A new welcome email (and post to Twitter by phone)

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Update: This release is now live on your Ning Network.

Two new features we’re announcing today will help bring new members to your Ning Network, encourage them to stick around and make it easy to add content to both your Ning Network (and Twitter) from anywhere. Starting tomorrow, members will:

  • See a new welcome email when they join a Ning Network that outlines ways to get involved
  • Be able to post a photo or video to your Ning Network from their phone and have it automatically post to Twitter

A new welcome email

Today, the email that members receive when they join a new Ning Network is very simple; it welcomes them to your Ning Network and includes a link where they can sign in. However, we heard requests for better tips to help out new members, so we’ve revamped the email:

Members will be encouraged to invite friends, add content and post to Twitter about your Ning Network (if you have Twitter integration turned on). If they haven’t uploaded a photo, they’ll be prompted to do that, too. And if you’ve turned off Twitter integration off and they’ve already uploaded a profile photo, they’ll be prompted to set up their profile page.

Many Network Creators have already customized their welcome emails, and those Ning Networks’ welcome messages won’t be changed by this release. If you decide you want to add some of these new features to your already-customized welcome email, or edit it in the future, just search for “welcome email” in the Language Editor.

Automatically post mobile content to Twitter

Since we’ve launched Ning Networks, you’ve been able to post photos and videos directly from your phone (or any device with the ability to send email) to your Ning Network. That feature is about to get a whole lot more useful, as we’re adding the ability to automatically have that content posted to Twitter as well.


To set this up,  connect your profile on your Ning Network to Twitter. Then, head to your Settings page. There, you’ll see a new checkbox that allows you to automatically send photos or videos you’ve added via email to Twitter:


Once the box is checked, you’re all set. Just save the email address above the check box to your phone, and the next time you’re away from your computer and snapping a photo (or recording a video), email it in to your Ning Network! It will be posted to your Ning Network as before, but the subject line of your email will be posted as text on Twitter, with a link to your photo.

Keep in mind that if your Ning Networks uses a custom domain, you’ll need to work with your registrar in order to get the email in photos and videos feature set up.

Evan, a product manager, is looking for more Potrero Hill residents to join his neighborhood Ning Network.

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27 thoughts on “A new welcome email (and post to Twitter by phone)

  1. Evan Goldin Post author

    Hi all!

    We’re seeing a lot of spammy comments on this post in particular, so I’m going to close this post for new comments. If you have a question, feel free to post it on Creators!

    Ning Product Manager

  2. Stephen Rivers

    Hi Charles!

    Nothing shows up when searching the Language Editor for “welcome email” because we haven’t rolled out this release yet. Once we have, all fields connected to the welcome email (both the new one and the old one) will be tagged and will come up when you search for “welcome email” (no quotes required).

  3. Taylor

    That is so exciting that you can keep up with NING through Twitter! Being always on the go my phone has practically become my right arm and this makes it so much easier! Thank you for the huge update!

  4. Pat Brighton

    Having joined several Nings and started groups within one or two. But I find using it a bit complicated. What’s this gift all about? Is there a difference between a message and a comment? Can I send a comment or message to everyone? If so, how?

    Thanks Pat

  5. Firas Al-Khaffaf

    I love the idea of being able to post content from a mobile phone. Nice one 🙂

  6. Jobs In Manchester

    NING looks good, will have to browse a few others and then consider getting an account myself. Would be good implemented with all of the other social networks and our website.

  7. Steve

    I’m a ning member and I always loved it, I would also like to know whether we can get some templates.Cheers. Ning rocks!

  8. George Brown

    Great post,
    I have been thinking about using this, now that this has been out for 6+ months, how is it working?

  9. TweeterStar

    Is there any templates of welcome emails I could use on one of my ning networks? this would be really helpful!


    1. Eric Suesz

      Great question. You might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network. I think people would happily share their ideas about this.

  10. Mike

    Being able to post a photo or video by phone really is a godsend, shall definitely make use of this

  11. jubo@ great gift ideas

    I’ve not really understood about Ning but it looks really useful. I’ll try and get to grips with it and see how it works them hopefully post a better comment. Thank you

  12. Jo

    I have joined several Nings and started groups within one or two. But I find using it VERY CONFUSING. What’s this gift thing? What’s the difference between a message and a comment? Can I as a member send a comment or message to everyone? If so, how? Can I upload a Word document for everyone or just one member? If so, how? What is Forum? What is Blog? How can I use my own name? I send messages to myself – so do others! I have tried to start my own Ning but can’t work out where to put the introductory explanation.

    Not everyone is familiar with social networking, twitter etc. Could there please be a Help for users?
    A basic introduction, an explanation of how Nings work, and instructions, for non-geeky beginners.

  13. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Ann,

    We’re planning for 3 p.m. this afternoon (Pacific time), but that could be pushed back a little bit. We’ll update this blog post when the release is live!

  14. Ann

    Hi Evan,

    Any ETA for the roll out of the welcome email? We are thrilled to be setting it up!

    The List Project

  15. James at BabySpot.com

    Truly amazing!!! You guys impress me eveytime!! Hopefully this is also good for branded networks…:-)

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