Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Listings is the latest Ning App built by the folks at Apps.IO. With Listings, members can create, customize, and comment on listings of various types. It’s a great option for introducing a “Classifieds” or “Jobs” tab to your Ning Network.

Because anyone can add a listing, it’s easy to see how Listings gets quickly populated with opportunities relevant and interesting to your members. And as a Network Creator, you can click “Configure Listings” to edit any of the language, manage categories, and add custom listing fields.

Here’s how Listings looks on my Ning Network (click for a full-size image):


In this case I’ve set up categories based on the type of job — Internships, Part-time and Full-time — but these are totally customizable.

Apps.IO has its own Ning Network here, and you can read about Listings in detail here.