Laura Oppenheimer
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The spam tools release we blogged about here is now live on your Ning Network. Members who join your Ning Network with unverified email addresses, who are not part of a Ning Network with moderation, will now have to enter a CAPTCHA the first time they go to post profile comment. For legitimate members, this will take an additional few seconds while preventing “bots” – or automated scripts from spammers — from adding spam.

We’ll initially be rolling out the CAPTCHA only for profile comments. When looking at the data, our Spam and Abuse Prevention team estimated that as much as 70 percent of spam across Ning is posted on profile pages, so we believe this will be a valuable tool to help you limit the amount of spam you and your members see.  Additionally, we want to ensure that adding this CAPTCHA isn’t hurting your legitimate members from adding their comments. Once we’re able to see how this new CAPTCHA affects posting — both by legitimate members and spam bots — we’ll make a decision about whether to roll this out to other features like the Forum and Blog.

Please let us know on Creators if you have any questions!