Introducing Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini

Introducing Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini
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I’m excited to introduce three new versions of the Ning Service that we will roll out in July. When we announced two weeks ago that we were going to refocus on paying Ning Networks and phase out our free service, we knew there would be many questions about what the new Ning would look like. Our goal with these offerings — as explained below — is to enhance the experience Network Creators have on Ning, and by extension, the experiences your members have as well.

What will we be rolling out in July? We’ll start with many of the things Network Creators have been asking for and extend the service from there. The end of Ning promotional links, leading to a more customized, branded experience for you and your members. An ad free experience and the option to run your own ads — if you like. Easy content export and back-up. The end of Ning ID and ability to add Facebook and Twitter sign-in. API access for a more integrated experience. The ability to charge for membership and accept donations. We’ve listened to your more frequent and pressing requests and combined them with our current premium services into three new product offerings — Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini.

Ning MiniThe simplest and fastest way to set up a social network for your classroom, community group, small nonprofit or family Ning PlusThe tools and features you need to build and grow a branded social network with high engagement – an incredible value at a great price Ning ProThe ideal solution for building a comprehensive social experience, including additional features, integration, support and bandwidth

or $19.95/year* (save 44%)


or $199.95/year* (save 16%)


or $499.95/year* (save 17%)

Up to 150 members Unlimited members Unlimited members
Full control over your branding and member experience Full control over your branding and member experience
Features include blogs, photos, forum and video embeds Full feature set including events, groups, chat, pages and Ning Apps Full feature set plus video and music uploads and branded players
Simple customization options Advanced customization options including CSS, Javascript and the Language Editor Advanced customization options, plus the API access upgrade when launched
Includes run your own ads Includes run your own ads, use your own domain and remove Ning links Includes run your own ads, use your own domain, remove Ning links and add storage and bandwidth
Community-based support Help Center support Premium support

* One-time annual pricing

For full comparison of the three plans, click here.

Our pricing plans offer incredible value relative to our current Premium Services. For example, your Ning Network currently has the option to Use Your Own Domain, Remove Create Links, and Run Your Own Ads. You can take advantage of all of these services for about $55/month right now. With Ning Plus, you’ll be able to have them all for $19.95/month. We will also offer current Network Creators a one-time annual pricing discount that provides even greater value.

We also recognize that many small non-profit, family or other small group Ning Networks have limited budgets, and we value what you’ve created on Ning. For $2.95/month or $19.95/year, Ning Mini provides a powerful set of features to continue to grow and engage with your members — ad-free or with your own ads.

We’ve also heard from many Network Creators who use Ning in the classroom as an integral part of their curriculum. I am particularly excited to announce that a major education company will be sponsoring Ning Mini Networks for educators in primary and secondary education. Ning will remain free for K-12 educators and their students. We’ll have details on this program soon!

We will roll out Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning mini in July. Current Network Creators will have 30 days following the roll-out to decide which plan best fits their needs.  For Ning Creators using our free service who choose to move to another service, we will offer a simple way to export all of your content.

We know there’s a lot of questions, including how to choose a plan, when you can sign up and what happens if you don’t choose an option. That’s why we’ve created a place with all the details about this new offering, including details, a timeline and FAQs. I look forward to your feedback, both in the comments below and on Creators.

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408 thoughts on “Introducing Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini

  1. Alexa

    I like 3 products ning plus,pro.This is really a great idea.Keep going and we are expecting some more good products from you.

  2. Brian Fodrey

    Hi Eric,

    Any chance you could give me a somewhat brief explanation of what the “bandwidth” feature means as part of the three Ning plans? We are trying to decided which plan to move forward with and can’t decipher what bandwidth means, and how it impacts our Ning site.

    Thanks much,

  3. nevi

    Is it possible to consider lowering the $20 a month ning level charges?? I think many (me included) are finding that a bit much. Its very difficult to charge any kind of membership.

  4. Brian Fodrey

    Hi Eric,

    You mentioned being able to purchase a Ning plan a year in advance…so is it possible for us to re-new our Ning plan several months before it expires – when we have the money in our budget?


    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, Brian! It’s not currently possible to pay past the current terms of your subscription. We may build that into our new billing system if enough people request it, but to be honest, we have only had a few requests of this nature.

  5. Craig Riley

    I would like to cancel my mini ning account but i can not see a place to do it and there is no information about cancellations.

    Please can you advise me where to do this.


  6. Brian Fodrey

    Thanks again Eric. Got another question for you, in deciding on a plan I was wondering how much space my current (free) network is taking up? Is there anyway I could find that information out?

  7. Bridgette Wilson


    I am just reading my message from Ning regarding a fee for the site and have up until Midnight to make a decision. I do not use the site for networking but I sometimes share the link when I would like to share pictures. So there are lots of pictures from events that I have been a part of in the past. I know I can have the same capability on Face Book for what I use it for. But once again, there are many pictures that I have uploaded to your site. I still have the pictures on CDs so it will nto be a total loss if I decide not to use the site. I would have like to use the site more but I just haven’t had the time to really use it to its full potential. If I decide to keep it, what plan should I choose if I’m only using it to share pictures. Please review the site and I would love to hear from you soon. Thank you kindly.

  8. Brian Fodrey

    Thanks Eric. Another question, how long does it take to be approved for a free Ning Mini site? I submitted my request a few days ago and never received confirmation or a follow-up from anyone!?! Any information would be appreciated.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Pearson takes care of approving these networks. If you filled out the online form, you will receive a confirmation email. If you sent us an email and did not fill out the form, we wouldn’t have routed that to the right place. So, just make sure you have completed the form.

  9. Brian Fodrey

    Does anyone know if I can purchase my Ning site for multiple years in advance? I have the funding NOW to purchase my site for 3 years….I don’t know if it will be there at the end of each year. Thanks-Brian

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Brian. We don’t offer the ability to purchase for multiple years, but you can definitely purchase for the upcoming year.

  10. Roberto Dias Duarte

    1) I’d like to delete one community. How can I do it?
    2) I’ve selected an annual plan for one community but I’d like to choose a monthly one. How can I change it?

  11. Pippo Ricotti

    hello! I endorse the plan ning plus at 19.95 and I would pay in a single solution as I do?

  12. sarah taylor (aka) ravenstar

    I can’t afford to keep my ning network going so I’ll be very sad to see it go,
    all my members love my network and I worked very hard to build it up and make it what it is, I have loved every min of running my network and all the new friends I have made while running it,
    it breaks my heart that I have to give it up and all my members are very sad too, ning was the best free network around but sadly will be no longer.
    Through my network I have help many of my members and I have been there for them through good and some real bad times in their lives even to the point of helping some of my members with cancer and other illnesses stay strong no matter what and I always there if one of them needed me, but all that has to come to an end!

  13. Jeanne

    So just to verify my understanding of these changes:
    1. Only administrators of a ning network will be charged. It is still free to join ning networks.
    2. I am a K-12 educator so the ning mini will be free for me to administer so long as my student membership doesn’t exceed 150 members.
    3. With the mini my students will lose the following capabilities: chat, their homepages, groups (which was how I had each class organized), members page, events and notes. Will these all just disappear from the current ning network that I’ve created or do I have create a brand new one.

    4. Are you planning to send this information to administrators? If so I have not received it.

    5. Have you considered offering school districts a subscription rate for the Ning Plus or Ning Pro accounts? This could perhaps be less costly than the rates you’ve outlined but would give whole school districts access to ning and build an education client base.

    I cannot afford to pay for the Ning Plus, but will sorely miss the Group feature as that is how I’ve used ning most. Each class I teach has their own group with links to their lessons, discussions and more.

    I appreciate your keeping the mini free to educators, but wish you would consider even better discounted pricing for the fuller plans for the Education industry.


    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Jeanne! This is a lot to address in a blog comments sections, so I recommend submitting your questions on the Creators Ning Network. We won’t be charging members. We sent out an email communication to many education-related Ning Networks. I hope you can take advantage of the offer for educators.

  14. Jen

    I wanted to wish you all the best on your new plans. My group has only been using your free network feature for a short time but during that time thoroughly enjoyed it. So thank you. At this time though, we won’t be continuing on with NING paying services, the features that we use are not available in the mini and we aren’t ready for the next payment level. After reading many of the posts it looked like there was going to be a way to transfer info from our current NING website (not only member info- I’ve downloaded the member list already- but also BLOG entries) to other sites. I was wondering if that is available and if so, where would I go to find it. Again, the time spent with you all has been great… Thanks and the best of luck to your future… Jen

  15. Jeronica

    This stinks! I thought Ning is a free site to members! Now I’m going to have to start paying just to be on Werespace? I’m going to lose my friends, my group!

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Jeronica. Members won’t be charged for Ning Networks. It’s really up to each Network Creator to decide how they accept new members. You may want to read this blog post again or check out the extensive collection of FAQs. Good luck.

  16. James Winslow

    What if you don’t your members to start paying. Because I just made this website for fun so none my members can be paying.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Your members won’t have to start paying, James. You might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network. We also have a Help Center that has a lot of informative articles about this. You can also submit a ticket in the Help Center if you are having specific problems and we’ll try to get you some one-on-one help. Hope this helps!

  17. Amy

    I am the e-Learning Coordinator in a large secondary College. In the last 18 months the English teachers and Librarians have invested a large about of time and effort to establish a wide reading ning for our students. We have had great success with this project and now have extended the Ning to encompass the Year 9 students and their Literature Circles projects. The offer for a free mini ning network is laughable; with 350 students per year level we simply cannot take advantage of this “free” offer and the upgrade to the other options is just not financially possible.

