Garnor Morantes
Garnor Morantes
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Listening to Network Creators is a big deal for us here at Ning. Your ongoing input on releases, ideas on new features for your members, reporting of bugs and other issues and general constructive feedback helps us continually improve the Ning Platform and drive it forward. Last year we launched Ning Creators, a place to talk through releases before they go live, get immediate, candid feedback and connect with other Network Creators.

This year, we’re continuing this trend by implementing two other programs to help us keep an even better pulse of the wants and needs of Network Creators.

The Network Creator Council Program

The name’s a mouthful, but in short this is an exciting new program that consists of a small group of active Network Creators with whom we periodically discuss upcoming feature releases, and hold other targeted input sessions. It’s like a “power focus group” — only better (we think) — because we continue to hear from these participants all year round. While we are currently looking to grow this group and recruit for new members, we’re likely going to keep the membership relatively small (roughly 100 members) so we can maintain the deep, qualitative discussions that are so important for a program like this. By design, we’re including Ning Networks of all sizes and types in this program. Here’s a bit more about how the program works:

  • Council members are invited to Palo Alto, where Ning HQ is located, for a one-day summit. The goal of the summit is for us to learn more about the participants’ Ning Networks, tell them how the Council program works and gather their feedback on a series of upcoming features and other things we’re working on.
  • After the summit, we conduct regular conference calls so we can get more input from Council members on new topics or changes we’ve made based on input we’ve heard from Network Creators (either through the Council program or elsewhere).
  • Finally, we also have a private Ning Network that we host for the program to ensure we keep the lines of communication open with the Council members.

Information from the summit, phone calls, and private Ning Network is not divulged outside of the Council program so that we can maintain the privacy of our members and our own product development where it makes sense.

If you’re interested in participating in the Council program, feel free to email us with your name and Ning Network address (http://…). Participation is limited, so we can’t guarantee everyone interested will be invited to participate, but we definitely want to hear from Network Creators who are interested in providing constructive input. And don’t forget to continue participating on Ning Creators! We will continue to spend a lot of time on there listening and discussing your feedback.

Quarterly Online Survey

Last month, you may have seen an invitation from us to participate in a brief online questionnaire. This 11-question survey is a way for us to regularly measure how we’re doing in providing you with an awesome Network Creator experience. Our goal is to improve on areas you’ve identified as not as good, while continuing to improve on areas that you rate us higher on. We’ll be surveying a different group of Network Creators every quarter, so keep your eyes open for an invite in your email.

Both the Network Creator Council and quarter survey program are up and running. Like Ning Creators, we are receiving a lot of great input around new and existing designs, possible new features and other areas that contribute to your experience running a Ning Network experience. Thank you for your continued support!

Garnor, a Senior Community Manager at Ning, is on the hunt for Network Creator insights.