Peter Slutsky
Peter Slutsky
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Last week, Ning had the exciting opportunity to attend the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) mid-year meeting in New York City.

Getting a chance to see President Clinton present his vision for CGI and share the stories of how the different action groups are working for positive change around the globe was inspiring. The passion to make the world a better place and to have real and meaningful impact was clear in the stories from the many companies, non-profits, government agencies and opinion leaders that make up CGI.

How did Ning end up attending the meeting? We were invited to participate in the Social Action Committee meeting — getting to discuss first how the social web is critical to connecting CGI members to their causes’ activist bases, and then as a way to help power the work they do in the world. Because President Clinton’s vision for CGI is truly a global effort and people want to collaborate and connect across borders, there are huge opportunities to leverage the power and reach of social technologies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Ning, mobilizing, engaging, and fostering deep collaboration between passionate and active people. The group focused not on the tools available, but on the philosophy, the challenges and the opportunities to enact global change using the social web. To that end, we were able to participate deeply in the conversation and hear from some of the eminent strategists and practitioners in social media today.

Our meetings also drove home the well-known fact that mobile technologies (a.k.a. mini personal computers) are going to be critical to any strategy in developing nations and many entrepreneurs and leaders in this world are working to figure out ways to bring more mobile devices to the poor and to others who are in need of mobile devices.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the great work that the Clinton Global Initiative is doing, make sure you take a look.

We hope that this meeting was only the beginning of our relationship with CGI and we plan to work closely with CGI and its members over the coming months to develop interesting and innovative projects using the Ning Platform.