Testing display ads on a batch of Ning Networks

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Last week, we experimented with running display ads on Ning Networks that are using the free service. We had scattered reports of issues relating to the content of the ads not being relevant to some Ning Networks.

We’re committed to delivering the most relevant ads to every Ning Network. Starting tomorrow, we’ll begin rolling out display ads to a small set Ning Networks. If you’re a part of this set, we’ve sent you a message from the Ning Help Center to let you know. We’re choosing to work with small test groups initially, to make sure that we serve the best, most targeted display ads. Based on the feedback we receive, we’ll gradually expand display ads to more Ning Networks across the Ning Platform. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that only relevant ads appear, and we’ll respond promptly to any issues you report via the Ning Help Center. Thanks!

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11 thoughts on “Testing display ads on a batch of Ning Networks

  1. Ed Burton

    The value proposition of Ning advertising used to be an attractive one, we give you all the content and traffic of our communities and in exchange you get the Google AdSense revenue from that activity. I’m sorry if Google AdSense are not generating enough revenue for your company but the imposition of these graphical ads is a dramatic shift in the value proposition of Ning. While these visually toxic adverts are appearing I’ll be researching alternatives community platforms to Ning, graphical or worse animated banner adverts are not acceptable, I would not have adopted Ning if they were part of the proposition then and am utterly appalled that they have been imposed on us after we have invested time bringing loyal communities to your service.

  2. Ascension Mediagroup

    I would like to echo my dissatisfaction as well. None of these ads are site specific!…I dont like Match.com ads on my site nor Netflix. and Im like Fallon seems like when I made the request to have them removed they came more often!…Can the NC at least have the right to choose what type of ads they want? AND to have those ads SITE SPECIFIC! The old ads were just fine IMHO. At least they had some sort of relevancy!…if i have a site about drumming have drum related ads..not ads for match.com!

  3. Fallon Shadowblade

    @Laura – I have submitted an issue regarding a specific ad on my site and the offending ad seems to appearing MORE. Match.com ads are a major problem for a community geared towards teens and young adults. Perhaps the best way to ensure the appropriate ads would be to let the NC pick a category the relates best to their community.

  4. Laura Oppenheimer Post author

    Hi Charles and Fallon,

    We’re continually working on making sure we get the targeting right on these ads. If there’s a specific one you object to, please let us know through the Ning Help Center – we’ll address any issues through that channel.


  5. Fallon Shadowblade

    I like the fact that the ads will be more relevant but so far on my network they are not. Having ads for Match.com and other dating services pop up on my kid-friendly website is not cool. Is there a way to have “G” rated ads displayed? I can no longer assure parents that my network is kid-friendly when the first thing they see is “Meet me Now!” and other ways to meet adults online.

  6. Charles Adler

    I’m very unhappy about the display ads. My site is about environmental issues and a matching service ad is totally inappropriate. I’m sure my members will be offended and no one else will want to join my site.

  7. Laura Oppenheimer Post author

    Hi Neil,

    We emailed the Network Creators in the test group to let them know they’d start seeing display ads. Since the feedback we received was positive, we’ve ended the test period and starting rolling the ads out to all Ning Networks using the free service.


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