Mythbusters: Three Things We Aren’t Doing on May 4

Mythbusters: Three Things We Aren’t Doing on May 4
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Since announcing that we are now focusing 100 percent of the company on enhancing the features and services we offer to paying Network Creators and plan to phase out our free service, we’ve received a lot of feedback from Network Creators. We’ve heard from free and paid, business and nonprofit, educators and artists. We’ve been interacting on Creators, reading your comments on the Ning Blog and taking in your tweets. And, we’ve been listening to all of your ideas, suggestions and concerns.

We’ll share all of the details of our new offering with you, including features and price points, on May 4. However, I know there’s been some confusion and a number of rumors circulating about what we will announce and then roll-out in early summer. I wanted to take a minute to let you know three of the things we aren’t planning on doing on May 4.

  1. Rumor: “Ning will shut down networks who don’t begin paying for premium services by May 4.”  FALSE. You will have at least 10 weeks to evaluate the new pricing structure and make a decision to move to the new paid service. We’ll be announcing the details of our new pricing structure on May 4. We plan to roll-out the new pricing structure in early summer and then give you a transition period to sign-up for the new offering.
  2. Rumor: “Only very large networks will be able to afford the new fees.” FALSE. I am confident that many of you, particularly those of you already paying for premium services, will be pleasantly surprised by our new pricing structure. Our goal is to set the pricing at a level which will make Ning an attractive solution for both larger and smaller Ning Networks.
  3. Rumor: “This change means teachers and non-profits won’t be able to continue to use Ning.” FALSE. As Jason mentioned in his blog post last week, it’s our goal to have a set of product and pricing options that will make sense for all Ning Networks — even those that have limited budgets. Specifically, we know how many non-profit organizations and educators use Ning, and we plan on offering an option that will make it possible and attractive for them to stay on the Ning Platform.

Hopefully this will ease your concerns (if you have any) and help get you excited about what’s coming up. I’m looking forward to revealing more on May 4 and answering all of your questions then.

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133 thoughts on “Mythbusters: Three Things We Aren’t Doing on May 4

  1. Minelab

    Cool episode, Adam and Jamie thanks. We in Ukraine look at it with gusto.
    There is this idea: Is it possible to hide the metal from the metal detector!
    I know that if you can hide it in a different metal (forgot the name – the guy came to us he had a metal bracelet of large size and it did not react to metal detectors)

  2. AndyMc

    I’m surprised at this action by NING, even those not effected will now be wondering how long till prices increase and maybe wishing later that they moved there network.
    With storage space and bandwidth relaying that stored content, I do see why there needs to be a charge.
    But I think the strategy is very poor and this cost could have been shared amongst users also. Many Users will have and use there own pages on a ning network and this is where apps could have been sold, and more ability to customize through upgrading there pages.

    The Starting Price of $19.99 is fair also but shouldn’t be limited to 150 users, this is just silly nonsense, why bother settings up a site for 150 people. And I think they base there pricing stratergy on everyone else beign stupid and they being clever. It’s very obvious that the idea is to give trial free accounts, then make it cheap and easy to convert to non trial, then when the site is pulling members they can hold you to them with much more expensive services.
    Surely in the Ideas department when someone was brainstorming that they realised there are lots and lots of other FREE services out there, so anyone setting up a new site won’t want to put in the work only to have to redo later. And for this reason will choose a FREE site.

    I’m afraid I have already moved my site to Ninjamers Spruz from Ninjamers
    It is very disappointing to lose the mp3 upload and player but not disappointing to gain back the better control of pages that ning confines people too.

    Out site is only small but still haves almost double the max users on the $19.99.
    Seriously who wants to pay for limitations? :S

    When I was told about this, it was 2nd hand paste of some NING letter on another site, I told the person no this can’t be real, who qualified to head a company would sack 50% staff then kill the one thing that made NING what it is today.
    Anyway I have decided to move from NING as it’s future is now limited or the current premier sites will be paying more and more to keep it alive.
    I don’t see long term future for NING now so i have to consider the long term future of our site.

    But I want to thank NING for the years of service they provided us and hopefully they will review and change the pricing in time to allow the non closure of our site Ninjamers.
    The pricing is fine, just the 150 user cap, 1000 would see better suited and if you get over 1000 users you would want to get rid of adds and use your own, so would want to upgrade.

  3. Lynette

    This is very disappointing. I hope a different group can come up with a replacement.

  4. Ralph Toughladjian

    I am totally disappointed. I had been using a ning site for approximately 1 years before discovering how wonderful it was to use. Then I decided that I would create my own site and have people join from all parts of the globe. I chose Ning as it was free and after spending lots of time and effort to create it Ning has has distroyed our hope to get more people to join without paying. As I nor members make any money from this site it is pretty harsh to slug us with a fee.

    Ning wrong wrong wrong, you have gone the wrong path from free to “greedyness”. In my opinion

  5. Caesarleo

    Damn…i have no MONEY….I gues..someday..NING will turn into Social Moneywork

  6. Glenne

    I’m wondering how Ning Creators who don’t happen to be on this forum will hear about all this? I only joined some months ago because I had problems with ning trasferring creators otherwise I’d still be blissfully unaware of these changes coming up. Communication with all the NC’s would be a good start instead of hearing roumours.

  7. Jeane Annette Bates

    Now I don’t know if I want to continue with Ning, since I just started yesterday. I am just starting out and don’t have ANY extra money to spend.


    Hola, me enterado Que El de la posibilidad de desparecer gratuitamente this Red Social de Comunicación, poner mi peticion es poner en consideración la posibilidad de Que siguiera siendo gratuita, ya ofreceMúltiple Ques Otras Redes opociones Que no Tienen, ademas Por Muy modica Que la mar Que Lea la versión piensan ofrecer Creo Varios Usuarios no No estaríamos en Posibilidades de pagarlo, Lo Que ocasionaria Que Lejos de traernos beneficiosnnos perjudicarian , Y no quedaria Otra opoción eliminar nuetras cuentas, ojala piensen , recapaciten y tomen em cuenta nuetras peticiones.
    Gracias mil y reciban un mar de bendiciones.

  9. estewart

    I have introduced my teacher candidates to the possiblilities of web-based software using NING. They will be your future subscribers, but I can’t make customers for NING if I don’t have use of the product. Consider continuing free accounts for educators…perhaps verify employment?

  10. kenche

    booooooo! My 16 member ning site has been very useful to manage my hockey team. But alas, with so few members anything more than $25 year is impossible. I see the irony in complaining about something useful that was free, but what really bothers me is the amount of time and effort I put towards customizing my network.

  11. Sean

    not telling the people the price of the paid networks options at the time when telling them the free option goes away. Fail.

  12. Cliff Weaver

    There is no way we will be able to continue using ning for a very small graduating class from a very small farming community. Ning should be ashamed at what the are trying to do.

  13. Anne Williams

    Thanks for the info Tom Smolka. Will be looking at that as well as other options. And thanks other people for looking into other ways of exporting data. It’s the unprincipled nature of this that is getting to me. All these people have put all this effort into creating sites on the basis that it was free. Bait and switch just about says it.

