Jill Nissen
Jill Nissen
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Today, we’re updating our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand our privacy practices and how we use data at Ning. Some of the key changes include the addition of  a highlights page and simplified language. These changes do not alter the way in which we handle personally identifiable information and many of the changes offer increased protection of your privacy.

In the updated policy, we’ve provided more detailed information about the collection and use of non-personally identifiable information by ad networks, ad servers and other third parties. We’ve also added information about the choices you have regarding the collection and use of this information.

Included in the updated policy is a commitment to you that if we make a change to our privacy policy that is less restrictive in how we use or disclose your personal information that we previously collected, we will notify you and seek your consent prior to implementing the change.

Finally, we’ve removed information about some features that are no longer available, such as the recent update we made to Ning.com.

Please let us know if you have specific questions about our new Privacy Policy in the Ning Help Center.

Jill Nissen, Ning’s VP and Chief Policy Officer, leads all global policy matters for Ning, including privacy protection, DMCA, content regulation and child online safety and oversees all partnerships with NGOs.