    Thanks for your contribution in destroying a safe and closed online community for our students. You are forcing us to go elsewhere.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Amy! Glad to hear that you have had success, but sad to hear that you may not be able to continue. I used to work in the e-learning field, so I know how great it can feel to have created — and be running — a successful initiative. We’ll be sending all Network Creators some ideas for how Ning Networks might continue using some interesting and lightweight revenue-generating ideas soon. I hope you’ll consider trying a few out — or at least will be able to take a look.

  18. Dave Leslie

    Hi, I’m re-visiting these developments after a month. The blog post says:
    “We know there’s a lot of questions, including how to choose a plan, when you can sign up and what happens if you don’t choose an option. That’s why we’ve created a place with all the details about this new offering, including details, a timeline and FAQs (also available in Spanish, here). I look forward to your feedback, both in the comments below and on Creators.”
    Have there been any further details released in the meantime?
    – packaging of features? (I’d gladly sacrifice ad-free for events in the mini package, and I’ve seen from the many comments that there are plenty others in the same position);
    – the date in July for the formal announcements? 4th July?;) beginning or end?
    – still ONLY 30 days grace? we don’t even know whether the export facilities will in practice allow import into other providers’ offerings;
    – details of the ‘global’ (I think that is an update since 4 May?) offer for educators? (I look after a network used by teachers in the UK, so will that qualify?)

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello! We’ve updated that page with a few things. However, we haven’t changed any of the packages in the respect you note (e.g., Events). We will be announcing more in the next two weeks that should answer a lot of your questions. Until then, we have discussions going on on Creators if you want to join us.

  19. Bella

    Well, this really stinks. I have created a stable network with many potential members and my site just got started up and running. Only DAYS after I finished the hard work of putting it together, do I get this message about charging?
    I’m a teenager. I can’t pay for a site that is supporting other people. I run a talent-agency type thing and I don’t want to have to pay when I need to focus on the auditions and what-not. It’s beneficial to everyone.
    Sorry Ning, but you’ve disappointed me and I’ll have to take my services elsewhere, where they don’t care about money and everything is for free!

  20. Prashan

    Hi Ning,

    We’re running an alumni site and works as a non profit. We use it so that old boys can meet up and chat up. Ning has been a great platform and the network has grown well in the past couple of years.

    However, as the network creator, i will not be able to invest 200$ to keep the network alive. It’s just too pricey for a community..

    I do hope Ning will be able to find alternative ways to make money out of our sites.

    Thanks for your service..

    PS: anyone has found a competitor social group creator that’s still free? mind to share?

    Regards, Prashan (The Franciscan Initiative)

  21. Ximena Gallardo

    Eric: Let me make sure I understood correctly: if I purchase Ning Mini, I will be able to create an unlimited amount of networks, and each can have up to 150 members?

    Also, what happens to the networks I already have if I purchase Ning Mini? Will these become part of the unlimited networks?

  22. NiNjA !O.o!

    Whoops! Sorry! My friend got a hold of this. I agree with his statements though. Please don’t tear down our sites!

  23. Len

    I would be quite happy to pay the £19.95 a year (many on my site I think would not). We find the groups really handy but not so handy that I’m willing to pay £199.95 for the additional one feature. For us the pricing plan is waaay off.

    Again I am happy to pay but £199.95 a year is way to much for a small group like ours, so we will probably have to look for alternatives.

  24. carolyn

    Our grant funded program cannot afford $ 20 a month but really uses the event module. One of the key reasons we joined NING. Very frustrating; not certain where to go…we wanted to avoid FB, but NING has not been very user friendly and now this! Any suggestions?

  25. luciano

    The actual customization of the site (no pro) will be exactly like the Ning Mini costumization?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Not sure I completely understand your question, luciano. I might recommend that you ask us on Creators and we’ll try to answer there. Thanks!

  26. Lisa Carothers

    Like other educators, I am dismayed by the new options, especially after all the time I’ve invested in making Nings work effectively with my students. While I am unsure about what I will do for next school year, my decision hinges on the answer to this question:

    Do these new pricing options allow the creation of multiple Nings for one account? Or would I need to pay a separate fee for each Ning I create? If I would be allowed to create multiple Nings, what’s the limit?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Lisa: You may have heard about our partnership that will allow some educators to participate for free. In any case, if you purchase a new plan, it will now allow you to create an unlimited amount of Ning Networks.

  27. katie lang

    ning, you where so proud at reaching 1 million networks and you are willing to delete loads just for money. you will lose a great deal of sites and activity. you will come down to the new-site start if you are willing to delete thousends. please keep this in mind before deleting thousends of networks that have comon scense not to pay a greedy site manager.

    yours unfaithfully,
    katie lang

  28. mike roland

    Dear President of Ning,

    I would gladly pay $20 each a year for the multiple networks that I have created IF they retained their current usability. What you are doing, by crippling the usage of these sites AND requiring a payment is contrary logic. The payment option has been available to those who have wanted it for some time now and I can’t seem to understand your reasoning for changing that. I can only surmise that your company has grown and you must hire additional personnel for support. You must understand that the only reason your company has done so well is that you have provided an excellent and affordable service. There are a few things that will inevitably happen 30 days after you initiate your proposed plan: The overall number of networks will decrease immensely for networks with 150 members and less, networks with over 150 members will choose the intermediate payment option and most probably begin to require there members to pay in some manner. This will decrease the number of new members greatly. Since there will be no real incentives for current administrators or new members to create new sites your numbers, which you have equated to success, will dwindle. Then most inevitable of all, New sites that offer what you are currently offering for free will begin to increase in popularity and may will gain favor with your current subscribers, thus dropping Ning altogether.
    The only thing that will save your baseline is to continue to offer a free membership at some level for curious entry level subscribers. This will allow people to build and test a network for popularity. At some undetermined level of membership, perhaps it may be appropriate for Ning to require a payment but only if the site is used for commerce. Likewise if a network has grown to substantial membership then Perhaps Ning would Pay Incentives to administrators with larger active sites. That would definitely increase your popularity amongst the networking sites that currently reside on the internet.
    In closing I would like to say that I have enjoyed the use of Ning and unless there a free option is retained I will regrettably be closing my networks after the grace period and moving on to other possibilities. You may contact me on my account for further discussion if you would like. Thank you for your service and good luck.

    Mike Roland

  29. hannah

    we spend time on our networks, advitising it, making it fun for people and all we get back is your gona delete it? just so you can make money! its rediculous! all you made ning for is to make money! not let people share there interests! oh and btw can you please think out side of the usa? theres more contires in the world then just usa! people from other contires cant pay dollars! comon scense! we use pounds for were im from! wanna see what it looks like? here it is £ special huh? not just the plain $! if your gona make us pay can you please think about people from other contries!

  30. Ah Kah Myint

    Oh .. What should I do? Even if we can pay this amount of price .., we have no international bank account.
    Ning helps us ..! :O

  31. FreeFallen

    I’m also from England. How would I be able to pay – in dollars?!

    But anyway. Back to my original comment.

  32. FreeFallen

    If I have to pay, I won’t be able to run my site anymore!!! I’m only a teen.
    Yeah, you flower it up with ‘you’ll get this-and-this-and-this-and-this’ but we can all see it’s just a money-making thing.

    We beg you reconsider this offer. Yeah you may not be getting much for the FREE sites, but think of all the great networks of people that have been built up over the years.

    Please, please reconsider this. You have such a great name for yourselves – doing this will make it worse you’ll lose loads of fans and websites.

    My community is getting off to a really fantastic start – Please PLEASE
    reconsider this. You have no idea how many fantastic ‘FAMILIES’ will be going down.

    Everyone on my website view eachother as their ‘family’.

  33. hannah

    WHAT!?! you have to pay (ning mini) to run a site that wont allow groups, events.. things like that, and only holds 150 members!?! i loved ning… now im gona try and find a place like ning but FREE and lets you have full features!

    its a shame because ive just started a new site and want it to be good but it will never succsesed with this!

  34. Robert Kreh

    I have been running a Non-Profit,, FREE social networking site for the Film Community back home in my home state of Kansas. I cannot afford to maintain this site at $200 or especially $500 a year. This is ridiculous and you should be ashamed as you will be killing off so many great communities of people.

    I ask that you reconsider this or you will ultimately lose many customers.

  35. John

    I have a question… can we pay for specific features. for example, the Ning Mini is 2.95, lets say I wanted to keep my chat box, could I pay extra? say… 4.95 a month instead of 2.95… you guys have us chumps right by the balls, and you do it because you can. So will I be able to give you rich folks more money in exchange for more features? think about it, it’s a great way to make more money than you already need! Do I sound bitter? anyway… I’m willing to pay as long as I can afford it, or until I find another free site.

    I was using this site for something important, to better the world, brining people together, now I’ll have to pay for it. Damn…

    visit my site 😀

  36. Merle Hall

    My school is willing to sponsor my site, However, they will only pay through a purchase order. Is there a method set up for allowing schools to pay with purchase orders. (They send the check when you send the bill.) The check has to be approved by the board.
    I didn’t see this issue mentioned on an of the help sites.

  37. Dana

    I am disappointed that once a FREE site now chooses to CHARGE. The reason we came to ning was because it was free and contained a lot of the features we needed for our non profit organization. I know that no one will be reading this except others that are frustrated. I don’t think you communicated with your creators at all or I would have been contacted regarding what we would be willing to pay for before setting up an unreasonable pricing plan. I wouldn’t mind paying for the mini plan as our group is small but it doesn’t have the features we need.