  14. Tom Bremer

    Rumor: “This change means teachers and non-profits won’t be able to continue to use Ning.” FALSE. As Jason mentioned in his blog post last week, it’s our goal to have a set of product and pricing options that will make sense for all Ning Networks — even those that have limited budgets. Specifically, we know how many non-profit organizations and educators use Ning, and we plan on offering an option that will make it possible and attractive for them to stay on the Ning Platform.

    no… this is FALSE. Have you seen the state of schools today? I am a young teacher pushing web2.0 forward, and I have been laid off. If districts can’t even keep promising teachers, how are classroom teachers going to be able to afford ning?

    Educational institutions should still be given free access. I see a full scale revolt coming.

  15. Greg

    BuddyPress isn’t a hosted SaaS product. It requires a self-hosted copy of WordPress. And that requires actually paying money for hardware, bandwidth, etc., which most people posting in these comments don’t feel they should have to do. Instead, they’re looking for the magic bandwidth bunny to show up and just give them all the hardware and support they need to run their little communities for free.

    The general sense of entitlement found in most of the comments is truly sickening. And quite frankly, the “it should be free” mentality is destroying both the level of new innovation and the quality of service on the web. Ning jumped on the give it away for free and pay for it with Google ads” bandwagon because anyone with a great product is scared to death of telling people they need to pay for it.

    The bottom line is that the Google subsidy model doesn’t work. The costs involved with supporting all of your altruistic and non-commercial projects don’t somehow get cheaper because you have noble intentions. It costs the same either way. And relying on your users to actually click on an add in order to get reimbursed for those cost is just a stupid business model.

    I for one am thrilled that Ning has taken the bold step of killing off freeloaders. Hopefully, more companies will follow. And if we can get to a point where companies are all actually competing for paying customers, you will see features rise and prices drop at an alarming rate. And that’s a good thing for everyone.

  16. Lauren Kurtz

    I am really hoping there is something like a $5 a month option. That’s the only way I’d stay.

  17. Mike Gale

    I recently got interested in Ning.

    Fortunately I have only run a couple of tests and not yet invited many people to participate. There’s real content but fortunately not much of it.

    I thought that the tools and scope were pretty good, though I suspect that desktop post writing systems are not catered for (Windows Live Writer…)

    I was shocked to find this discussion today while getting ready to invite more people. I received no email. Posts to web sites, that I stumbled on are all I’ve seen. This is really bad practice. If you want people to hate you, you’ve hit on a good formula.

    I knew you had stirred a hornet’s nest before but didn’t expect to see it myself.

    I think you’d better have a great export (data portability) tool and a way for members to totally expunge themselves from your records. Without that some litigious actions may shut you down permanently.

    I’ve seen this sort of thing in years gone by. The resentment lasts a liftetime!

  18. Ray Matthews

    Opportunities for comments were closed on the other pages I visited where Ning has announced the upcoming changes.

    My reaction is that organizations, groups, schools, non-profits, and governments need to take this as a wake-up call.

    We need to reassess the position of SaaS and cloud computing services in our business strategies.

    We either need to either run the business critical services such as social media communities on our own servers or operate these in environments that we can control.

    We also need to ensure that our content is maintained in an open standard that can be migrated out of that environment to new platforms as the need arises.

    These two decisions are independent of whether or not the service is a free or premium service.

  19. Anthony

    I can understand a business growing and after having had drawn people in wanting them to pay..I am still fairly new to ning and found it to be interesting but I now have abitter taste in my mouth..what’s six months to a year pricing will go up..why not leave some of the active sites free and show the creators/owners how to get advertising on thier site and make money from advertisement? But that is big business..”here is a taste and now that you are hooked and we have worked out all the kinks with your help we can charge you now”

    I wish you guys the best and I am sure you will retain a large numbeer of your current subscribers, due to the site being so functional and all.


    unhappy and not excited!!

  20. Gabino

    This message does not clarify anything. I understand that you want me to pay for something that it is not viable as yet and was built on my personal effort upon the free basis. In exchange for that, I have promoted Ning. I have not received a penny from you.

    You have changed your position, then you need to reimburse all of us working for you, I am sorry to say.

    Anything else smacks me of profittering oportunism.

  21. sean b

    I’am saddened that I have spent what Three years creating and maintaining our virtual meditation space here at ning…it was a labor of love – if NING has decided to now focus on commercial aspects – generating income then what was all the google ads on the sidebars ?? obviously ning was making an income from those ?? IMo charge the groups who post ads – many many do – my site – Temple of Light – does not – you should have a non for profit type of configuration – site builder for those that do not post ads and make ning their cash cow,,,
    alas – I liked ning – but the Temple will move – namaste…

  22. schmeissi

    Hallo,da mein englisch zuschlecht ist,schreibe ich in meiner Sprache.

    Wir hatten und Ning ausgesucht,weil es kostenlos und gut aufgebaut ist. Es wurde soviel Arbeit von uns darein gesteckt . Man wird nichteinmal per E-Mail benachrichtigt was Ning vorhat.
    Wir sind nicht bereit dafür zuzahlen. Ning hat genug Werbeeinnahmen. Sie können nicht verlangen Kontodaten preis zugeben. Das ist alles nur Abzocke! Es werden ihnen dadurch viele User verlohren gehen. Schönen Dank! Ning ist nicht weiterzuemfpelen! User anlocken und dann abkassieren, nicht mit uns!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. VIC

    If “the tens of thousands of you who already use our paid service represent over 75% of our traffic, and we’ve heard repeatedly from you ways that we can deliver a killer service to help make your Ning Network more effective”, then we don’t understand why you want to kick out those 25% of us who ARE AND FEEL PART OF THE COMMUNITY, and even if we are not paying with money we are doing it with word-of mouth advertising, even google ads… building a good name for you day by day. Consider that many of us have very limited resources, many non-profit, many local organisations, others educational, many of us put hours and hours of hard work in our nets. Certainly Ning decision will be a ‘killer service’ for us.

    If you think it is because of the bandwidth an space used, you can always limit the amount of space available for the free accounts, and allow the admins to erase and control unnecesary files uploaded in your servers (pics, audio, video which are the heavy ones and can be hosted in third parties servers like flickr, youtube, etc).

    We would say Ning decision it’s not only very unfortunate, but very unfair. Hope you reconsider.

  24. Eliel

    A velha lógida de sempre, o santo mercado, que mantem a vida e o bolso, de preferência cheio, que quem usa o discurso do social, mas não passa de discurso.

    Eu estarei fora, completamente.

    Outras opções existem e continuaram a existir fora do grande mercado, santo e pago.


  25. Michael

    one other thing, ever since the virtual gifts thing I got a different feeling about ning, though the ning system is great….still. Virtual gifts for me feels like something completely superficial and moneymaking, just like many apps on facebook. It has nothing to do with the word Social and much more with superficial.
    It is a responsability to keep superficial from social becuase it sets an example….a bad one.

  26. Charles Brady

    In the end I think it could a good thing. The one thing that would seal the deal for me is if as a part of the change that ning incorporates a way for us to monetize the networks through a paid membership option. To me that has been a big missing piece to the puzzle.

