Send yourself a preview of your broadcast message

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We’re pleased to announce a key improvement to the broadcast message, which we’ve heard will make things easier for many of you. This is a perfect example of agile development, which allows us to make small, frequent improvements to existing features.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to click a “Send Me a Preview” link at the bottom of the page:


This sends out the broadcast message only to you, so that you can get a feel for it will look in email before sending it out to the rest of your members.

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6 thoughts on “Send yourself a preview of your broadcast message

  1. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Cholito,

    Our system has a spam word threshold that we use to determine if as message will be flagged as spam by external email providers. If your broadcast message meets the threshold for too many spam words, you won’t see the option to send your message. The reason? Email providers will flag your messages as spam, so they won’t reach your recipients, which ultimately hurts you/your Ning Network AND other messages being sent out by Ning.

    The good news is the error message you see tells you which words are causing your message to be flagged, so once you remove those, you should be set.


  2. DonCesarBlogs a.k.a Cholito

    Hi , When i sent a message i didnt receive those two options that you said Laura, and not have that option that NingMaster displays ither…I am having problems sending Broadcasting msg to my users, they are not receiving them , i dont receive the Example to my self either.

  3. eCoronado

    Great to hear. How long will it save your draft? Or, better yet, can there be a way to save it as a draft? I’m concerned of working on the HTML pieces and then having the page expire.

  4. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi JP,

    When I test this out, I got a message that notified me my message could be flagged as spam, and then gave me two options:

    Go Back


    Send Anyway

    If this is different than what you are seeing, please let us know in the Ning Help Center.


  5. NingMaster


    I had noticed the other day, if you broadcast a message and it notices spam words, it recommends as usual, to change them before sending or it may go to a spam folder.

    I did not want to change them, and it did not give me the option to send without changing. Was this a bug or are we being forced to display specific content in our messages?

    If it see words that could drive our email to a junk folder, are we no longer allowed to send with out changing?

    Thank you

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