    The non-profit organization I created this network for has been somewhat resistant to joining a social network but after much hard work and discussions, they have been joining in… I have to tell them that their Events calendar and the Page functionality will be going away. Those two functions along with the Blog were the only ones we regularly utilitized….now I have to go find another reasonably priced solution if not free and start my prodding of them once again on a new site.


    Oh, and if there is anyone reading this with an alternate solution besides FB and MS then please post them here.

  38. Jo

    I am also a higher ed user who used NewsShare, video upload, groups and chat, will not be able to afford the price of these services. I would have to pay out of pocket, and faculty at my state university have had furlough days the last two years. Too bad! It was a great product and the students loved it.

  39. Cira Munhoz

    Bom dia, de que forma será efetuado esse pagamento? existem muitos criadores de ning no Brasil, existe apossibilidade de sermos contatados em portugues? tenho muitas duvidas pois o tradutor automatico deixa a desejar. Existe a possibilidade de registro de dominio do nome de minha ning?
    Estou bastante animada com as mudanças. Mas, por favor comuniquem-se conosco em PORTUGUES.

  40. John Winsted

    Great news for all of us in education! Thank you very much. I think you will find a good return on investment from the students in the future.

  41. Warren

    Love the new pricing structure – thank-you.. $25 to get rid of the google ads was always a bit steep. Thanks for these new plans. Please keep the annual renewal up front discount and I’ll be a member for life. Keep up the great work Ning.

  42. taigu

    Dear Sir,

    I am a new creator and want to start with NING MINI. Actually most of my efforts now are translating NING language into Taiwanese language and it’s been completed about 70%. My question is will my translation be kept if I choose NING MINI?

    Your earliest reply is appreciated.


  43. MARES

    Pertenezco a varios clubs y grupos, en los cuales no sólo aprendemos, sino que compartimos ideas, proyectos, vivencias y todo lo que ustedes jamás se imaginaran que puede suceder, aún a la distancia, sin conocernos…Mujeres de edades diversas, pero con intereses en común: manualidades, artesanías, tejido y tantas cosas hermosas!!!
    Pero ahora esa alegría y esa “unión” peligra…y otra vez por lo mismo, el dinero, el mal necesario, pero maldito, porque separa, disgrega y lo que comenzó como una excelente obra “de bien público” si se quiere, se contagió…y todo se tambalea…
    Sé que podemos reunirnos en otro sitio, pero es una mudanza…y uno se “aquerenció” con la casa…
    Espero que pueda haber una solución, la debe haber…y sino, gracias…mientras duró fue bueno…

  44. Anita

    Im looking into doing the Nin Plus when its launched..
    My Question is is there anyway we can have were some members can have access to other things then other members..
    (exp:) If we had paid members can theyhave private group from Non paying members?
    and i already have extra stuff on my site now like the Scripts4NING stuff now will i lose that stuff cause that is all paid for?

    and do you have extra stuff you are going to offer with our service that we will do (Ning Plus)

    thanks so much for any replys.
    Founder of LAC

  45. Dagon University Friends!

    Please I want to know,how to buy the NING PLUS from Singapore.I have only ATM Card.I don’t have any credit card and pay pal card.So help me,how to buy from Singapore.Do you have office in Singapore.
    If you have time,reply me back.

  46. alberto cidraes

    I may be an old timer but I am still shaken and indignant ( as much as I dislike this word ) at the way Ning pulled the rug under our feet. I invested my time and energy in the creation of several networks and was a fan of Ning’s concept and interface, design and functionality, all to crumble (from my point of view) in a big landslide. It all sounded in Ning new CEO’s words very matter of fact, business as usual, but no, not to my ears, not to my standards. Low blows are not normal in the world where I grew up, and that was clearly bellow the waist.
    Ning could at least have apologized to us all, Ning could have explained it was in financial difficulties and it needed to do something about it. It could have stopped new free networks being created but giving existing ones (at least the ones that are functioning consistently) the opportunity to continue, let’s say for at least a year, but no, we had to be milked, though that was not part of the package Ning had offered us. I for one know my arm will not be twisted by Ning, that for me has lost all moral ground, never mind the damage that will inflict on all the people in my networks. Thank you Ning for all that was, shame on you for all that will be!

  47. Pippo Ricotti

    good morning, excuse the errors but I am translating with google translate.
    I read the next change and are willing to sign for my social network LANDROVERPUB.NING.COM, subscription ningplus.
    let me know when I can send you the amount required

    buon giorno, scusate i possibili errori ma sto traducendo con google translate.
    ho letto dei prossimi cambiamenti e sono intenzionato a sottoscrivere, per il mio social network LANDROVERPUB.NING.COM, l’abbonamento a ningplus.
    fatemi sapere quando potrò inviarvi la somma richiesta

  48. Ardishier

    Thank you very much for the time Ning was free. I see nothing wrong in paying for our space in Ning though we cannot afford above the MINI scheme you offered.

    Kindly tell us how to go about this new scheme.

    We only hope that all the features in our site would still be there after July.

  49. luciano


    The actual customization of the site (no pro) will be exactly like the Ning Mini costumization?

  50. Katy

    I have been using ning for “YEARS” and created awesome sites with many members.No problems until now.Everyone loves FREE but I will NOT be able to PAY for ning at any price.
    Reciently I have found many petitions online about unfair ning.
    This sure is giving you a bad name already. How many “NEW” creators do you think will join and pay for your services?Simple answer “NONE” By the sounds of it ning will be losing tons of sites after July.
    I spoke to some “OTHER” site admins that are going to allow very close to what you have but FREE.They are planning on your failure so they can rake in the creators and make their sites bigger than yours lol.Smart idea for them.Actually there are some already doing this.I even know two sites that allow creating adult content websites and are almost the same as ning! I can see them being very sucessful free or paying lol.
    I agree with others here though and ning should keep free sites the same as now and add more to premium sites so you can jack up prices.FREE sites to create is what made ning so popular.Paying premium is just a bonus for you(If anyone even does pay for it)As far as “NEW” sites being created.If I were you I would block any new free ning sites from creating and just leave those already made stay on and be FREE.
    How can a site creator chose which members to stay joined and ban the rest on their sites?After years of inviting or finding friends to join their sites they have to kick them off?This is just uncalled for and wrong.
    I am sure ning can manage the free sites already made or you would not have allowed free sites this many years already.I know I have more than one site and would be willing to try and merge into one site if free.Unlimted members though.You have millions of networks using the free accounts right?Why not limit people to “ONE or TWO” networks made free?I know some who have 10 or more ning sites made on free.They make sites over and over without deleting.Using up what could be FREE space for others.
    Those are my thoughts.I do hope you approve this comment and think it over.I also understand it is hard to please everyone but I only see ning NON-PLEASING everyone so far.Very few agree with you on this mini-pro-plus ning.Please listen to the people.They ARE ning.Without them there is NO ning.

  51. joe

    It is sad when your taking away the option that help make you what you are today and your packages are not the that good like you trying to say.

    This is how you treat people that used ning sites for a long time it is more of a slap in the face then anything for anyone that put work in there social network and did any kind of advertising for it.

    You gonna give back anything to the free members I mean since they are the ones who made you in the first place?

    I mean am very sure you would not be as big as you are today if it was not for the free members.

    I am kinda tic off at the fact i spent over 5 months on putting together a great community for you to just take away and waste my time and some paid advertising as well for the site am i going to get that back ?

    I just think it is a shame that you basically just used all the people that made you who you are and then tell them thanks but take a hike .

    I mean you might of had free members but that where most your advertising came from as well from the free members that joined.

    I am sure i will be here tho to watch ning service drop as a option to use to make a social network and am sure this will not get posted since ning likes to sugar coat things

  52. Daniel

    Terrible! :'( I’m so sad and upset! I am 16 years old, located outside the US, and have no money at all to pay for my social network!
    I’ve created my social network because Ning offered me to create a social network FOR FREE with no warnings at all..
    And now there is no free… there is nothing but the “Ning Mini” which costs little.. and gives little! common.. no events? no groups!? this is tragedy..!
    I thought Ning would become a huge success, but it seems like its going downhill if this are your new plans.
    I feel scammed and if this will become reality.. I will stop using the Ning website because of… yes.. lack of money! :'(
    I don’t want to say goodbye to my members on my social site, and I really do not want to delete any of the groups/events they made if I would scratch together those 2.95$ per month.
    And what!? no customization options for the Ning Mini!?
    ..If you want to delete Ning Free… let Ning Mini be the one that will take over the “Ning Free” and let all the features that Ning Free gave.. let Ning Mini give it to us users!
    This is terrible.. :'( I’m really sad and confused, dunno what to do.

  53. Rita

    I live in Brazil and have a ning network. How will I pay for a ning mini, for exemple?

  54. sao lai the

    for the Ning Plus You should reduce the price from $ 19.95 per month go down to $ 8.95 per month for cheaper and more member to join, at this time you see the economic is going down alot of people has been get laid of and lose their job, how can they have a money to pay $ 19.95 per month, so go down to $ 8.95 per month please thank you, $ 19.95 for Ning Plus too Expensive for us to sign up and using my own domain to run your ning network. keep the price down to $ 8.95 please thank you have a great day

  55. Inge

    Can the export possibility be launched before july please. It’s in the middle of the summer holidays and a lot of people are on a vacation and don’t have the possibility to export the content in that period. It would be nice that we have the possibility to export our data already now. Otherwise we still have to put content on the ning website for a month knowing that we have to change everything later.
    Ning is also used for eTwinning, the european projects. Ning mini for education doesn’t offer the features anymore that most of the project members use, and we don’t have the finances to take a paid account because eTwinning is a European project without funds for teachers. A lot of eTwinning members want to apply their project website for the eTwinning competition. We have to apply the project site before the 31st of mai, but we only have the results in octobre. We have to give the right project website or we aren’t able to participate anymore. For us it is very important to export our content now, at this moment, before the 31st of mai.