    Ad revenue is dead so for those of us running networks we need an easy way to offer a nominal annual membership fee for our users.

    The thing I like the most about this change is that it should end some of those break-off groups where a couple ” I can do it too” folks start their own network, recruit on yours for new members and then leave yours and wind up with 20 or 30 folks on their own network. These ” I can do it too” folks are known for not wanting to pay or contribute anything ever. They just want to take. In my view I think this could be the very thing that keeps me. We have over 3700 members after just over a year and I can honestly say I have been more than pleased with the stability of the ning network.

    Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!! I certainly want ning to be able to stay in business and I fully understand the need for the changes.

  27. Ximena Gallardo

    I would like to add my voice to that of the many educators that are dismayed at your CEO’s decision to do away with the free option (but, then, I read Dilbert, so I know the incoming CEO has to mark territory quickly and decisively).

    I have not been using Ning long (just my second semester), but just as I was about to make a case with my dean that maybe, just maybe we could find some money in our extremely tight budget to get Nings without advertisements and just as I was extolling the ease-of-use of the platform to other professors, I get an e-mail from a colleague saying that Ning was not going to have free sites anymore, and, therefore, we should be looking for other options (or at least she will).

    So there you have it: momentum was building for several of us to use your service and even give you some nice free advertisement with other colleges (we are beginning a long-term Web 2.0 project that we plan to advertise nationwide), but now many people will not take our recommendation into consideration because they will have to pay to even try your product for a full semester. Too bad for all of us.

  28. Michele Phillips

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter when you are going to remove the free accounts, May 4th or December 25th, because the fact remains, you are removing them. Why wait for the inevitable? I have already moved, and did so as soon as I found out on Twitter (which, I must agree, shows a poor sense of wanting to keep your free site communities, that I had to find out from a tweet).
    I know if several other sites in my genre (RP communities) that have already started to move away from you. I hope the people and communities who decide to stay and ride out the “upgrade” are well rewarded. To me, removing the free options, changing the pricing, and laying off 1/3 of the staff smacks of a company that lists worse than the Titanic and is on its way down. Call me a rat, but I left the sinking ship. Feel free to remove my community now, since I have already made my move to a new home and only have an announcement and link to the new home there now.

  29. Michael

    First of all I did not receive any anouncement about this change, a member sent me this post.
    Second, it will probably make me quit with ning if I have to pay for using it.

  30. Oliver

    I’m not sure if you realize it, but for someone trying to go full-scale for profit, you absolutely suck at marketing. You have a public relations Armageddon on your hands and all you say is “Please wait a couple more days and THEN I will give you the information which will hopefully allay your fears. Who’s going to give people back their time and their wrecked nerves? Releasing such information without releasing the pricing structure right away is worse than a mistake. It’s a public relations blunder. It would have been a genuine effort to release the details now seeing how people are scrambling already looking for alternatives. This way, however, a lot of people will already have moved on by the time you actually put the cards on the table. That’s potential customers of which you’ll only ever see the tail lights.

    If you really want to go honest-to-god commercial, there’s a lot you have to learn.

  31. Dick Glasgow

    Time to call on FLASH GORDON, to help us fight ……. ‘NING the MERCILESS’! 😉

    Only funnin’ guys.

    I, for one, am just going to wait & see what Ning come up with.
    Let’s face it, there’s surely little point in getting too excited just yet, until we know ALL the details.

  32. Jacqueline A. Sampson

    Here I am opening a new small business. I chose Ning for its free services and platforms. Getting ready to launch…had all my marketing materials printed up with my Ning address…then this. What a poor way to do business and completely unprofessional. I accidentally read about Ning’s decision to phase out my site on another blog. Was Ning ever going to email me and actually let me know or just one day I would find my site gone? Really bad move Ning. Not only have I promoted your site to other small business owners, but you have cost me in my marketing materials that I will now have to reprint with whatever new server I end up with. Nothing like a good swift kick in the back side with a bill to boot. I won’t even consider paying for Ning since you have proven to make poor choices in your lack of communication. This is a clear violation of trust. How would I trust your services as a paying client after the way you are handling (or lack thereof) this decision.

    Good luck with your decision…I’m certain to be reading about it on AOL & MSN, and various other networks. If nothing else, I will certainly pay for my business site so as to avoid this happening to mw in the future…but it wont be this one….bait and switch is only the beginning …this is a gross move and you are handling unprofessionally…I can’t put my business in hands like that.

  33. JullesM Rogers

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are going to start charging for the network I just created. Too bad, as I was really enjoying it. Our tea party organization can’t even pay attention, let alone for internet services. Sorry, but I’ll have to go somewhere else. Thanks, anyway.

  34. Craig Cameron

    I guess its true that the VC funding is running out and the ‘give them everything they want and worry about how we pay for it later’ business model is now found wanting. I’ve been with Ning for just about a year with a non- profit site, but when it came to building a business site I went with Spruz and have been very happy with that decision.

    Now, I am in the process of migrating my non-profit to Spruz as well. Now, here’s the thing….had I chosen Ning for my business site, I would be moving it to Spruz as well as my non-profit site.
    Given the fact that Ning is struggling with their business, I suspect many other premium users will look to moving their paid sites to somewhere like Spruz because the business ethics at Ning leave a rather nasty smell.
    Therefore Ning, you may end up not just losing the free sites but many of the paid sites as well as site owners wonder just how long you guys are going to be in business for.

    May as well move now and take the pain than leave it for Ning to go bust and end up without a site at all.

    I also suspect many premium members may move their sites anyway as Ning has proved to be an untrustworthy business partner.

    I would add that I feel terribly sorry for all those now ex-employees whose futures have been thrown in the air by a company that doesn’t care for anyone very much……..

  35. Andrea

    My husband and I run a very small discussion group for fly fishing. This is simply an open group and not anything related to making money. So now, to keep this small group going I will need to put out my own money? I guess I should start looking at a “plan B” and hope everyone will move over. I’m very disappointed in Ning’s decision. Just like the government, when people have the least amount of money in their pocket, what do they decide to do? Take more.

  36. Agosthina


    Well thanks for letting us know; however I myself can not affford to pay for premiums. I would have never starting this network if I had known that I was going to be charged for it. Well, I am waiting patiently for May 4th when the news come out.

    It is not fair because people are still setting up sites on Ning until now and later to find out that free services are going to be a thing of the past. Please let people know when they creating their Network. DO NOT blindside them, like you did to me.

  37. minami utau

    it’s means free ning will not delete and free 4 ever?
    or we must pay, but we have 10 weeks time?

    it’s bad…..
    we just interact and make everyone happy with my network and have fun….

  38. Guy

    I want access to my data so that I may transfer it to another site! It may be your site, but it is the creators hard work and creativity that bring viewers to see your adds….IT IS MY DATA, NING!! I WANT MY DATA BACK!! IT BETTER NOT DISAPPEAR BEFORE I GET A COPY!! THAT IS CRIMINAL!! DO I NEED TO GET THE FCC INVOLVED… OR LAWYERS POSSIBLY??


