The Twilight Saga: New Moon, acted out on more than the big screen

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The books have sold millions of copies, its movies have been seen across the globe and the official Ning Network boasts hundred of thousands of members. With the The Twilight Saga: New Moon released across the country today, there’s no doubt that Twilight fever has been caught by, well, pretty much everyone.

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One of the ways we’ve seen “twi-hards” express their love of Twilight is by creating their own Ning Networks. Their focus? Role playing and fan fiction. Member of these Ning Networks act out the lives of vampires, werewolves and their various friends and foes online. And the more I’ve looked for Ning Networks about Twilight, the more I’ve found.

There’s Twilight Beginnings, Forever Twilight Network, Twi-Lifers and then Twilight Saga Cullen Family. There’s the Cullen Coven. There’s even Twilight Indo, for fans in Indonesia. One of the biggest is The Cullens Online, with more than 1,600 members. On each of these Ning Networks (sometimes called “families” or “covens”), fans are using the built-in features — namely the profile pages and blogs — to assume the identity of their favorite characters and act them out. Members take on a role, like Bella or Edward, and then build out stories, writing them one message, blog post, or forum discussion at a time.

The love of all-things Twilight isn’t specific to Ning; for example, on Tuesday there were 81,000 tweets that mentioned Twilight. But it is on Ning where fans of the series and films can spend time, acting out the lives of their favorite characters, and building relationships with other fans. If you just want to connect with other people around the book, the 200,000 plus member Twilight Saga may be what looking for. But if you are looking to unleash your inner Bella, check out some of the Ning Networks listed above — there may just be a family waiting for you.

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5 thoughts on “The Twilight Saga: New Moon, acted out on more than the big screen

  1. chepal

    hi every one,its greatr to be ning team.i was sleeping ,now i am awake, we have to be awake to be aliver thats true.anyway, i will let you know abt many things in coming days.

  2. Aperta o X

    And sooonnnn we’ll have a Twilight and New Moon game!
    I posted about this, but is in portuguese.

    Books, movies , a lot of magazines and now games! Yeah, this is a new Harry Potter

  3. Jennifer Storm

    hey im Jennifer and I play esme and am creator of Twi-lifers we have an awesome group of people on our site and if it wasnt for Siobhan Irish, Bella Cullen, Alec Volturi and Jacob Black our site would not be what it is today everyone has a great time and make friends from all over the world and spend hours trying to enhance the site and its number of members. Will new events, storylines and charactors everyday its the awesomist place on the web for twilight role players. We actively need more people so join today and experience the life of a twilighter at your fingertips.

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