  56. Liliana

    A quien corresponda: En vista del anuncio de arancelar Nig, disiento con él. La gran mayoría de los blogs que utilizan el sistema Nig son educativos, además de recreativos. Cumplen una tarea social importante y realizan una importante contribución a la sana comunicación entre personas. Y sin fines de lucro.
    En los tiempos que corren, donde la enajenación es una epidemia, los blogs de intercambios temáticos son una verdadera ancla en la cordura y la humanización, permitiendo formar comunidades con intereses afines, simpatías y hasta amistades.
    Por lo tanto, considero que pagar por el servicio, hasta ahora gratuito, sería condenar a destrucción el trabajo de mucho tiempo y de muchas personas, anular los beneficios sociales alcanzados y condenar a muchas personas al aislamiento.

  57. Mike

    For those who feel cheated by using a free service, it’s called business. This new business model is VERY smart actually, it will lower the cost for the people who currently pay for everything and for those who just used the free service, they are phasing you out. They were not getting your money anyway so this will cut their overall bandwidth costs to ning.

    It makes perfect sense, why keep it free when they get nothing out of it anyway? All you moochers don’t like it, go elsewhere because Ning was getting nothing from you in the first place, why would they care? It’s called business, you don’t like it, create your own and give it away free.

    Props to the new owners making it happen. Also the price points are VERY fair. I only wish the mini allowed for 250 members instead of 150, other than that, it’s good stuff. This will lower costs to about 80% of the people who ACTUALLY pay, and at the same time will entice people who are on the fence to bite the bullet and pay $20.

  58. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Barry,

    You can’t actually register for Ning Plus right now. You can either set up your Ning Network and run it without any premium services (i.e., for free) or you can purchase your premium services of choice and then adopt the Ning Plus plan when it’s available in July. We aren’t planning on doing any refunds for services purchased before the new plans are launched.


  59. Barry Witkin

    I presently have a Ning Network and will be using it for our members after my website which is under development is launched in June .However when you indicated that you were setting up a new playment plan you indicated the following on your FAQ:

    Q. I was planning on starting a Ning Network now. Should I wait until July?

    A Now is a great time to get started and test out the features and premium services on your new Ning Network. Think of it as a longer trial period to choose the best paid plan for you.

    I assumed that if I registerd now for your NingPlus based on your answer above I would ” get a longer trial period to choose from. If this is correct I assumed I would not need to pay the $19.95 to set Ning Plus now. However it seems this isn`t the case because I have to set up your present Ning payment program and then switch later . Is this correct and if so should I get a refund for what I have to pay now if I pay more than the $19.95 Thanks

    BW -Toronto

  60. Andrea

    OK! I am very unhappy about this. I have a few ning net works and I’m willing to let my small ones go. But I have one I really don’t want to let go. We have close to 400 members. So mini wont work for us I can’t remove and hand pick what members to keep and what ones to kick that’s not fair and or right to even ask us to do. As for Pro. 20$ a month may not sound bad to you but I’m on SSDI and my money is tight as it is. why cant you give us mini with unlimited members and a chat room. Its not like its going to kill anyone. I mean we can use places like blogster and what not to things updated and post it on our profiles. But the chat room is a big thing for us. So please rethink things. A lot of us want to stay like me and my members are all stressed over this. This has been our home for almost two years. Shouldn’t some of the long time sites be grandfathered in?


  61. Vicki

    I have been using the site to announce scholarships and events to my students and parents. I would be greatly disapointed to have to find another “free” site to use. When will we know as to educators being able to contine to use this site? How will you know it’s a school using the site?

  62. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Krystie,

    Advanced member search and profile question customization are included in the Ning Plus and Ning Pro plans.

    We’ll have more info about the different support options before our July launch.


  63. Krystie

    Also, does the Ning plus plan include Advanced Search or members and customising of profile questions for members?

  64. Krystie

    In the pricing plans, Ning pro includes storage of “20 GB + upgrade”. Does this mean if we have over 20GB we need to pay extra? Could you please explain the upgrade feature?

    Also, what are the benefits of receiving premium support over Help centre support? Is there a guaranteed resolution time for issues?

  65. Bill Oldread

    I have been effectively shut out of the four Ning sites that I started. My organization, East Asia Regional Council of Schools has 116 member schools in East Asia. We have a site for counselors, art teachers, admissions officers, and science teachers to communicate with each other. I was under the impression that we would have until July to decide on continuing usage. I was not even asked if we wanted to pay for the service. What is going on?

  66. Cinthia

    You would have had me at the mini plan if you would have included events in it. That is a vital part of my current ning site for the Girl Scouts Troop I am a leader for. The jump from the mini plan to the next is way too big to justify the expense to my parents. Goodbye, Ning – it was nice while it lasted!

  67. Gabriela

    No estoy de acuerdo con la noticia de q este espacio dejara de ser gratuito, ya que como muchas de las personas q estamos aca ayudamos a q siga vigente y mas gente lo conozca sin haber utilizado este medio como lucro alguno.- sin mas atte: Gabriela de Bahia Blanca.-

  68. eugenia

    Es una lastima que quieran arancelar el servicio después de tanto trabajo realizado por los administradores de las redes! teniendo en cuenta que la mayoria de las paginas son sin fines de lucro.
    y que tampoco tengan en cuanta tarifas para países de Latinoamérica en donde manejamos otros costos, especialmente en argentina!

  69. Esther

    Me dirijo a DUEÑOS y REPRESENTANTES de esta red NING.
    Mi comentario acerca de que la red NING sea paga,me parece que no es justo!!!
    Se aprende bastante y es el medio mas facil, para estar comunicados, pero como he leido que es una decision tomada, aunque… NO ESTOY PARA NADA DE ACUERDO
    Lo unico que me queda por decir, que es una… INJUSTICIA!!!!
    Habrá muchas personas que se quedarán sin su página,
    y tambien muchas personas sin aprender!!!!!

  70. SUSANA

    Con mucha pena nos enteramos del cobro en esta red.
    Somo un número de amigas de todo el mundo que nos une algo en común: nos encanta tejer al CROCHET e intercambiar ideas y moldes entre todas.
    POR FAVOR. Pueden reveer la idea o qué podemos hacer para no perde el grupo?
    Gracias por responder.-

  71. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Michelle,

    The free educational services will be provided to primary and secondary schools, so higher education isn’t covered under the agreement.

    To answer your second question — Ning Pro will allow embedding of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc, but doesn’t allow direct uploads.

    Hope that helps!

  72. Michelle Tarby

    As a higher ed institution, we’ve been trying in total futility to discover if higher education is covered under this agreement to continue to provide free service to educational institutions. Can anyone help us out?

    We’re also wondering if the Ning Pro will allow embedding of videos from YouTube. The way we’re reading the difference between Plus and Pro, is that Pro will allow uploading of video and branding. Is that correct?

  73. Bharat Desai

    Dear Sirs,

    I opened a NING Website today thinking that it is a ‘FREE’ site, but after opening my website – “Family Security – Life saver” today I understand it will ‘NOT’ be free July,2010 onwards? Is it true? Than I regret as I am a Retired Social Worker who opened this NING website to educate the Young Middle-class of our India the benefits of ‘Well planned Financial Plans’ at an early age around 32 years of age, to secure the Whole family from Sudden Tragic Events, and full Financial Benifits if you live Long. Also asI am in Indian there are restrictions from the Central Government to make payments in Foreign currency abroad. So Kindly “CANCELL” my webset after June 31st 2010 , as I cannot make USDoller payments to anyone abroad, OK?

  74. viviana

    Me dirijo a DUEÑOS y REPRESENTANTES de esta red, para dejar mi comentario acerca de que la red NING sea paga,me parece que no es justo,ya que se aprende bastante y es el medio un poco mas facil,para estar comunicados,pero bueno, como he leido que es una decision tomada, aunque no estoy para nada de acuerdo,lo unico que me queda por decir,que es una injusticia!!!! ya que habra muchas personas que se quedaran sin su pagina,y tambien muchas personas sin aprender!!!!! Gracias !

  75. yogi

    A bit more information please.

    You say you will give the “port off ” option.

    can we get a bit more info so I can set up the new home to PORT to.

    I have sites that have global members and none of them are rich and I do not have a rich benefactor to pay for the amount of members I have to price ratio.

    I feel greed has taken over, after all a small national community like mine is probably one of the 25% that is currently free…. Unfortunately I have over 500 members but only 25 of them actually post.

    I feel moderately blackmailed into a PLAN… So please inform us ASAP as to what platforms you will be able to PORT to.

    after all it is only a month and your not offering us a solution to my new problem of moving my site and informing my members…

    I am not cheap. I just have a large membership and small usage and blue collar membership.. so I fall into an expensive plan.

    Thank you for a great platform for the last year. I will be leaving when I get PORT info.

  76. Le serviteur de Dieu


    First of all, thanks to NING Network as provide free social network for many community.

    Sadly, I very disappointed with this announcement when Ning want to move from provide free social network to paid social network. I’m a network creator from Malaysia and have been using Ning for long period of time…. and I promote this site to my lecturer…. to my friends…… as they can make their own site for non-profit function here…….

    There might be people who like with this change but for me, a Malaysian student….. I cannot afford it….

