The Return of Search on

The Return of Search on
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Update 11:20 a.m., 3/29: Search has been re-enabled on

Update 3:20 p.m., 3/26: We are continuing to look into issues with search. Thanks for your patience while we investigate.

Update 11 a.m., 3/26: We are looking into a few issues post-release, and search may be unavailable for a short time. We’ll update here with more info.

As we recently announced, Network Search is making a comeback!

We have been working hard to make it easier than ever to find Ning Networks for your interests and passions. So we’re happy to announce that in the next few days, search will be back on! We’ve heard a lot of feedback about how important this feature is from Network Creators as well as from members looking for Ning Networks.

For your Ning Network to appear in’s Network Search, it must:

  • Be public. Prospective members won’t know too much about or be able to join your Ning Network if it’s private, and we want to protect the privacy of private Ning Networks and their members.
  • Be active. If your Ning Network has thousands of members but hasn’t had new content in months, it’s not likely to be ranked highly in searches.
  • Be launched and accessible. We don’t want to showcase Ning Networks that aren’t yet ready for prime time!
  • Not contain content that violates our Terms of Service.

For information on how to optimize your Ning Network for search, or if you have any search-related concerns about your Ning Network, please contact us through the Help Center.

Brent Vincent, Director of Engineering, leads the Search and Analytics teams at Ning.

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19 thoughts on “The Return of Search on

  1. alex


    i created a ning network called a year ago. i try to sign in it refuses to be active, it only opens but with a a white notice SAYING UNAVAILABLE . please advise me thank you.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, alex. We no longer offer free Ning Networks, so that network will be unavailable unless you choose a Mini, Plus, or Pro account.

  2. HDMI Cable Price

    @ overcoming

    same problem here too. Little use having a search facility that just doesn’t search.

    I look forward to this feature becoming useful again

    Noel Swinton

  3. Overcoming Thyroid Disorders


    It seems the search algo may need some work on it. I can neither find my sites or friends when I search word perfect for them

    Time will tell if this serves the community or it just becomes that little box in the corner


  4. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Sil,

    If you let us know the URL of your Ning Network, we can look into why it might not be appearing in search.


  5. Sil

    I’ve also tried and tried to find my own ning… with no exit. This issue should be solved.


    I love the idea fo being able to search for other ning networks, but I don’t like that my sites are not found when searching for my site names or keywords. Hopefully the results algo will improve over time.

  7. Lydon

    Im glad search is coming back but what about searching for other members? I have tried searching for my friends on numerous searches on ning and even the ning directory but I couldent find them at all. Hell I even tried searching myself but to no prevail. What happened to the good old days where you could view all of your friends from the main ning page and you could even see what social sites they are on. It used to be so much easier to find friends and keep in contact. I have deleted my profile of many ning sites that people have created but I could never join back even if I wanted to because I cant find the damn sites or even the people on them. Sucks big time. Please give us back the good old search systems. It was so much easier. Oh and why cant we just invite friends to our social site like before without importing there data or typing in there email. I miss the old ning.

  8. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Anne, Paul and Russ,

    We’ll be working on turning search back on today (Monday!).

    Thanks for your patience,

  9. russ

    So you suggest that users have their site maximized so that you dont showcase underdeveloped sites, but your own master site has no functioning search. wow

  10. Anna

    Hi Brent, I’m so glad to hear search is back! But, I’m unable to find it on – am I looking in the wrong place?

  11. sil

    I think so. There must be a search engine to let us know others that we exist, specially if we are talking about business. Anyway I’ve tried to find nings that I know through the search box upside right with no exit. I don’t exactly know how I could find them…

  12. Ronald

    Hi Brent,

    thanks for the update!

    I saw you are the director of Search and Analytics team and I had a question, hope you can help.
    I was wondering when the forum and blog pages will show “similar articles” underneath the blog/form instead of just the tags. This will decrease our bounce rates for sure and will be good for our google ranking.

    Thanks in advance,


  13. Sean McManus

    Pleased to hear it’s coming back. A friend asked me where he can network with other writers, and I thought there must be several Ning networks for that, but they’re impossible to find without search. The circle interface thing is an interesting way of showing people handpicked networks, but the keyword search is essential for finding what people really want. Thanks for responding to the community feedback to re-introduce search.

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