    I think you so much for the time you allowed my sights to be on ning without charge. I am so thankful for the year that I have spent with you here. I realize that you did not have to have sites without charge at all and I am eternally thankful to you for your help. I pray that God will bless us with the funds to pay for our site for Jehovah Jireh is more than able to do exceedingly and abundantly above that I ask or think according to the power that works in me. Thank you for everything.
    Elaine TaylorBrown
    May God Forever Bless you

  40. Earl J Moniz

    You posted on 20 APR that you know how many educators use Ning things…
    Today, 23 APR, I get an email asking me to fill out a survey about any educator networks I might have and how many members I have… hmmm. . .
    It’s a confirmation of your count… yeah, that’s the explanation … it’s a confirmation of your numbers.
    * * *
    No decision period required here for any of my Ning things … if you shut out freebies, kill all of mine …
    I came to help the Ning thing attitude grow the year you began… little did I know there was already a plan to use the free players to raise your numbers to provide the paying revenue to ultimately kill the free users who came here from the beginning… oh well, in this era of taking advantage of the masses for the benefit of the few, why would Ning things be any different.
    * * *
    It’s been fun, but now it’s over… bye.

  41. Ray Frensham

    If ning start charging, I’m moving on – as some of the former-ning groups I belonged to have already done. Don’t excpect any sympathy from me, ning.

    Just one wuestion: when you originally started ning, did you see it as (ultimately) a paying group, yet gave the “come-on” impression that it was free? In that case, your whole precept was a con.

  42. Cokie Brown

    Question: now that you want to get *my* money for your service… will you then pay *me* for the money you’ve been getting on my back during these past two years by exploiting Google Ads in my network???. I haven’t seen a cent on these revenues!.

  43. Leah

    I am a concerned and confused.

    I feel aprehensive about this. If I do not pay for premium services in the time given, will my Ning network be shut down?

    I do not have any premium services now, I would like this question answered so I can try to do what is required to keep my website up.

    Excited and nervous for May 4th.

    Thanks for all help in the past and hopefully in the future.

  44. Ro

    There are so many things we are all a part of on the internet, its overwhelming and takes time. People will quit using something they dont really need if they have to pay for it.

  45. alberto cidraes

    Still feel betrayed. Would find it acceptable if Ning says:

    1. From tomorrow on Ning will no longer accept the creation of free networks.
    2. Ning will deactivate networks which are close to inactive, poor in content or number of members.
    3. Ning wiil give consistent free networks a period of one year to adapt or regroup in other servers. Because after all, we didn’t just take from Ning, we also helped Ning get the visibility it has today.

    The way it’s being presented feels like a punch bellow the waist. One would like to know whether Ning is in real financial trouble or it has just become greedy.

  46. Belles

    I am really perplexed to see all of you who are willing to pay for a Ning site condone those of us who aren’t. Easy on the labels here folks.. if it makes you feel better to call people like me, who believed the “Ning will be free” concept in its whole – a naysayer, then so be it. I built a community on that promise. What I don’t appreciate is all the time – both emotional and in real time – I have spent building a great site with great members only to lose it because of poor business practices.

    For me, personally.. I feel a bit betrayed. I realize it wasn’t done on purpose, but the concept of free didn’t work and now all the start up funds have been spent and suddenly it’s a scramble for profitability.

    I really don’t want to complain too loudly though. When I start thinking about the “inconvenience” of moving my website, all I need to do is wonder what that young engineer, who worked with Ning had to say to his wife when he went home that night and told her that he was just layed off. That really sucks and that’s the shame of it all. We can go elsewhere.. maybe a new platform won’t be as great as the Ning standard.. at least I wasn’t that young dad that had to break the news to his wife and family. All I lost is a site.. others lost so much more. Remember that.

    I’m happy to move on and have already found a great replacement that I am currently re-building from the ground up. Sorry Ning, but you won’t get a dime of my hard-earned cash. I appreciate and respect good business practices.. something I hope you think about in the days ahead.

  47. Ms. Cynthia

    I have also spent many, many hours creating my network and really appreciate the FREE service. I have a passion for sharing healthy living ideas with others to make their lives better. And what better way to do it, by having your own private social network. I am a full times student, mother in her senior years and have a home based business with no time to work it. Someone on my team shared this FREE opportunity to create our own social network and I decided to try it. With my financial circumstance at this time I doubt if I will have the ability to afford maintain it. So what will happen? Will all of the content be deleted? How will this affect the “Blog Talk Radio”?

  48. Sonatadude

    How do I explain to members that the free site they joined isn’t going to be free anymore? All the material on our site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

  49. Andrea

    I have wanted to be a premium subscriber since day one. My constraints were my financial situation (laid off worker) and not knowing whether or not the network I created would really take off. I welcomed the opportunity to test my network idea without cost. Based on the information in this blog, I’m looking forward to being able to benefit from premium services at a rate that will be affordable for me.

    I understand that there is no progress without change.


  50. Matthew Zinda

    Do just the owners of the Ning communities have to pay?

    Or do all of the members within these communities also have to pay?

  51. Renagade

    I JUST started a nig site to help members of my site interact with each other and to relive some of my work load.

    Now how do I convince the members to pay for something they thought was free and they do the work?

    Bad – ning – Bad

    And why all the secrecy around the fee struckture? Why dont you post it now ?

  52. Jim Allen, III

    Wow a tough week for Ning! Now I know that I may wrinkle some egos here. But, I really do not care. I say it is about time! One of the attractions for me to Ning initially was the FREE aspect. Then I realized all the headaches, I would have normally had with a stick site “Community Sites” are sticky sites. It would have cost me dearly in time, bandwidth, software and programming costs. Not to memntion the fact that I hate to work for free. Even if I enjoy it there needs to be some reward.

    Ning has saved me loads of time, money and headaches. I suggest you naysayers, hold off and see the offering come May 4th. It may be quite affordable for those that are truely dedicated to their causes and craft. Recovering addicts know how to generate the cashflow for stuff they want or think they need. So quit your non-profit belly aching and get ready to make a decision when the information is available to do so.

    I believe it will increase the activity for all. I plan to stay and benefit.


  53. Shaun

    Ning offers a great service which I am more than happy to pay for.

    But, just in case it’s not one the cards yet, why not offer a free option with;
    (1) limited-specs,
    (2) limited time and
    (3) limited members

    That will enable someone to start a network, get a handle on how it works and start recruiting.

    Here’s my experience.

    Your free service encouraged me to start about ten networks, most of which went nowhere. But I went somewhere! The free option gave me the opportunity to find out how much fun setting up and managing a Ning network can be. Cheap mistakes, good learning.

    Now that I’ve tried it for free, I will gladly subscribe for a paid option.

  54. Md Santo

    Thanks. As a Knowledge Management (KM) facilitator from less developed country but running a Social Networking Site of KM with about 550 members from 38 countries around the world, your clarification make me very happy.

  55. Sheri

    As a NING creator of several sites, I am wondering why I never got sent an announcement and had to find out through another creator?

    Also, I hope that if you make this change, you will take a lesson from Typepad and create a HELP department that rocks. SO many times I’ve needed support and there has been none. Also, how about letting us integrate our Typepad blogs, so we don’t have to double post?