    I didn’t work at all…. and my community is non-profit community….. so where can I get the money for it….. If I take Ning Mini…. It cost $2.95/month…… if exchange to MYR…. it cost MYR 9.67/month…..

    so, for a year…. I need to pay…..MYR 116.04……. this is for Ning network with lack of function….

    I create 1 social network…. and cooperate with my friends to make many other community….. So, it been lot of money I need to pay….. how can i pay??
    Maybe I will try to find onother site or maybe join facebook or just do nothing….

    Sorry to say…. I regret helping to rising up and promote this network…. i think u great but actually u greed….



    Es una pena la decisión que han tomado. Somos nada mas “ni nada menos”, que un grupo de amigas de varias partes del mundo, que compartimos la pasión por el tejido y nos reunimos todos los días a intercambiar lo que sabemos sin fines de lucro, solo por el hecho de “compartir sin competir”.
    Sería bueno que revean esto, porque lamentablemente hay muchisimas personas que no pueden pagar por pertenecer a una red, aunque ustedes consideren que el monto no es alto. Sabemos muy bien que es “un negocio”, que nadie regala nada gratuitamente, y mucho menos en los tiempos que se viven.
    Bueno me despido de ustedes, no se si será para siempre o solamente por un tiempo.
    Mientras pertenecí a la red, fue un placer. Así que veremos que puede hacer este humilde grupo de amigas; aunque seguramente ustedes si podrían hacer algo por nosotras, verdad?
    Hasta pronto.

  78. Matt


    Thank you for working to keep NING (mini) free for educators. Is there any chance of a discount for teachers who choose to upgrade to NING Plus? $200/year is far more than the $39/year charged by edublogs and eBoard. I think if you offered NIng Plus to teachers for $50/year, you would get MUCH more overall business.

    I run separate Nings for the two distinctly different courses I teach, and I would pay $50 each, but $400/year (total) is beyond prohibitive.

    Thank you,


  79. ariel maduro

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal,
    Hi, my name is Ariel Maduro and I am a student from LaGuardia community college. NING is a helpful website that really helped me a lot. It easy to use and, perfect for people who are lazy likes me, because students don’t have to write in a notebook. Am using NING in my English Writing Class, and trust me we enjoy it a lot in class. My professor understands better our writing and she just have to put her comment on what we write. Also, you can add friends and ask them any homework if you miss class.
    But now I can’t believe that you want to charge for it. How you can see, economic is very low today and students like me have to pay for semester, book and, metro card. Also, some students have to pay rent or support their family.
    I think that you should give NING account for free all the time because people make a website grow up. If nobody uses the website (NING) I don’t think so that you will be famous or just get extra money. However, maybe some students will pay for it but, I think that if there are just 2 o 3 students buying it then my professor will cancel this form of communication to us and will use another free account like blackboard.
    I hope you don’t charge fees for this website.
    Sincerely Ariel Maduro

  80. Judy EWhite

    I started this site for our class members to stay in touch with each other. How do we pay for our membership?

  81. Allison

    I will be canceling my membership the monthly prices are not good at all… disappointed

  82. Claes-Olav Bohman

    I hope that the mini will work as it does today eighter I want an explanation. Especially it´s interesting to know about the payment.

  83. Claes-Olav Bohman

    I´m inteested to know how this will work and how the payment will be done. We are interested of a mini as we dont exceed 150 persons

  84. Maria Teresa Carrieri

    I’m an Italian primary school teacher and find that Ning is a great tool in intercultural education. Students from several foreign countries can meet, share their experiences learn from each other. It’s’for this reason that I created on Ning two community of teachers and students. The news “Also We’ve heard from many who use Ning Network Creators in the classroom as an Integral Part of Their curriculum. Particularly I am excited to announce” That a major education company will be sponsoring Mini Ning Networks for educators in primary and secondary education . Ning Will Remain free for K-12 Educators and Their Students.’ll Have details on this program soon! ” make me extremely happy, because I consider it as a relationship of aid for schools and education. Especially avoid many educators who currently are using Ning and are without of economic support lose their jobs.Thank you!

  85. Blaze homeschool

    I thank the NING for giving BLAZE an opportunity to use their technology, but unfortunately our group is not capable of carrying additional expenses for our students. We are not located in a dollar earning country that’s why a few dollar means a fortune for us already. It’s sad.

  86. Juan Carlos arias

    Completamente de acuerdo con Dawn Jacobs.

    Una verdadera pena que los educadores, sin ningún ánimo de lucro debamos prescindir de una herramienta de comunicación y trabajo colaborativo como és ning.

    Más bien es nuestro alumnado el que se va a perjudicar, claro está hasta que encontremos otro compañia que con más visión de futuro (pierden fidelización, publicidad etc) ofrezca lo que en éstos momentos teniamos con Ning.

    Ustedes sabrán.

  87. Unnikrishnan

    Dear Sir,
    Nothing should be free. If it is free this site will not be used properly. You have charged a nominal fee for Mini version. This is quite OK. Please let us know how do we go about this. We would like to have the Mini version which is $ 20 per year. Please let us know the procedure for the payment. We will make arrangement to pay this fee from USA by one of our member.
    With warm regards,

  88. Frank May

    Seems a littel steep. However, from a SEO point of view Ning is now a PR 8 which packs allot of punch. It should also be noted that Ning has switched from a dofollow to a nofollow. Which means Google “juice” cannot be passed along anymore. The good news is that it is possible for Ning to have a PR 8 or even PR9 now. So you won’t be able to strengthen your website with Google “juice,” but your Ning Blog will skyrocket in the SERPs.

  89. Leela

    I’ll add my voice to those of others disappointed by the tier feature sets and pricing. Mini is too limited to be useful even at the low price, and $20 a month is too much to pay for Plus to get less than what we’ve been using for years. I’d pay around $10 a month to keep what I’ve got, but honestly can’t afford or even justify $20 a month for a small movie discussion group that’s just for fun anyway. Too bad all around.

  90. María Eugenia Aguirre Quijano.

    Es necesario mas información en español, y que me indiquen como empezar mis tramites de pago, conseguí un patrocinador me pueden decir si el puede hacer el pago sin ser administrador y los pasos a aseguir para aprovechar el descuento.

  91. Dev singh jhedi magar

    Dear ning…
    i have been serching long time to detail of pay for your new pricing plan. but i didn’t get full of detail about it. please provide me what kind of procesure i need to aply for it to get your one of new pricing plan . it is good for me if i can get it as soon as possible.
    i am waiting your positive reply.
    thank you.
    De magar

  92. Michelle

    BTW-Ning I would like a feature to delete members vs. ban them only. LOVE NING CREATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m happy to pay them! Ning deserves to be paid for all they have given already!!!!!

  93. Michelle

    I think this is wonderful. Ning creators deserve to get paid for all they have already offered to us for free!!!! I will be signing up for Ning Pro I have 133 members, I’m sure to lose a few bad apples because I will be charging membership fees. Most of my members are committed and have stated they will pay for club!

    I do have a request to add more colorful and vibrant templates to choose from.

    Thanks ning creators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Michelle Lebron

  94. joe


  95. joe



  96. joe

    This is crap so everyone that had there free ning network for a year or so and build it up to being a community is going to lose all there work including there time ?

    I mean i spent a couple months just making it look nice and you guys just take that away how bout paying us for helping make your ning network what it is today because it it wasn’t for your free members you not be able to make a profit in the first place.

    This is a perfect example of how greed takes something that good for all and turns it in to crap and the worst part you would not be as BIG if it wasn’t for your free sites that you offer and the people making the free networks what a bait and catch.





  97. Amy Wenzel

    I am really disappointed in the ning payment plans. I am a college student living on a very low income but can afford the lowest price ning. However, the little ning as I call it, does not have most of the features I enjoy and want on my page! I wish ning had a plan with a cost in between the “little ning” and the “middle ning”. I just started my own ning pare a few weeks ago, right before the plans were laid out. I am a member of SGP on ning, so thought that a website on ning would be perfect for me, and it was until now. I have canceled most of the 176 invites I have sent to join me, because I cannot afford ning’s new plans, more specifically the mid-level plan which I would need. I know that companies have to make money, I guess I just wish we all could design custom plans that would have just the tools we need, and be billed based on that. I am Disappointed that I started a ning network when I did. I also think they should let the people who joined ning prior to the start of them charging a fee, should remain free with the same setup, tools, and so on while new customers and customers who purchase extras being the only ones charged. I’m Upset and feel I’ve wasted hours, days, and weeks of time.

  98. Jim Allen, III

    Will there be special pricing for multi-network owners? Is the only question I have about this move and change. I am looking forward to your reply. I have two networks and was hoping a 2 for 1 special or something along those lines.



  99. J.Pedro Henriques

    I’m a NC.
    We don’t mind paying the 20 USD plan. But only with video uploads


  100. Lucinda Makita

    Take a look around…. only a bare minimum of your customers are ok with this.
    And they’re right and this si an old dealer’s technique. Free at first then you have to pay more and more.

    I’m one person who’ll just stop using ning. I am utterly dissapionted.

  101. Brandi N.

    Wha?????????? I’m 13!!!!!!!!! My life revolves aroud my site, I can only pay the mini but really who uses? fourums????? Everyone who was on my site never looked at them. THe only thing we really cared about were groups. It’s not like I have enough money to pay for anything other than the mini and members of my site willl be pretty bummed by not having groups…. I’m sad because I’m broke.

