join Paris Cyclists” instead of “Join this social network.”) This should create a more branded experience for joiners and potential members. Any customizations you’ve made with the Language Editor will *not* be overwritten by this update.

If you have any questions about this update, join the conversation on Ning Creators!

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9 thoughts on “Refreshing the Created By box on your Ning Network

  1. Michael Albert

    You people at ning absolutely rock.
    Wonderful service.

    Question: Right now the About box lists just Clive as the creator. I am the creator as well.
    How can Clive make the change to include my name…and maybe photo also?


  2. mG.kEnzO

    that’s great ning network creators may experience and enhance their skills in designing/building there own page. 😉

  3. Istvan Mandi

    -Nem tul szépek ezekaz ajándékok, Bocsi, – ezek a csunya rózsaszin maslik 😛 borzalmas.
    -Aztán, eddig láttam a barátaim ha beléptem a ning. profilba mint pl. hahota üzemeltető, most ez is megszünt, a barátaim sem látom akik eddig voltak, szinte az egész tájékoztatót levették, vagy csak nálam nem látszik? jó volt azért lehetett tájékozódni a tagokról, és láttam a hahotán kivüli barátaim névsorát is. Mióta uj lett a ning azóta semmi. Miért? és igy marad?
    Azért egy ning-es oldalt üzemeltetőt lehetne talán értesiteni ezekről a változtatásokról, vagy nem érdemli meg? pedig jó kis forgalmat bonyolitok én is le a hahotával, nektek ningeseknek, akik üzemeltetik a ning hálóhzatait.
    Kérdéseim még lennének, hahotán belüli háttér alakithatásokkal, a “haladóval ” kapcsolatban pl.
    – aztán lennének kérdések menet közben? ki segit?????
    Szeretnék válaszokat kapni köszönöm

  4. Peter McDermott

    Agree with the posts above – more blatant marketing for you does not equate to improved networks for us.

    And I do mean blatant. The new “create a ning network” button sticks out like a sore thumb on my site and really ruins to visual consistency of my homepage.

    I’d like to think otherwise but I can’t help from assuming that this is just an attempt to lure in more subscribers for the remove promotion premium features.

    If it is that’s fine, but please don’t try to pass it off as a network improvement.

  5. sugar

    i do not like the new “create a network” in the created by… its to big and does not much anyone pages colors, it LOOKS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

  6. Di

    I agree with the poster above. My members were so appalled by the gift feature, I had to get rid of it right away. The way the change in language is presented, i.e., create a social network vs. create a Ning network is not any kind of improvement, as it now invites people to create their own network in two places. For these reasons, I would not invest anything. I have the feeling that even though I am bringing you hundreds of members, my service continues to decline.

  7. David Appell

    Frankly, the “improvements” I’ve been seeing — sending “gifts” and now this — are pretty lame and not particularly helpful to admins. Things we’d really rather see include improved member administration, especially on the INVITE function, which still has no way to search the name or e-mail of an invitee to check it against new invitees. Also to be able to export invitee e-mails, and to go to a specific date in the invitee list. Also helpful, BTW, would be to turn off the display of recent activity except to admins.

    How about tackling something really useful for a change?

    David Appell

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