Improved Blog and Forum Text Editor is Live!
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We’ve successfully pushed out a patch release to fix the bugs that you’ve reported here and through the Help Center:

*Upload Image Options: Set Image size is broken [FIXED]
*The image does not get saved if there is no text below the image [FIXED]
*Adding a blog post via Quick Add feature does not preserve paragraph breaks [FIXED]

In addition, we’ve added back the file attachment capability when creating a blog post. We’ve also added the ability to switch back to the original simple text editor. You can find this setting under Feature Controls from your Manage page.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback. We really appreciate it! If you’re still seeing an issue with the bugs described above or with the text editor, please send us a note through the Help Center.


Yesterday, we announced significant improvements were coming to the forum feature’s text editor, and that we’d be rolling out the same editor to the blogs feature. We’re happy to announce that the new text editor is now live on your Ning Network’s forum and blogs features!

As an added bonus, we’re also including a new theme, “Linen,” for Network Creators and members to use. It will also become the new default theme applied when you create a new Ning Network:


Let us know on Creators if you have any questions!

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