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with…

  56. Darius Kings

    I just want to point out to people…you can buy a domain name for 9.99 and get a hosting service for 19.99 a month…build your site with free templates. You then own the can resold and they gain value if they are high traffic. You can sell ad space or set up a contract with google and be paid for hosting their ads. We are not for profit in our sites so ning was attractive. I think ning should keep premium service and free sites. Ning should only charge free sites if they sell product or service. Personally I would rather pay for domain name, hosting and design of a site that I will own out right…sell my ad space…this way there is gain on my investment and someone else can just push a button and undo your hard work, than to start paying for a site I make no income on where someone can delete your site /work for any reason. If you own your own site an miss payments to hosting you still own site, content, domain and can bring it back online…if you miss payment here they can take everything..P.S I advise you go to management tab and export your contact so you do not lose them if we abruptly have our ning sites closed. I too heard only about this second hand..why did ning not e-mail us directly?

  57. Diana Luger

    I hope you’ll reconsider your decision to start charging. Many non-profits do not even HAVE a budget! I’m very disappointed to hear of your stance on fees.

  58. Shane Chebsey


    I’ve got a bit more time to get my head around this now. 10 weeks mightbe enoughto sort out re starting and re markeing my community somewhere else.

    I would like to stay at Ning though…BUT…

    To spell it out to ning in plain english: ANYTHING OVER $5 A MONTH PER NETWORK IS TOO MUCH!

    Also, as we are no longer getting the network for free does that mean we can include our own “adsence” codes or “project wonderful” or other self sold advertising on our networks to help pay for the service?

    Or will ning be grabbing both revenue streams and leaving site creators with nothing??


  59. Tona Brown

    I would have to agree with many other people about this “new positive change”. One wonders if this was the goal in the first place. To get people to sign up for your service for free and then to change it to make money.. Those that can afford to do this already sign up for your premium services so its not like doesn’t make any money at all and im sure gets money from advertisements as well. In order to afford this site in the future we might have to charge our followers on the site which is the only reason why I put women of distinction on ning in the first place. So that transgendered people can come together and support a new movement in America.

    I am very disappointed to see this and will have to look for another site to host women of distinction or add some pages to my personal website If I’m going to pay for a site anyway I might as well use what im already paying for.

  60. Matt LaClear

    What an unbelievable mess. I for one am glad I have already sold my Ning sites and no longer have to work my business plans around the schizophrenia that has become Ning. You guys made too many changes that affected my own business detrimentally.

    So good bye and farewell!

  61. T

    “ning” as i first found out is from a chinese word meaning “peace”.. as so the motto of ning about doing the network for the good of human beings..and by having a free service makes you completely trustworthy on doing so… we ‘creators’ both who pays for premium services and those using free service, has no doubt played an important part in building your network.. and at this point, when most “creators” will be too lazy or migrating their network takes too much effort, you “ning” implement this policy, suddenly charing us all. You should value your creators more because we’re the ones maintaing the traffic and building your site. I just think that is it an unfair and untrustworthy move… and i’m sure im not the only one.
    Adjusting the price.. fine by me, if its cheaper.. great!! if more expensive.. so what more do i get? I dont relli mind if i see that its reasonable… but i still think that free service should remains the same, to keep your commitment
    where’s the passion now if its all about $$$ now its just business..
    you should try consulting services, do focus group or something…

  62. Katarina Veneris

    My ning network is a flop-I make no money from it and have four members…..I cannot see why I should pay…It is only there for me to look at.and play with…..

  63. kyle

    This is very scary news. I hope we can still afford to exist… My entire life could turned upsidedown.

  64. Joey Spencer

    So the network motto that i read when i found out about you guys, something about doing this for the good of your fellow human beings or something of that nature. And then the picture of the young ladies who built this network, looking like greenpeace refugees, they or whoever, decided that money was more important than providing the service for the good of their fellow man? Sounds to me like someone got the itch for the green and said screw everyone else. And to think I actually put video’s on youtube saying how the developers of NING were such socially conscious wonderful people.
    Well, i don’t have any money. I am a recovering addict and I was building a site on here ( to help addicts get the treatment they need, and to have a place where addiction professionals and addicts can talk and maybe dispel some myths about addiction. I am completely with out money and this is what helps me to stay clean, doing things for other people that really need help. I have my social magazine on here too. and that is for free too. See, I would never take money for it because it would then become less than what it is intended to be. Now , I have to start all over again. All the articles i’ve written have this address on the bottom, I’ll loose everything. But hey, you’ll be making all kinds of money so that will be a comforting thought to me and all the other addicts. Thank you. and yeah i don’t expect this will be posted.

  65. Norma

    I am truly sad to hear of this change. I have put many, many hours into creating several ning sites for various educational venues. The odds of my being able to continue as a paying customer are slim. Many of us have recommended your site to others and have helped in your growth. That should count for something, too! Would you consider “grandfathering” those of us who have already been free customers out as new paying customers come on board? Just a thought….

  66. Sein Kalar

    However, Ning block one of our ISPs (i.e., Myanmar Post and Telecommunication).
    And One of our ISPs (i.e., Yatanarpon Teleport also known as Bagan Net or Myanmar Teleport) did and error(TCP Error) to Ning Network.

    It will be very exciting to see how will the Myanmar users will use it. 🙂

  67. Francisco

    Another thing, some members, like myself, are new. We don’t have any revenue coming in so is there a way it could be free for a period of time say four months and then you can start chargin? That would go a long way towards supporting new members and keeping them loyal.

  68. Oppo R.

    Interesting decision. Ning has every right to make this decision. What I don’t understand is why this is being made. My assumption is that the operating cost for any one Ning site is small to negligible (sending out group email is probably the most expensive bit). In addition, if 75% of the traffic comes from premium sites then offering a free service shouldn’t be costing them a lot. Perhaps they weren’t finding a good “upsell” path going from free service to paid service in which case, was the free service giving them at least good marketing and name recognition? I would imagine so. Perhaps more people were choosing free and taking a little pain versus going premium (but that doesn’t make too much sense if only 25% were free). I’ll probably go to another site like Kickapps or Qlubb to create my group site.

  69. djjammin

    im disappointed in this choice. I just opened a ning account not to long ago….i only had 6 members…made no sense to me to continue using this. If i would have had 100 members i might have payed to use it. this is a sad day. i was forced to close my social network before i could get started.

  70. zsiráf

    Nagyon szomorú lennék,ha fizetőssé válna a Ning,mert felépítettünk egy majdnem 300 fős közösséget akik zöme nyugdíjas szegény ember.Nekik ez egy nagyon fontos kapcsolat, ahol bizalmasan meg tudják beszélni problémáikat.

  71. Francisco


    so Ning is going to charge now. I am not sure how many members of the network are at the international level but I know many here in mexico who use the service. My request is that you take into account that paying 30 or 40 dollars (just speculating) for a website is no the same everywhere. For people in some countries this can be a bigger strain. 40 dollars is a lot more money in mexico than say maybe in Europe or England and the currency disparity can be overwhelming for people living in poorer countries. The good thing about NIN is that it gave everyone an opportunity to be creative. I just hope NIN takes this into account when charging fees to countries that have a weak currency vs the dollar. I don’t want it cheaper just accessible enough to present Ning as an international website and not just an american or european one.


