Sridatta Viswanath
Sridatta Viswanath
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Keeping your Ning Network available for visitors, members and content posting is our top priority. When we looked at how we were measuring the availability of the Ning Platform at the beginning of the year, we realized that we needed to update how we measured the Ning Platform’s availability. We finalized a plan for measuring our uptime in Feb. and put it into action in March. From here on out, we’ll post regular, monthly updates of how we’re doing at keeping your Ning Network online and speedy.

To help make this data a little more meaningful, we want to provide some context. Below is a chart that shows two different metrics for the availability of the Ning Platform. The first is for only Ning Networks; the second is for Ning Networks plus (this includes signed in and signed out, the About Ning pages, etc). In March, your Ning Network was up 99.999 percent of the time. Combined, Ning Networks and were available 99.997 percent of the time.

March uptime

We strive to keep your Ning Network online at all times, but from time to time we do maintenance that requires a downtime. When that is scheduled, we’ll let you know on both the Ning Blog and Status blog.

Sri is Ning’s VP of Engineering, and works to keep your Ning Network online and speedy.