  102. Garrett

    Just got started and haven’t really gotten my site going yet. I understand the need to make a profit. We all gotta eat. But my site is not a place to make $$ its a place where I plan to do a little teaching for like minded people. I currently pay to use my own domain. It runs me $5 a month, but now it will cost me 4x that just to keep my domain name here. Seriously?

    Also, under the plus plan you have some confusing wording regarding uploading video. Will we have this functionality or not? There isn’t a green checkmark, so I don’t really know what I am getting and there isn’t a phone number I can call and ask these questions. If anyone has any clue please let me know.

    I am seeing a lot of requests for something between mini and plus. Can I suggest an “in-between” program that is basically mini with the ability to use domain and upload video??? This would rock! I would be willing to continue paying $5 (or even $6) a month for something like that and you would make a bit more than mini. Think about it. Better than losing business all together, right?

    Lastly, maybe you could increase the number of member on the “in-between” program a bit and offer this to the teachers – for free or charge them a small admin fee.

    One more option to fill the gap would keep a lot more people here.

  103. Syed Ahmad

    I have three ning accounts, I am planning to switch, I can’t afford at all. This is very expensive.

    I think ning should continue unlimited members with their own link and ads with as few $$ fees , for example $5/month.

    Syed Ahmad

  104. David Moon

    Overall, I cannot say I’m pleased and I had a bad feeling this was coming. But like NING decisions in the past, they once again spin their model on a dime leaving little time for their customers to adapt. Competitor’s are already calling it the demise of NING – hopefully this last grab will put this company in a profit-making position.

  105. SharlaMay

    I get people’s frustration but frankly I don’t know how else people expect Ning to function as a profitable BUSINESS if they don’t charge. They are not a charity and making money from advertisers is harder and harder these days. This is the error of so many – newspapers are a great example – give away the house for free and then good luck trying to make any money later!

    Sorry if this has been stated already but I noticed Ning says they will introduce “The ability to charge for membership and accept donations”. Surely, if a group is valuable enough to you, you would be willing to pay a small sum – $1 or $5 a year – to stay in the group? Those groups with hundreds of members could easily pay their Ning bill. Just make sure you are providing useful content to your members!

  106. Jackie Delong

    I am deeply disturbed at this move to profit-making. I understood this to be a service to educators. Since I am en educator of elementary and secondary teachers, I would have to pay for a service that I provide for free. Too bad that business profit is more important than supporting learning. Jackie

  107. Verónica

    Este sitio le pertenece a una escuela rural de Argentina, nos interesa el plan mini. Queríamos saber las formas de pago.

  108. Merle Hall

    I am not disappointed. I figured this was coming soon. It will still be cheaper and more efficient to use Ning than to install and support a server with moodle or some other platform. I am looking at this as an opportunity to improve not a reason to shut down.

  109. Tim

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for keeping Ning free for K-12 education. But please don’t strip it down to bare bones. I love the status quo! My students are really getting an enriched educational experience because of it.

  110. Merle Hall

    Under the new structure will it be allowable to have local businesses sponsor our site in return for having the students make advertisments and placing them on our site?

  111. Merle Hall

    With the new paid sites will we be able to delete older files that had been uploaded and delete members, not just ban them?

  112. Jeff

    Jason, we use Ning at our museum for educational programs with K-12 teachers. Will we be able to continue to use Ning free as part of your educational program?

  113. antonio tassinari

    Asi no se hace!!!!!!
    nosotros administradores trabajamos mucho para crear nuestro social network y ahora tenemos que pagar?!!!!! Esto es un chantaje Gente!!!!
    Espero de verdad que todos los administradores ning del mundo no acepten y se borren!!!!!

  114. Fabian

    no me parece adecuado a quienes YA estamos usando el servicio que nos lo hagan pagar, revean esta situación. Gracias.

  115. J Tendolph

    One last comment. If I am allowed to do this, I would make two of the three into groups. Again, can I do this?

  116. J Tendolph

    I operate three different networks. Can I merge all three into one site and begin paying for the NING PRO?

  117. CS

    I totally agree with Dawn Jacobs. I think this whole Ning plan is ridiculous! I mean I LOVE Ning by the way it’s like Twitter and Facebook COMBINED but I’m VERY upset that your charging people. I mean, Ning was WAY better when people didn’t have to pay. So please rethink because I deleted MY Ning Newtwork and transfered to, because THEY offer FREE Website Building, and I like that. So please rethink!


  118. nbuccalo

    Very disappointed, and the more I read it only gets worst. Okay even with the basic plan I know I’ll have to dump half of the ning sites I’ve started, but reading more and now understanding that the basic plan doesn’t even support some of the basic features you had offered… wow… and neither does ning plus which doesn’t support video and music. I’ve put a lot of work into these sites and have been spreading the word about them to my colleagues as a viable option for their communities. Now I get it… $200 a year for sites that really aren’t that active to begin with and me investing huge amounts of time to get them running and interesting. What a waste of time and effort.

    At least I have a couple of months to tell members I’m shutting all the sites down so grab images, music, videos, etc. that have been posted and ‘see ya on FB’.

  119. Maria Blender

    I was very happy when I discovered NING one year ago. I am using NING in four different networks (2 very small non-profi organizations, 1 house comunity, 1 private).
    But now I am changing my mind:

    – First appear these vulgar and un-serious advertisements. (Google-ads are ok. They do not dominate like these fraud and cheating sites we have to bear now)
    – And ithere in no more free use from July on. I live in Chile and cannot pay these prices.

    I will have to close some of my networks. And I am not sure whether I will support cheating advertisements while paying for the service.


  120. Flávia

    Hello. I´m brazilian and speak a little english. I want know how to make to make the payment?
    Only card? Others opcions, please.
    I wait return.

    Thank You

  121. Andrew



    You are planning to charge people now for creating the audience that you sell to your advertisers???

    Everyone KNOWS there is no such thing as a free lunch but you have ignored the contribution creators are already making to NING if the time was costed out on an hourly rate that we spend producing and maintaining the audience we’ve brought to NING through creating a the purely social network…. giving NING a lucrative sale-able commodity and not only are you taking off us what we invested our time to create – you’re now going to CHARGE US for the privilege of supplying you with your sale-able statistics???


    I’m asking that the little creators in this NING universe be recognised as for value they are already adding to NING and be spared the insult of being financially penalised for having made that contribution.

    What NING is proposing with this cost regime is looking more and more like a heartless and serious cash grab with little consideration for how disappointed you may cause your unpaid console operators out here in consumer land on the internet to feel.

    My modest NINGsite will be terminated when NING joins the DARK SIDE unless a no cost alternative is offered by NING because I value my time and I’m not going to devalue myself by paying any fees.


  122. Snoots

    We were kind of expecting $9.95 a month… and even that would have been too much for our purposes. But $19.95 a month… $240 a year?

    Seriously, you gotta be kidding. What you guys at corporate smoking anyway? The new CEO put some funny water in your fridge?

  123. Placy

    Én örülök a váltásnak. 🙂
    Sokkal több funkciotkat kapok és szebbé jobbá tudom tenni az oldalamat.
    Biztos hogy benevezek a Plus szolgáltatásra:)
    Azt is hozzá teszem hogy a sok hozzászólással nem érték egyet.
    Manapság semmi sincs ingyen.
    Ti használjátok a Ning-es oldalakat ingyen és elvárjátok hogy zökkenő mentesen mInden müködjön.???
    Valamit valamiért. Ti sem dolgoztok ingyen. Gondoljatok bele ha forditott eset lenne. Sok ember minden nap azon dolgozzon hogy Te ingyen használhasd az oldalt vagy pénz keres rajtuk.
    Te ingyen kihasználd õket???
    Nem korrekt dolog ez nem FAIR.
    Tehát várom az átállást 🙂

  124. rosa mabel rivero

    habrá posibilidad de anunciar en español? quisiera hablar con alguien sobre lo que anuncian sobre el pago de tener o mantener la red que hicieron “gratis” y que a partir de julio ya no lo será?

  125. elias m.jr

    @craig have you forgotten that not everyone works especially in bad times you make it seem as if is suffering which isn’t true with ad revenues and creators that had already paid. since this new ceo came along he has totally destroyed what was once a great site. Need i remind you not everyone lives in the u.s.a. and mostly people that can’t afford it is because the prices vary through countries.
    So that’s why people are saddened and disappointed and maybe if you came to realize this, you will then say “hmmm” you are right so the decisions being made and the no notices(emails) to all members especially those of us that have been here since the beginning are saddened disappointed angry and have lost faith in this product or company or whatever you may call it.
    Honestly most of us look at ning as a company that simply doesn’t care about the public anymore. ranking like may a month ago were around 24 now ning has gone way down in the rankings of 126 or below so who has killed the site not the public but ning itself and it will keep going down further and further and further till ning is forced to shut down. I wish that ning those that run this site and the co-founder will realize they have screwed themselves and for the many that have been here building site and member that are being told they need to now pay wen ning was orginally free, that’s like saying come to my shopping Center free to get in, “oh but wait we have not decided you must pay to come to our shopping center and access to the restrooms and eating food is now being charged oh wait we shall charge you more for the utensils etc.”
    Seriously thinks !!!!GREED IS SOMETHING THAT HURTS!!

    The word ning mean peaceful and sadly it has lost it’s meaning.
    and karma will take over do bad to other and other will do bad to you.

  126. Ashtoreth

    This is great news! What i want to know is, when will this plan be effective? When can we opt for the said upgrades?

    I must say that although the initial announcement was not made very tactfully, the actual plans that have been rolled out are fair and well thought-out.

    I started the procedure of moving out of ning and if ning had made a better, more systematic announcement earlier, it would have saved me (and I’m sure a lot of other Network Creators) a lot of trouble.