  72. Beatriz Pereira

    Isee. But what will happen to the free-of-chargenets if their creators decide not to pay simply because they do not have the money for that? Ning has advertisers, partners and sponosrers. Do you not grab enough moeny from them? Do you need to grab money from those who do not have it, i.e. the platform users? This is not a very civilized way of thinking, behaving and doing business, I would say. Ning advocacy team knows that you are incurring in not only one but in a set of crimes by doing what you intend to do with the free of charge nets. Do you not

  73. paras

    i totally disagree with all that . how can we pay . it will loss ning & ning users n my case I have no way to facilitate payment for services that I do not have a paypal card to do it and my network is accessed.
    I love my network and so do my members. If it shuts down, many of them will be left without a huge part of their lives. And I will be left without the only joy left in my last of all that . its very bad for all if at will be happen on 4th May . but me will miss ning for all life

  74. Meynard

    What if other Network Creators can’t afford of the premium services that you offered out to them? It would be important if you will discuss how your premium services would be priced off. It is also important to focus you attention to their feedback and opinions. I bet that many would argue about your new protocol. Especially in number 2. I, for one, used to this free service that you offer. I believe that you will have less customers by this new protocols.

    Even if some of your customers knew how to make money online, what if others don’t? Think about it. It would be better if you will take focus on your customers’ feedback regarding this article.

  75. kersti

    I’m interested in a migration tool to help me to move or backup all of the content from my network. Is that going to be an option?

  76. Kay G

    I get this. I don’t like it but I get it. Thank you to those of you who hold classes on your Ning sites. Keeping the group private, they pay to join and then you let them in. You get a free place to hold your classes all the while making money from it. So the little people who use it to network have to pay now because the mucky mucks want in on your deal and why punish just them, no they punish us all. SO THANK YOU!!!

  77. Mike

    Great news hope finally put an end to rumours,, most of us pay anyway
    Just one thing ,, you adding paypal for us to pay you,, could you add it to your ning apps for us to ask our members for the odd donation ???
    Cheers Mike
    and the very best of luck .One thing i will say is any group owners, check new network providers out ..some are too new and not in a good financial status and after a while ,, you will be paying,, nothing is free these days,, Better the devil you know !!!!

  78. Dr. Ziwaka

    Dear Ning!
    We warmly welcome your new news!
    We are an educator site. We share health knowledge to Myanmar people by our own language (Myanmar Language). We have no fund. So when we heard the news you announce on April 15, we decided to delete our network. But now, our hope will be shining again!
    Thanks for all..

    Dr. Ziwaka
    22 4 2010

  79. remle

    everthing is not good for those creators like me only the purpose is to built or create a network to have fun and unite the family and friends.

  80. Michael

    Our school gives us NO budget for this, so it’ll be goodbye to Ning, and what a pity. It was a very useful service. Somebody will come along to take Ning’s place, though, I’m sure.

  81. Angie

    I hope this is accurate cause I have a site of 350 members + and were all very concerned about our outcome.

  82. Paul Schumann

    I have several Ning sites for non profit and educational groups. And, there are hundreds of thousands of others like these. It’s appalling that you have have adopted a bait and switch strategy to lure us into using and recommending the use of your platform. It’s an exhibit of the worse kind of corporate behavior prevalent in today’s society. You have to realize that you have a ethical responsibility to all the grass roots, non profit and education organizations you are affecting. It’s really sad.

    At least provide portability of the content of our networks so that we can take our organization to other platforms.

  83. Marcia de Sá

    Mr. John,

    Thank to explain to us that our social network will not be shut down on May 4th … and that we wil have a time to do the transition to “premium”.

    It is possible to buy these service premium before May 4th?

    Because of these new notice, I decided to transfer membres from 2 social networks to another one…so I will use only one social network and not 3…

    I need help to know whow the transfer all the doc´s (photos, blogs, groups) to the social networking that I decide to maintain can be done.

    Please it´s very, very important to us, and I will wait for your solution.


    Marcia de Sá

  84. Sarah

    Okay this makes me feel a lot beter… -.- -takes deep breth- I’m still trying to pool together funds for this. Thank you for telling me I’ll have more time.

  85. Chris Casey

    I appreciate your clarifications, to some degree. But, the fact remains that this is, indeed, a digital variation of the old “bait and switch” routine.
    And it remains that your decision is an uncaring, unethical, and highly mercenary one. I suppose I was just foolish to think that Ning to be a much more forward thinking and caring company. Alas, it seems Ning is just another money-chasing, scamming business –the likes of which have put our country in such a precarious economic state.

  86. Shanghai Sidio

    After signing up two days ago and falling in love with the concept why they hell didn’t you morons mention I would not be able to use Ning for free! Talk about dishonest!

    How could any paying network customer trust Ning to be honest?

  87. Cathy Tuttle

    Pulling this resource will lead to the demise of many up and coming grassroots efforts. I imagine many of Ning’s paying customers are avid members of such groups and doubt they will want to continue their affiliation with a company so willing to include the demise of good works to their legacy.

  88. R. Goodrich

    I need to speak for educators using this site. I’ve created Ning sites for all of my university courses with great success. They are simple to create and easy for students to use. In this age of disinvestment in education (which means I practically qualify for food stamps) I simply can’t afford to pay for this service. In the interest of the greater good for our culture, it’s wise to invest in education. The hundreds of students who have used my sites are potential customers for advertisers and Ning. Many companies understand the wisdom of education pricing for both students and faculty. I believe Ning should do the right thing and keep its space available for education free of charge.

  89. Chief Don Spirit Wolf Greene

    As the head of a grwoing North Carolina-based educati9nal non-profit group I will do all I can to find myself in these upcoming changes. I trust that the Ning-team has made ample plans for the benefit of small but growing, enthusiastic non-profits like us. We are education in culture, history and language based and using this forum as the best-fit product for us and hope to continue doing so.

  90. Luis R.

    Ok, but what are you going to do ? What´s about spanish language networks ? What´s about workers of ning to networks, 40 % less means 40 % of losing quality of services? Is ning profitrable ? If my partner is not profitable my network is the same ?

  91. Paul Coxon

    No issue with charging, it’s your company and therefore your prerogative however as a PR officer myself, the Ning response to people raising legitimate concerns has been a bit over-the-top and less than constructive. When Ning was free, a bit of sloppy PR is acceptable, but when people are shortly going to be expected to pay, your PR has to be top-notch otherwise the company will haemorrhage users

    I’d like to continue using Ning, however there is no way I’ll be able to convince the organisation that I represent to pay a monthly fee unless that amount is less than the amount we currently pay to remove ads. I’m not rushing to leave just yet, but it’s become apparent that in just over 10 weeks at least some of my networks will have to find a new home.

  92. Chad

    It would still be free for my students to sign-up, right? It would only cost the teacher who makes the network. I hope I am correct in my assumption.

