Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Kids and Adults

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The importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles are in the news today, thanks to Michelle Obama’s launch of the Let’s Move campaign. The new is one place to look for information on making good decisions for you and your family’s health. People focused on healthy living, for both children and adults, have often turned to Ning to get the word out, find support from others and learn about new health initiatives.

We’re Fed Up is an L.A.-based initiative, in which young people advocate for healthier foods, more parks, and greater resources devoted to youth initiatives. For adults, there are other options including Dialogue 4 Health, Wego Health and Equity Channel.

Dialogue4Health - Changing the way public health works on the internet

Dialogue for Health “tackles provocative subjects by providing a Web-based platform for interaction and discussion.” Members range from public health professionals, to community leaders to those with corporate interests. They work together to develop cross discipline strategies to improve health in the U.S.

On Wego Health, the focus is on empowering health activists. These activists range from MDs to bloggers. Members connect and learn from each other, and also have an outlet for getting their voices heard in the larger medical community. The conversations occurring can also be much more personal. One recent forum discussion focused on the affects of a drug called Trileptal; members who had experiences with the prescription drug offered up their advice and shared their stories.

For people looking to promote health around the globe (and not just in the U.S.), there’s Equity Channel. It’s goal is to “help you connect with us and other interested people across the globe who want to see action on the social determinants of health.”

Whether you are looking to make a difference with the young people in your neighborhood, or promote change on a global scale, there’s a place to sign in and get started making a difference.

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2 thoughts on “Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Kids and Adults

  1. christi

    I am glad I found this article, because I am having a hard time finding a health/food based network on when using the Discover Ning selection tool. The categories that it provides excludes so many of the network types, even though one may try all the categories to find a possible link between a network that pops up from this tool and the type of network that the person is looking for. I would like to see add a main category in not just sports, but maybe a category of Health and Fitness that includes Sports.


  2. Donna Bass

    I have just started this network. I hope to have information on healthy eating and diet management. Please feel free to add your information. Thanks. Have a great day!

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