    Still, I’m content with these plans and I am waiting for when they can be effective on the website.

  127. Docentes en red

    Hello, I have one question that is not at FAQ. Since July, Do I have to pay my actual service + the new one? or Do I have to pay only the new service? Thanks.

  128. Colleen

    Why did you take Events and Groups away from the mini option? Those are not Advanced features!!!

    Without those we might as well use facebook groups, or yahoo groups or any of a slew of FREE sites. We chose Ning because of those features and now you drop a pricing plan on us that excludes them, with little to no warning!

    Was your ad revenue so poor that you have to abuse your small groups? I’d be happy to pay the mini fee if it included basic functionality that was just a bit more than what I can get for free!

    From a marketing perspective, you have really trashed your brand by abusing your, up until now, very loyal customer base. Surely you must have known that this “plan” is one focused on your greed and NOT the need of your customers.

    If you allowed profanity in the posts I’d be using it on you right now. How can that response from a customer who belongs to 5 different Ning sites be good for you???? What marketing ‘genius’ thought this would be a good idea????

    I will be backing out of Ning when I can. What a loss. You were on to something really great, but blew it.

  129. Online Typing Jobs

    I think only 150 members for the Ning Mini plan is not enough. Minimum 500 members should be allowed under this package.

    I still expect a free version of Ning which may be more restricted. I can’t support that millions of forums will be lost fore ever.

    Ning earns money from the ads displayed on free networks. So why those free forms need to be wiped out completely? I am frustrated with this decision.

  130. Gabriel

    Ning staff, I have the following big doubt: How can I know how much storage / bandwith I am using today? (in order to have an idea if Plus or even Pro plan fits to my current 6200 members network), and which is the impact ($) in case of growing at this speed.

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

  131. Scobee

    First of all, I’d like to thank Ning for the opportunity given that enables me to create 2 non-profit organisation websites. So far, all the members are enjoying what’s in the site. Now that come July, all service on Ning will be payed, I myself (from Fiji) will be paying 4 times the said amount. Meaning, if i go for the mini package, I’ll be paying double the said amount for one site and double the amount for the second site. For a mini package, its ok but the problem is the limitation and some of the features being removed. If only Ning is kind enough that whatever benefits that we currently have now be the same in the mini package, that would be greatful. Thanks

  132. surapot

    I like ning and use ning to create my student social network since July 2008.
    For the past 2 years at ning make us very happy to improve our relationship knowledge and many things.

    We start from nobody know what is ning and today we found that ning is very good and every one love

    But now for this plan, I prefered Ning Pro but because we are non profit organization so if I have to pay that is only my responsibility and $49.95/month or $499.95/year is too much for me or my school.

    I have ability to pay not more than 150 US$/year.And some features for Ning Pro is not essential to me.

    In July 2010 we may have to say good bye. Before it come I wouuld like to say thank you to your team for everything we received from ning for the past 2 years. That’s very kind of you all.

    THANK YOU and Good Luck.


  133. Pedro Ferreira

    This is the basic Stupid move.

    The mini plan is just like a free bad service.

    Do you know your competition or the offer from other services?
    I have about 3 now profit ning. And I’m removing them all, and stop any one that i know in creating a new one.
    One more thing i can’t trust a company that remove products like this. So if people pay, what guaranties do they have that you will not ask absurd money for the sites that they build.
    Ps: legally you will probably have allot of problems.


  134. gabriela bergallo

    Dear sirs,
    I received your “news” with great disappointment. I am part of MusicosargentinoseneImundo. I know the difficulties to survive in our capitalistic world, but I find not fair to change conditions in such a way… I hope you can make exceptions for groups like musicosargentinosenelmundo, which are not money orientated but trying to spread culture for all the people.

    With best regards,
    Gabriela Bergallo

  135. Mzantsi

    At first I thought the mini-ning could be appropriate for my network. But then when I look at the features, it hardly seems worth it. No events? No groups?

    I think ning is in danger of losing its entry level clients.


  136. Daniel P Goetz

    We Feel the price is reasonable we were about to make the changes described at the ning plus level anyway.
    This way we actually save money.
    Think Big
    Daniel P Goetz
    Expert Author

  137. Tharindu

    This is not going to work Ning, you are asking us to find a new competitor to you, First you introduced free features and then forcing us to pay for that. You didn’t even give us chance to make money than placing absence. This will not professional.

  138. Cleuza

    Como escrevo em português, não sei se o meu comentário será publicado. O Ning é realmente uma maravilha e tem ajudado muita gente. Mas pegou a todos desprevenidos e alguns de nós não tem como pagar. Acredito que seja por isso os desabafos. Não queremos perder o direito de usá-lo.
    Meu grupo é pequeno porque se resume ao grupo de trabalho universitário. O site nos permite discutir através do fórum e chat, as nossas idéias, antes de concluir e enviar nossos trabalhos, Para nós também é muito importante podermos acrescentar páginas; postar a conclusão dos nossos trabalhos no blog, discutir através do chat a distribuição do trabalho, enfim, aproveitarmos de maneira produtiva todos os recursos disponíveis. Nos permite postar nossos arquivos vídeos, e materiais de estudo. Muito bom, mas neste momento, o dinheiro está muito curto.
    Por isso tenho uma sugestão: Não quero ensiná-los a gerenciar seus negócios. Sei também que os senhores não nos devem nada. Mas só para nos socorrer, por gentileza ou cortesia…
    Os Srs. poderiam deixar que aqueles que já usufruem do site grátis, que tenham 50 membros ou menos, continuem usufruindo de graça. Quando o site tiver mais de 50 membros, ou a quantidade de membros que os Srs. definirem, o criador da rede, começa a pagar. Isto só para os que já estão na Ning. Sem direito de construir nem mais um site de graça. Creio que assim, seria pequeno o número de não pagantes.
    Pensem em professores com uma sala de aula com 40 alunos. Sei que os senhores já têm uma solução para este problema, mas que atenderão apenas professores de escolas reconhecidas; mas várias igreja têm cursos internos cujos professores têm usado os recursos do Ning para melhorar suas aulas e estimular pesquisas e discussões por parte dos alunos. É muito bom poder estimular o uso do computador e da internet para crescimento pessoal, espiritual e profissional.
    Depois, pode-se pensar em uma forma de incluir devagar estes não pagantes ao rol dos pagantes. Por exemplo, ir diminuindo, por ano, o número de membros permitidos nos sites grátis.
    Por favor, pelo menos pensem na minha proposta, a sua generosidade não os fará mais pobres, mas com certeza nos enriquecerá muito.

  139. Gabrielle

    I do not blame Ning for having to charge, as I cannot even begin to imagine the cost of running a social network site such as this. However, I think that they ARE being unfair and hurting their users by taking away a wealth of features. They want to make us believe that they are being kind and “fair” by offering a very affordable plan under “Ning mini”. However I feel that “Ning mini” should offer the SAME FEATURES that we have now for free, but it doesn’t. No events, no chat, no CSS. I have put A LOT of effort into customizing my community and now it will all be wiped out. We’re being expected to PAY MONEY in order to recieve LESS service. That isn’t right. If you want to remove some features like Ning Apps, okay. But you should still allow CSS and the ability to upload music and videos. I mean, good Lord, we can’t even upload a VIDEO and we have to PAY for that? That isn’t right. If Ning doesn’t rectify some of this by July I will be leaving, and I think that many other users may leave as well, which will result in less profit for the site all around. This is a real shame. I’ve worked so hard on what I have here. And what will become of the videos and music that have already been uploaded here? Are they just going to be wiped out if we can only afford Ning mini? This is just bull. Plain and simple.

  140. Lisa Schwartz

    sory for the all caps but I want to stand out.
    JULY IS THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER. NOT GOOD FOR THOSE IN ACADEMIA OR AT SCHOOLS TO GET AN ALERT AND MAKE A CHOICE. MANY MANY EDUCATORS AND PROFESSORS ARE AWAY GONE, NOT GETTING EMAIL IN JULY. And you are not even saying exactly what day……Would make a lot more sense for those who are using for Educational Use to have a bit more time!! Thanks!!
    I think you may lose many users who would go to a pay model but it will be too late by the time they return to cyberspace. I realize you want a tight time frame so people stay with you, but this may backfire a bit in some cases. Maybe not big cases, but still would be nice……Thanks for keeping us in the loop as much as possible!

  141. Krissy

    My members upload videos and will be disappointed that they can no longer do so. Can they still embed videos that are from youtube or something like that?

    Thank you,

  142. C Cassar

    Well i guess i’m off to LiveJournal o WordPress then. Always a great display of bussiness ethics by creating a service people rely on and then start to charge them for it. Great work guys, real class act.


    the new pricing is more expensive? so for those people who is student they don’t have a money to pay for it? i think you guy should to keep the old price, or better the way is if u make like $ 4.95 per month if we use our own domain right now? you should charg a year $ 59.40 for a year is more better than you charge every month is $ 4.95 i think you keep the old price, do not change to the new plan please thank you.

    if u change it everyone going to look another social network to sign up, why we have to pay for it? we have a lot of social network is free to join so we can move there.

    You have to think about it before make a decisions for new pricing thank you

  144. Charolette

    At first I was upset you are charging now….I still AM but found someplace BETTER than NING anyhow and can do more there with my background ect that NING now wants to CHARGE WAY EXTRA FOR….CSS…..I get scrolling background option, no right click so my graphics I personally made cant be “stolen” for other sites and all kinds of cool stuff…..FOR FREE !!! I am sort of glad you FORCED me to move by your financial greediness….although its a pain to move my stuff over….and I will likely lose members…..I have found a MUCH better site WITHOUT stripped options like you are doing to ANY of the packages I can afford on NING now…..