  93. Stergios Nastopoulos

    The competitive companies started working! Take a look around! They have made the code to migrate from Ning already. Hey, friends from Ning, do you like to migrate from you? I don’t. I cannot pay from my own, my school cannot pay, I’m just a school teacher in a public school in a foreign country, and I worked hard to build my Ning, many many hundreds of hours so far. I would like to promote the idea of social networking to my students, to my colleagues, to parents. I would like to develop my Ning more. Your decision puts a stop. Please, do not close educational school Nings! It’s just a hopeful and appealing idea to be stopped in a way like this.

  94. Amelia

    Hello, in case it’s not a part of your new pricing options already, I would like to request a subscription service for organizations that create and maintain several Nings. Thank you.

  95. kEVIN

    im still confusing,can someone tell me a free platform or can someoen tell me how much is the price is..?n if i affort to pay it,how can i pay it.?i noticed paid by paypal but i dnt hv paypal…someone help me pls..????

  96. Derek B.

    Hopefully this means that service for paying members will dramatically improve, new features will arrive far more often, and Ning’s service will start to truly improve over the competition. I’m willing to pay, but only if Ning is the best, and improving quickly.

  97. Kate

    “We’ve been interacting on Creators….”

    I was “suspended” from the NC forum (a free Ning network owner asked to have the content of his site critiqued. I pointed out that the contents of his site were racist and offensive. *I* – the owner of two premium sites – was banned, while he was allowed to keep using his Ning site to promote racial hatred).
    In view of what is going on now I need to have this suspension lifted asap so that I can interact with other NCs. It is tricky enough developing and promoting two social networks without Ning deliberately tying my hands in this way. I consider access to the NC forum to now be essential to running and promoting my networks.

    “I am confident that many of you, particularly those of you already paying for premium services, will be pleasantly surprised by our new pricing structure.”

    So, not only are free Ning sites to be discontinued, you are also introducing a new price structure for owners of premium sites. Since premium site owners have been subsidizing free Ning sites, does this mean that we can expect a reduction in prices? I’m already paying in the neighborhood of $1,000/year for my two networks (which is a lot more expensive than most other social network providers). If the price goes up, and not down – even marginally – I will have to close down at least one of my networks, or move it/them somewhere else.

  98. Jaap Verduijn

    Kate writes:

    “You are still not fulfilling your original contract: free for all (with paid advertising on each sites), payable for premium services (with no advertising). After-all, our sites did build up your business. As far as I know you are the same company. Is doing this retrospectively legal anyone?”

    I’ve tried to explain this on several other forums and blogs, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to register. You ask us all the question: “Is doing this retrospectively legal?” The answer is plain and simple: “Yes, OF COURSE it is… because you and every other network creator MADE it legal!” While signing up all of us agreed to the Ning TOS, Section 25 of which clearly states that Ning can discontinue (part of) its platform at any time, for any reason. That’s pretty much a standard part of every TOS, by the way – it’s not “Ning-specific”.

    To sum it up in just a few words: Ning is not trying to break the original contract, YOU are. That’s a dishonest thing to do, especially since you try make it look “the other way around”.

    Where is this confusion coming from? Simple: most people are too lazy, too careless or simply too stupid to read a TOS before agreeing to it. So be it. Your issue is a non-issue.

    Jaap Verduijn.

  99. Tina

    i have a ning account and personally i DOUBT the creators READ the feedback if they did they’d realize that this move to paid is not wise. no one would get this much NEGATIVE response and continue with it! to be honest they are not offering much of anything in premium that would make half of us WANT to buy premium although i might simply because my site is 5 months old has over 1000 photos and i don’t want to tell people “we;re moving get your stuff down”

    i chose ning cause it was a good free service and easy to figure out.

    i don’t think its right to make us pay if we already have a site. its ridiculous and in the long run ning will LOSE business because we will take ours elsewhere

  100. Lucy-Romanian SPCA

    Thank you for this update. Anyway, it doesn’t answer one of the biggest questions.
    1. What if we really can’t pay? Than are you going to close our communities? I don’t work right now so i can’t afford to pay for such a service. This doesn’t mean my community doesn’t do anything for real. We fight for animal rights and so does a lot of other communities.
    2. Will we be able to transfer all our data to other websites? I’m not looking forward to losing 2 years of hard work…
    I personally think we should keep things the way they are. With this economical crisis, NING might just get bankrupted because i don’t know how many creators will pay for this!!!

  101. Olaf Clausing

    I need these informations now, because I´m working on a ning which I wanted to pay, now I´m confused what to do. I need free Ning sites so I can learn more about which projects work and why they work. I can´t know if I can pay for a project before I don´t know if it´s working out! I´m not willing to pay for dead sites, but I will keep on working on nice working sites. Your ways of comunication are very unprofessional and I´m still very concerned about your decicions. 10 weeks by the way is not much time to make a nice move to an other service. By the way your kind of communication destroyed so much trust in you and your service, we need an apology!

  102. Hanna Torp

    The clarification is no doubt useful to many, but doesn’t help my and many other educators’ situation. The problem is that many of us educators have chosen to use Ning to replace the LMS officially supported in our organizations, against the recommendation and will of the university or school who would prefer us to use the supported system. Many of us teachers have found the traditional LMSs too hierarchical and teacher-centered to support 21st century skills acquisition and knowledge society working style. We’ve made our independent choice to find a system with better collaboration and networking tools, which Ning has provided. We can’t start paying the fees for all our groups from our own pockets, it would require the kind of devotion that can hardly be expected from a teacher. The organizations are not going to pay, they are already investing in the LMS. We can’t collect the fee from our students, because it’s not the university policy and would put students in an unequal situation. They would have the right to refuse and demand the use of the LMS instead. We don’t have much choice here. I have to say I don’t appreciate the choice to cut the free service all of a sudden, it’s bad customer care. Besides, it’ll be a victory to all the conservative educators who have kept refusing to integrate social media in education “because those services can’t be trusted”. Well yeah, they had a point there, didn’t they?

  103. Kate

    Is there any reason you have not sent out e-mails announcing these changes to site admins? The only reason I even found out about the changes was from one of the networks I subscribe to sent out an email saying they would be shutting down when the option is paid only.

  104. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Arianrhod,

    Our plan does not include forcing Network Creators to charge members.


  105. Arianrhod

    John, there is another rumor making it’s way around some of the networks. Several members of various sites have left the sites or are planning to leave, as they have heard that Ning will be charging the members to be on the sites as well as the network creators. From what you’ve said, I am pretty certain that this is not the case. It would be helpful if you would clarify that for us all though, so we can post it on our sites for the members to see. Thank you.

  106. E Mandell

    As a teacher I am very concerned. ANY PRICE POINT is more than is affordable in education right now. The ning has been our classes’ option for networking, galleries, and blogging. It has been an exciting experience for our students as they learn to use social networking as a means of collaboration. As a teacher who has experienced the wonders of art20, I will be very disappointed if I lose the connections with all the teachers from around the world who have enriched my teaching experience.

  107. Anthony

    I must say that when I first discovered the NING platform I was surprised that all of the functionality and technology behind the platform was even offered for free to begin with. Since that time, 2008…I have created over a dozen NING sites that serve important social functions for my community. I am not opposed to paying a fee for your services as I believe that the technology and ease of use warrants some sort of fee. However, I would suggest that people like myself who have multiple NING networks be offered a pricing structure that would incorporate all of the networks under my umbrella.

    i.e., 1-3 NING networks should equal X amount of dollars per month.
    4-7 networks a different pricing structure and so on and so on. If you price me out of my multiple networks I’ll have no other option but to migrate to a different resource such as and simply purchase the software outright. I have also been testing out a company called WIX but it doesn’t have near the features that NING has.

