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Laura Oppenheimer
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Stephenie Meyer answers YOUR questions! - The Twilight Saga

Can two werewolves fall in love with the same girl?

Will the Twilight series be extended past Breaking Dawn?

With Renesme being half vampire, will he ever stop becoming a wolf?

Members of the Twilight Saga — now numbering more than 240,000 — had the chance to ask their most pressing questions to series author Stephenie Meyer by emailing her their questions. With Twilight: New Moon coming out in theaters on Friday, fervor on The Twilight Saga is at an all-time high. Today, Stephenie answers some of the thousands of questions she received were posted. For example:

I’m curious about whether or not you would have liked to write the screenplay for New Moon or any of the movies? Melissa has done great so far, but do you think the movies would have been any different if you hand a bigger hand in the screenplay? – Colleen

I don’t think I’d be any good at adapting my own books. As you can tell, I like to write long stories. I do actually cut a lot in the editing process (Twilight was ten thousand words longer in the rough draft form), and what stays all feels absolutely vital to me. I just can’t look at it objectively. I think I’d be better at adaption if I had some distance from the work. So yes, the movies would be different if I’d written the screenplay—they would be six hours long, which might sound great to some people, but as such they never would have been made.

Stephenie answers more than 20 questions, and covers everything to her opinion on Robert Pattinson (“There’s something otherworldly about his face”) to how she comes up with her character’s names. This content is exclusive to The Twilight Saga, and only members can access it; to join, click the Sign Up link on the upper right.