Final availability metrics for 2009

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We’ve already released our first big feature of 2010, but before we look too far into what’s coming up, I wanted to take a minute to go over our availability metrics for all of 2009. As I mentioned in November, in July we were able to address the issues causing instability in June, and make fixing them an immediate priority.

Availability 2009

As you can see in the chart above, our availability was 99.99 percent for November, and 99.59 percent in December. The December number reflects two hours of issues that affected pages but not Ning Networks on December 7, and almost an hour of planned maintenance on December 18. Compared with our numbers from 2008, it’s clear that we’ve made great strides in keeping your Ning Network online, speedy and growing. As always, we’ll continue to announce when there’s scheduled maintenance coming up, and keep you informed of what’s happening on the Ning Platform, here and on the Status Blog.

Sri Viswanath, VP of Engineering, leads the team that makes your Ning Network even faster.

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One thought on “Final availability metrics for 2009

  1. Laura

    One thing that bugs me about Ning is that I can not find a directory listing sort of thing for the netwoks in Ning. I think I did find this at some point cause I joined a few networks. Now and then I find a network by chance when I am on other sites. But, it would be much simpler to look through a list of networks on Ning.

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