Two RSS improvements coming tomorrow

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Along with improvements to email notifications and an increase to the character limit for broadcasts and private messages, we’ve also added some RSS improvements into tomorrow’s release:

  • The RSS feed for the Events feature will display the date of the event in the title
  • You can now grab a brand-new RSS feed for the Featured Photos page

Grabbing an RSS feed from your Ning Network and sharing it on another website is a great way to spread the word and increase activity. With these two improvements, the RSS feature becomes a more potent way to deliver rapidly changing content from your Ning Network to other Web sites, your Ning Network’s Twitter stream, or simply your own RSS reader.

Your RSS feed for events now displays the date

Grabbing the RSS feed for the events on your Ning Network has always been a great way to keep track of what’s going on and to share it on other websites. Starting tomorrow, the RSS feed for the Events feature will automatically take the date of the event and place it into the title. Here’s how the feed looks on my browser:


As you can see, an event scheduled for Nov. 26 called “Thanksgiving feast” will appear as [Nov 26] Thanksgiving feast.

Grab the RSS feed for featured photos

You’ve always been able to grab the RSS for all photos, but we’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to grab the RSS feed for featured photos only. This way, you can make sure that you’re taking the cream of the crop when you share photos from your Ning Network on other websites.

Grabbing the RSS feed for featured photos is as simple as clicking the RSS link at the bottom of the Featured Photos page:


We’re looking to roll out an RSS option for more featured content soon, so stay tuned to the brand-new Ning Creators Network for more news.

And as always, these RSS links are visible to all members — and all visitors — if your Ning Network is public. Check out our article about the RSS Feature here, and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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16 thoughts on “Two RSS improvements coming tomorrow

  1. Matthew Quinlan

    Love the improvements. One feature of RSS feeds that is really missing is the ability to subscribe to feeds of private ning communities (currently, ning only generates feeds for public communities). With authentication, this is certainly no less secure than email updates. $0.02 deposited.

  2. Becca

    Are there any plans to allow partial feeds instead of full text feeds? I number of people subscribe to my blog via RSS but the feed only allows full text which means they don’t need to return to the site to keep reading. I think this would be a helpful feature to continue to drive traffic to our networks. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  3. Jack Shepler

    Just a second note: I would make the video feed (the overall one and the tagged one) include the text content in the ‘content’ area of the feed and then include the thumbnail address just like in the image feed.

    Then, on any content that has the ability to comment, include the comments XML address in the item->comments tag. Or – just make it so that the address included in the “alternate” URL will carry over the GET variables.

  4. Jack Shepler

    I think Ning should have an RSS overhaul. I complained that the thumbnail for Videos pulls through for the general Video feed, but not for Video Tag RSS feeds, so you added them, and that made me happy.

    But why would you put them inline in the content instead of as an attachment, like the image feed?

    One look at the RSS feed shows me that you’re even adding in a link after the thumbnail that looks like this: (a href=”..”)(br)(/a) – what’s the point of that?

    Also, on all content that allows comments, you offer a comments feed. However, the feed for that content doesn’t include the address for the comments feed. I want to mention the number of comments on an article, but can’t do that. I thought maybe adding ?feed=yes&xn_auth=no to the ‘alerternate’ URL would give me that feed, but it doesn’t because the URL is not the final address, it forwards to the actual address, and does not keep the GET variables.

    So frustrating.

  5. Samantha


    Thank you for telling me this! 😀 I was actually rather worried! 😳 I’m excited to see what you have in store as the new search feature. 🙂 I miss browsing the networks because I still have some in mind that I would like to join, but I can’t find them.

    Thanks for the reponce. 🙂


  6. Andrzej Góralczyk

    There became something wrong in RSS display of videos. There are smaller screens instead od the description.

  7. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Samantha,

    We’ve temporarily removed the search bar on because we’re currently working on coming up with better tools for people to find Ning Networks that match their individual interests and passions – stay tuned for updates on what’s to come!


  8. Samantha

    I have a question that I would like to ask…

    Where is the “Search Networks” on Ning? I tried looking for it and I simply cannot find it. 🙁 Could someone help me out, please? 🙂

    Anyone? 🙂



  9. marcus

    id like to say ning is great and im that you have made new changes i think will be for better of ning thanks to ning dept.

  10. Dev

    Is this new release disabling last reply feature? It seems that last reply is disabled on our ning network site?

  11. looksy

    Hi Gina Bianchini + Ning team,

    switching between some networks as an user / admin I prefer the ning profile id site,
    it’s also simple to see all messages, friends adds ectpp. in one compact package –

    now I m veriy irritated to see the huge above blog and the other functions will be missing.

    Please check / change the functions back.
    Thanks !!

    Kindley Regards

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