Now Live! Facebook Integration on Your Ning Network

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The Facebook integration we blogged about last week is now live on all Ning Networks. As part of this release, you’ll now see Facebook links next to the Twitter links on your content’s detail pages. In order to fully integrate with Facebook, though, you’ll need to set up the Facebook App. Luckily, it’s an easy two-step process, taking about 30 seconds from start to finish — and you can find instructions here.

Login | Facebook

Step #1 : Head to the Manage page and click on the Facebook icon. From there “Connect to Facebook” button. You’ll see a lightbox pop up, where you’ll enter your Facebook sign-in information.

Step #2: Click on the “Create Facebook App.”

And that’s it! If you like, you can edit and update your Facebook App to make it a little more customized for your Ning Network, but you don’t have to — Facebook automatically pulls in your Ning Network’s icon to use in posts.

Once the integration is set up, it’s simple to share and syndicate content from Ning to Facebook. Let’s say, I’ve just joined a new Ning Network and want to show my Facebook friends my profile page. If I click on the Facebook link, this is what I see:

My Page - Outdoor Music Festivals

Once I click “Publish,” my post will also appear on my Facebook News Feed with the comment I’ve posted. If the content you are trying to share is private — or you are on a private Ning Network — you’ll still be able to share content, but we won’t include thumbnails or text excerpts on Facebook. Here’s what it looks like when I share my profile page:

Facebook | Jane Hansen

In addition to helping you share content, you can now syndicate your status updates, too. Just click the Facebook check box under your status module, to post your update to both your Ning Network and Facebook (and if, you like, Twitter) all at the same time.

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25 thoughts on “Now Live! Facebook Integration on Your Ning Network

  1. Jared

    I have searched for days for this.

    I set up my Ning network, I can now log in using several different sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter…

    My problem – When we go to “My Page”.. we can update our status, and check the Facebook box and the Twitter box if we would like to update those too. The Twitter one works, but When we click the Facebook box, it brings up

    I have connected Facebook obviously because all of the members and myself are logging in with it. This message says I need to use this Janrain to sync Facebook/Twitter updating. Now remember, the Twitter updates already WORK.

    I have tried for 2 days now, Janrain is a loser site, ZERO customer service and the instructions are so lousy.

    I am wondering, why does it take me there? Janrain? The instructions in this post look very simple, it is not what I am seeing.

    I hope someone can help?!

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Jared. I definitely would like us to take a closer look for you. Are you able to submit a ticket from the Support link on your Dashboard?

  2. Israel Ndukwe

    I’ve got some issues with the integration.
    I’ve been able to link my network with the Facebook application but the issue is, in my admin panel the ‘Choose where you want your posts to go’ is not there and also I can’t get to see the Facebook logo under the status bar in the profile pages. The only tool there is the twitter tool.

    Please I need help asap.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Eric Suesz

      Israel: I recommend submitting a ticket in the Help Center if you are having specific problems and we’ll try to get you some one-on-one help. Hope this helps!

  3. Facebook Application

    The best information i have found here related to facebook .you can now syndicate your status updates, too. Just click the Facebook check box under your status module, to post your update to both your Ning Network and Facebook all at the same time.

  4. Jeff Pape

    So if you have an existing fan page on fb, you can’t post to it via the ning app?

    E.g. you can only post to a personal page?

  5. mimi

    hi evan, is there anyway that i can get my ning latest activity stream published automatically on my facebook app. profile page (not my personal profile)? or at least can i opt to share my ning content on facebook app page rather than my profile? thanks!

  6. Yaron

    Hi Evan.. I love that status updates can now be posted on Facebook, but can you tell us all the advantages this app has over the the traditional “share” feature when it comes to posting videos, blogs, pictures, and discussions onto facebook? I see a couple things but I want to be sure I see all the benefits. Thanks!

  7. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    In my country (Brazil) Orkut is more important than Facebook; is Ning think in something to integrate the networks with Orkut?

  8. Zeev

    hi Evan,
    I created a private Ning network a while ago, its destined to have some 30 or so members. Some asked for an option to be updated through Facebook on things happening inside the Ning network. Is this integration allows it? We don’t want a Fan page, since it’s private – and wouldn’t want anyone to “be a fan” of this Ning network through Facebook. We want a way to integrate some updates from the Ning network… to Facebook, keep people “in touch” and that these updates will only visible to our members… (also on facebook…) is this possible? or will be possible in the future? Thanks, zeev.

  9. Mark

    Ok, maybe I am totally missing something. I thought I read that this app creates a fan page for our Ning network. And that there was no way to link it our current FB fan page (FB issue). Sorry if I’m not understanding this correctly. I suppose creating the app is the best way to see how it works at this point. Thanks for the response Evan.

  10. Mark


    Who or where do we contact someone at Facebook about being able to connect our already established FB fan page with this app?

    I do not see the benefit of having two fan pages. I like what you came up with, but not sure it benefits a Ning site with an established Fan page.

  11. Mark

    Great stuff Evan… Glad to see this new connectivity.

    Now all we need are comments for Status Updates 😉

    That will really make those things work better and be more viral.

  12. Mike

    Thanks Evan! This is an awesome step forward! 🙂 Hopefully this also means there could be further intergration with facebook down the track?.. big thanks guys!

  13. lucia helena meier

    Perdaõ eu não entendo bem o espanhol…tem ciosas que não sei fazer ainda. gracias

  14. Dave Iannone


    That shows the basics…but where specifically do we make the adjustment so that the site URL is not the Facebook App but our Ning site instead?


  15. Dave Iannone

    I just hunted around in the Facebook App…definitely need instructions on where to eliminate the link in the App that drives people to the App, vs. back to our parent site

  16. Dave Iannone

    Even, I don’t see where instructions on creating the Facebook App so that member posts are branded from your ning you have some ?

  17. Evan Goldin Post author

    Hi Rafael!

    Unfortunately, while a Facebook app can serve as a Fan page, a Facebook fan page cannot serve as an app. So there is not a way to combine your app with your fan page at this time. This is not something under our control, so I encourage you to contact Facebook to see if this can be changed down the road.

    If you don’t have a fan page already on Facebook, you can create an App using Ning and then use your app as your fan page. If you do have a fan page, create an app through Ning so that all member posts are branded from your Ning Network — but continue using your fan page as you have done to date.

    Ning Product Manager

  18. Dave Iannone

    I have to agree…this creating a separate ‘fan’ page in essence is REALLY potentially there no way to tie this to an existing fan page? I don’t want to end up with two separate fan pages … we already have tens of thousands of fans on our Facebook pages…enabling the App just makes it less than ideal … and if we don’t enable the App the sharing options are lame — why do we need to add the App just to ensure the ‘Share’ link includes the thumbnail and description? If we just post the regular link to Facebook it includes that — seems like something wasn’t thought out there very well.

  19. Rafael Marxuach

    The only problem with it is that we now have two fan pages and it becomes very confusing. Is there any way to integrate the application to the original Fan Page? thanks

  20. pablodecastro

    Thanks a lot. It runs very well. Veri well done job.
    Next future, think about facebook Connect to use inside Ning Networks and another item in my wishlist, no less important: please photos and videos to groups.
    pablo de castro

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