    Please don’t leave me and other users stranded with something we cannot afford to upgrade too.

  108. Ed Hubbard

    Okay…I have no problem with this move. My questions are as follows:

    1. Will we get a price guarantee for a set period of time, like 2 years? My concern it starts out low and then escalates like a cable bill.

    2. Will you be bundling so those creators such as myself can bundle several ning site for discounts?

    3. Will the terms of service change that give creators more ownership of our content, and able to have greater portability and integration systems?

    I really like Ning and want to stick with it, but your current PR is setting off a lot of people.


  109. Kate

    You are still not fulfilling your original contract: free for all (with paid advertising on each sites), payable for premium services (with no advertising). After-all, our sites did build up your business. As far as I know you are the same company. Is doing this retrospectively legal anyone?

  110. rodrigo hdD

    Sou do Brasil. Tenho uma rede de amigos jovens cristãos. E me assustei com essa notícia. Espero continuar usando os serviços NING. Prefiro que seja de maneira gratuita. Espero que a proposta oferecida no dia 4 de maio seja boa.
    Obrigado e Paz!

  111. Paul W.

    Thank you thank you thank you for putting this educator’s mind at ease. I hope you know how much I truly appreciate that you thought about teachers and took the time to mention that we were part of the thinking and pricing process. As a music teacher, Ning is the ONLY place i have found where I can share video, audio, photos all online to parents without compromising the data privacy laws.

    I have been a fan of Ning since the beginning (5+ years?) and I hope to continue singing your praises. In the summer I will be giving a presentation to a whole lot of other music teachers on ways they can use Ning for their classrooms. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next (and how the new pricing structure works out). Keep up the great work, I know you guys have had a tough week.

  112. Ivan Jauregui


    In my case I have no way to facilitate payment for services that I do not have a paypal card to do it and my network is accessed.

    There will be an option for people like me that I have that possibility? I am in mexico and I have no resources as someone who lives in the U.S..


  113. Greg

    You willingly chose to offer a service for free in exchange for our creativity and traffic in order to boost Ad Views and revenue for NING. This symbiotic relationship obviously was advantageous for both parties. Now that you have earned revenue through our viewers (which without your network creators you would have none), do you plan on redistributing that revenue according to traffic levels? After all, you have not upheld your end of the relationship.

    In the tangible world, we would classify this as a rather elaborate bait and switch routine often carried out to disadvantage one party and advantage another. With hours of invested time to improve our networks and bring NING more ad traffic, we are left with the option to Pay or go home.

    It seems you should have considered a “grandfathering” scenario and charged all new network creators from this point forward. And perhaps rebate the existing creators based on average traffic volume and ad revenue. If my network traffic generated $5 or $50,000 for NING I should have that credit towards your new pay structure.

    If I didn’t generate one cent for you, then I will happily pay to continue. But If I made you money from my creative and published works (none of which you generated), then I would expect to share in that revenue through credits toward my new network. I know you have that information. Stats are easy to find.

    Thank you.

  114. karis

    this sounds great i’m a premium member and i hope that it’s cheep or i might have to go to kick apps or buddy press

  115. Steve Fulton

    I am an educator who began using Ning as a social network with my students at the start of this year. It has been a great learning tool for the kids. I have advocated for it, have helped other teachers create their own, and I will be leading teacher workshops this year on using Ning on the classroom. As of reading the plans to charge for the use of Ning, I am in the process of reworking the workshops that I am conducting this summer….teachers don’t want to be trained to use a site that they have to pay for, especially with the buget being as it is.
    Personally, I am basing my decision on whether or not to pay for Ning based on the prices they’ll have for educators. It’s cool, but I could get by just fine without it. I wanted to know if any of you know of any other social networking sites that are good for education that are either in use or in the process of being developed? If there isn’t anything out there now for free, I have a good feeling there will be once Ning starts charging users.

  116. Deb Wisniewski

    I’m very concerned about the Nings I’m involved with that are community-based and have no (repeat “NO!”) budget. We have worked very hard to connect people who were not connected to each other before our Ning and now need to consider how to find money or lose everything we’ve done so far. Anyone know of another good free platform?

  117. John S

    When the premium (paid for) service comes into effect, and for those people that DO stick around and pay whatever fees are asked, how about removing some of the NING branding as an incentive to small organisations who are looking for a more proffesional look? (ie: minimal use of the NING logos and CREATE YOUR OWN NETWORK links?)

    This would certainly appeal to me.

  118. Leonie Fedel

    Thank you for confirming that May 4 is only the start of a 10 week phasing period, and not a pay now or be deleted drop-dead deadline.

    Also for networks that do choose to subscribe to the pay service rather than migrate on or shortly after May 4 – can you confirm that the migration tools will be there for the foreseeable future. Many of non-profits are grant funded, and the grant may have seed money for premium networks for a while, but after the grant ends, the non-profit cannot continue to pay the Ning fees… It would be a pity to find out a year or two down the line that the grant had seeded a great community with rich forum and blog detail, only to find there is no way to migrate that community and its content to a another (free) platform once the grant ended.

  119. Adrian Bertolini

    As an educator who has only begun to use the NING network and promote it to schools in Australia I think it is a mistake to eliminate free NINGs completely. I am currently running several NINGs for different schools to encourage them to use this technology as a way of sharing and interacting and promoting to their students. Having it free for certain sections of the global community will make a profound community. Perhaps in teh restructure you need to consider your advertising model (much like Facebook has done)

  120. Gabriela

    Estimado John McDonald
    Soy educadora y directora de la Escuela 1676 “Maestro Arturo Yaciofano” de Mendoza, Argentina, y hace dos 3 años que cosntruimos nuestra rede social en Ning, sería de suma importancia que se considerara las redes sociales educativas que fueran excentas de pagar.
    Agradezco que tenga en cuenta nuestro pedido.
    La comunidad educativa de la Escuela 1676 “Maestro Arturo Yaciófano”

  121. HouseofWingz Filipina Dating

    Thanks. In the current supercharged atmosphere, this kind of information is very helpful.

  122. Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite

    Still a very poor decision for those of us who value the free services. It has been the slowest growing of any of my sites. despite the seeming advantages. Good bye from me will be the only option I can see. L.

  123. Kevin Hodgson

    As an educator and one who uses Nings with other teachers, I appreciate that you are making sure that educational use of your networks is being considered. Some sites offer educational tiered pricing that makes it easier to justify to our districts and organizations.
    I look forward to the official announcement in a few weeks.

  124. avengedsevenfold333

    Thank you for the clarification. I run a 1500 member site geared towards teens, and I am a College student with little money who has invested enormous amounts of time in my site. It’s good to know that I might be able to afford it.

    I do have one last question – is paying with debit an option currently? If it is not (as far as I can tell, it isn’t), then I dearly hope that it will be announced as one on May 4th.

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