CAPTCHA for New Member Posts is Live

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The spam tools release we blogged about here is now live on your Ning Network. Members who join your Ning Network with unverified email addresses, who are not part of a Ning Network with moderation, will now have to enter a CAPTCHA the first time they go to post profile comment. For legitimate members, this will take an additional few seconds while preventing “bots” – or automated scripts from spammers — from adding spam.

We’ll initially be rolling out the CAPTCHA only for profile comments. When looking at the data, our Spam and Abuse Prevention team estimated that as much as 70 percent of spam across Ning is posted on profile pages, so we believe this will be a valuable tool to help you limit the amount of spam you and your members see.  Additionally, we want to ensure that adding this CAPTCHA isn’t hurting your legitimate members from adding their comments. Once we’re able to see how this new CAPTCHA affects posting — both by legitimate members and spam bots — we’ll make a decision about whether to roll this out to other features like the Forum and Blog.

Please let us know on Creators if you have any questions!

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18 thoughts on “CAPTCHA for New Member Posts is Live

  1. Laura Oppenheimer Post author

    Hi Kate,

    If she can’t complete the CAPTCHA, the best option is for her to verify her email address. Once she does that, she won’t see the CAPTCHA any longer.


  2. Kate

    How do we opt out of Captcha? One of my members is trying to reply to a forum post and she can’t because Captcha won’t let her through. She sent me a screen shot of what she is typing in and she is typing in the right letters to validate her post, but it is still not working.

    Thank you,

  3. Adam Glenn

    We’re having the same issues as Gary Wise above, i.e. the need for Captcha at signup, to spare us the odious task of declining dozens of spam member profiles each day. Any word on something like that? Thanks for an otherwise excellent product! Adam

  4. Dyce

    They must have cracked the Captcha, because it does show up on our sign-up page but spambots are still able to sign-up and post. I’ve turned on blog approval but i can see where that’s gonna be a pain to manage.

  5. Gary Wise

    I am in need of a Captcha widget on the “Sign Up” function. I have the moderate setting to approve new members requests, but that requires my manual intervention. I read where you are utilizing Captcha on New member profiles. My problem is happening before a profile is even built. Iget a gang of new members (most hawking erectile dysfuntion products or anti-depressants, etc) as new members. I’ve blocked almost 400 this past month for spam. It would be great if you all position Captcha on the front-end where prospective members render their initial “Sign-Up”.

    Thanks – Love Ning big time, guys!

    Gary Wise

  6. Julie Harvey

    Hi all, I wish to address concern that some people are having on a newtork I am on. People there have experienced being locked out of networks for posting comments (including graphics) on friends’ pages.
    Is this issue going to be resolved soon? Some legitimate people are being locked out and apparently being labeled spammers. Also a side issue which I hope you dont mind me asking here. it appears you can no longer invite people from other ning networks to join a network. Why has this been changed? Thanking you for your reply,

  7. Mary Kate

    This new Spam blocker has not slowed down the 100 or so bot generated (I assume) members who land on my site and post spam to my blog each day. Banning these members as spam only seems to increase the amount of the spam attack. I don’t want to get into moderating membership, but may be forced to. Is there something in my site set up that is making my site more vulnerable to these attacks? Please help. I’m struggling each day to keep my site clean… Mary Kate

  8. Laura Oppenheimer Post author

    Hi Jack,

    The best two things to do are:

    1) Turn on Member Moderation and
    2) Turn on Blog Approval


  9. Jack


    There’s lots of Canadian Online Pharmacy spam happening today as blog posts in a network that I am a member of.

    Is there anything I can tell the creator of the network to do to stop this?



  10. nafishnafish

    Oh…me too. Canadian Online Pharmacy is such a pain. I have suspended about 20 new spamming members so far, and they are still coming..

  11. Laura Oppenheimer Post author

    Hi Park,

    There’s no need to “turn on” this feature. It’s automatically on 🙂

    If you are still seeing issues, can you drop our team a note at with what you are seeing?


  12. Park Howell

    Thanks Laura. I went searching on my Ning network to add the Captcha to my new member registration, but couldn’t find how to do it. I’m getting blasted by “Canadian Online Pharmacy” spam joining my Ning network. Help!

  13. deadyIrreks

    Hi guys,

    I know this might be a bit off topic but seeing that a bunch of you own websites, where would the best place be to host. Someone recommended I use Blue Host for $6.95 a month which seems like a great deal. Anyone here on using them?

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