Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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The Bamboozle Music Festivals

What started in New Jersey and branched over to California, is now happening across the country with Hoodwink festivals. The Bamboozle Festival is a two-day, annual music festival, that features, dozens of bands, fake names and an endless assortment of puzzles and clues.

If you are interested in find out who will play this year’s festival, put on your thinking cap. A blog post from Snoop, outlines how members can find out:

on Tuesday night, yours truly picked six fans who have received the first messages that will trigger the storm of clues, hints, fakes and confusion. the remaining messages will randomly be sent to those signed up to the bamboozle online community (courtesy of ning – shameless plug). if and when successful in figuring out the message, the fans will find a code, the code which verifies that the band, that fans has found, is a confirmed bamboozle artist.

of course in bamboozle tradition, times will be off and there could be one or two unexpected surprises.

While the first set of clues have already been sent out, there’s a good chance more will be sent out soon. The only way to receive a clue, is to join the Bamboozle Festival Ning Network. Once you get one, the puzzle can be started!