  145. Charolette

    Umm okay….the mini plan would work for me….but no video uploads which I have NOW….no CSS which I have NOW….ect…..I will be LEAVING NING….

    You basically stripped out every half way decent feature of your groups that most of us who already have networks are USING……so…..BYE BYE NING…..

    I figured you would do this….so I already am in the process of moving my groups. The price is right for the mini package but…..WITHOUT ANY OPTIONS that I am currently using….its just NOT worth it to me here…..YOU STRIPPED IT DOWN TOO MUCH….IT IS TOO “BASIC” to pay for. Especially since many of us are already USING backgrounds ect using CSS and all that….and all our videos downloads and stuff too….

    With multiple groups and all these changes to virtually NO OPTIONS… wont be worth me staying with NING…..I had hoped I could…..but it just wont work out…..

  146. Bill

    I think you need to charge new members and leave the old loyal members you have now just the same way it is now.
    Just sayin!

  147. Anthony

    Good deal, can’t complain. Just a pity existing networks who can’t afford to pay for a service that allows for hundreds of members (charities, educators) will move on. I’m pleased with the Ning mini, but Ning won’t be the axis point of altruistic venture it once was…

  148. Anii C-E

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal and NING,
    Hello. My name is Anii and I am a member of one of the largest NING websites, Tokio Hotel Official On NING (THO). At this moment, we have about 7,802 members, but the number is always growing. THO has devote members, always spreading the word about the greatness of THO and NING. THO has become a global site; I live right outside Washington, DC, but can chat with someone who lives in Poland or Austria. Our members are from all over the world. We have groups on the website for those who live in Latin America, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, the United States, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, the Philippines, Mongolia, Germany, France, the list goes on and on and on. I have been a member on THO for almost 2 years now, and have never seen such a vibrant free website hosting service.
    I am extremely angry at your new set of plans to force NING site creators pay for their websites. THO is extremely popular, but a majority of the members can’t pay for their use. Most are between the ages of 12-60, and some don’t even live in the United States. THO’s founder, Val, is only a teenager and shouldn’t be force to pay $200-500 for a site that is one of the reasons NING is becoming even more famous. Val is an amazing founder: whenever anyone on the site needs help or has questions, she does whatever she can to fix their problems. She is sweet, kind, and amazing person who created a website where the Tokio Hotel fan family can meet and chat with others from all over the world. The website will be sorely missed if it were to go away because of your plans.
    My fellow THO family and I beseech you to not force NING websites to pay. We really love this site. Also, I am not sure if you have ever meet any Tokio Hotel fans when they are angry, but it is not a pretty sight. We do not take kindly to things like this. I am sorry if I am coming off a bit harsh and unfriendly, but THO is an amazing website. I have meet so many wonderful people and learned so much about other parts of the world. I have been able to release my Tokio Hotel obsession with other mega-fans. To lose this website would be exceedingly horrible to all THO members.
    Again, I and my THO fan family ask you not to force Val to pay for the website. Please reconsider your plan.
    Thank you for reading this.

  149. Michelle

    I can’t believe the number of folks that feel like $2.95 or even $19.95 a month is out of reach? I mean come ON people – they are giving you ability to run ads – go find someone to sponsor your network (now, there’s a novel idea).

    I’ve been paying $55 for just ONE network, $24.95 for another and around $19 for another for years.

    No wonder the world is in trouble. This mentality of everything being free is creating a world of people who will NEVER be able to become self-sufficient.

    Do any of you folks have an entrepreneurial bone in your body?

  150. Thoyee

    Webster Definition of NING:

    A person or company or individual subject that is pestering you

  151. Zach

    Ning Mini has a reasonable price, but is crippled beyond usability. No chat? No events? No pages? No Ning apps? A fraction of the storage provided by gmail? wtf?

    It’s great to have free (sponsored) Ning Mini sites for education, but with Mini so crippled, what’s the point? A class using Ning reasonably expects to use such basic features as pages to hold course information/documents, chat for live class discussions, events to organize meetings and assignments, etc…

    Screw you too. Goodbye Ning!

  152. Craig

    Everyone is giving Ning a hard time because they have had to make some financial decisions (they didn’t want to do) in order to keep a company a float in this spiraling economy. It was either charge or bye bye Ning. I think the prices are reasonable. People that are complaining need to get creative and find a way to support the sites they a have created. For those that have been charged $24.95 a month for the past year and now the fee is much less, it’s not the end of the road. You had a vision to start something and let it grow as far as God would allow it to. Ask for them to give you a pro-rated credit for how ever many months you have been paying and then start paying when that credit runs out. Maybe they will meet you half way. A customer willing to stay and pay in a few months down the road is better than no customer at all that tells 10 friends that Ning cheated you and left you hanging. Be a little flexible and don’t lose focus of your ideas.

  153. Steve

    I suggest you reconsider eliminating the free basic service. I believe many, many people will become aware of Ning as a result of these free networks. I set one up for my small school’s parent community (which I don’t think would come under the “sponsorship” program your email mentioned). I know that many of our members had been completely unfamiliar with social networks, and that an individual could easily create their own, until they received an invitation to join ours. I will be moving on from this school, so won’t be willing to pay for the community to continue. I think the small cost to you to offer free basic service would be well justified by the free exposure and familiarity with Ning that it would provide.

  154. Joolz

    This is absolutely ridiculous! All the hard work that is put into creating a group and then BAMM… we are asked to dish out the cash. Looks like bye bye is absolutely correct. Shame on you Ning!

  155. gustavo raccioppi

    Quisiera saber si pudiesen mandarme esplicaciones como adquirir el servisio mini ning
    y forma de pago en castellano yo tengo
    una pagina en ning creada ase poqco y quisiera conserbarla
    desdeya muchas gracias
    espero sus respuestas

  156. Richard Hoedl

    I have several different Ning Sites currently running… most of them I would be willing to pay $20 a year to maintain if the Mini Ning had the Events Feature.

    Without the Events Feature I wouldn’t keep any of them.

    What’s the point of having a group of people that you can’t list events for?

    I have also been seeking a member site that has a paid member structure… but at the higher prices that you have set for your Pro Sites I would not consider them until I had the site already generating cash flow. Which if I figured out how to do on another site… why would I switch it to Ning at that point? Hmmm.

    I have really enjoyed my time here with Ning… and with a few changes I would consider staying… if not, then I too, will be gone.

  157. Janette Toral

    Please advise what will be the size and time length allowed for each video under the premium service.

  158. Nicole

    I don’t see why the hell you’d CHARGE the people who just want to use you’re site and chat with friends they’ve made over the time they’ve been part of YOU’RE free website. I feel seriously cheated and sad because of this a bunch of friends and I will now have to find a new social network where we and only we can chat. Besides I can’t even afford nor do I even want to pay to use you’re site. I SERIOUSLY hope you know there are people who love using this site but don’t have enough money to pay for the type of shit you’re trying to force on all you’re members. You’ve become greedy and you’re network was absolutely perfect the way it is now. If you’re smart at all you’ll keep the free networks up, or else you’re going to loose a LOT of members.

    Including me

  159. Aimee

    I’m suspicious about the Ning Mini option. To me it looks like Ning have made it available as part of a PR stunt and know full well that it is unworkable for the vast majority of non-profit orgs like ours.

  160. Arden townsend

    Below is what I see as the main differences between Plus and Pro

    Storage: 10 G
    Bandwidth: 100 GB
    Video: You will be able to see current downloaded videos
    API: NO
    Language: Filter not available
    Support: Help Center Support: Basic

    Storage: 20 G plus upgrades
    Bandwidth: 200 GB plus upgrades
    Video: You can download videos
    API: coming soon and you will be able to do this
    Language: coming soon filter will be available
    Support: Premium Help Center Support

    Now the question I have and I hope you can help me understand them. I have no idea what or how API would affect our site. how a language filter would affect our site, and then the differences between the different support elements. I do know exactly what the storage/bandwidth and video options mean- since I use that area all the time.

    Personally, I would want to know what the differences would mean to the other site I am involved in before we would decide whether we want to take a $10.00 price cut or pay $20.00 extra. We currently have been paying a $30.00 a month. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS IN SIMPLE TERMS SINCE I ADMIT I AM NOT A COMPUTER SAVVY PERSON

  161. Ruud Janssen

    This is not good news. The network I build on Ning was previously on other platforms and actually started in 1988 already. We are now 1000+ artists working together on non-profit basis and the three options you give are all costing money. The data we have online wouln’t even give us the possibilty of a Pro service since the photos are up to 12000 already. We have to see what we can do. Sponsors for such a site are hard to find, and for the artists it has become their international free platform to discuss topics on.

  162. Indrid Cold

    i found there is better social network than ning.. it has free and premium website.. im pretty sure, many people will moving to that site..

  163. tobeheard

    Being a professional in social media and marketing I am using your services to manage a community of high end individuals working in the luxury and fashion industry.The community counts more than 6000 members and has been created few years ago.
    After having advertised for Ning and attracted 6000 members for free you’re now forcing all ning creators up to pay you much more than what we have decided initially.
    We have now to choose between 2 price plans (the firts plan is ridiculous and not an option honestly).
    This is truly uncompatible with our needs and your offer is totally unfair.
    You should leave the choice to us Ning successful creators to decide whether to continue with the old price solution or to adopt one of your new plan.
    Your offer doesn’t have any marketing approach as you have not been considering your ning creators needs.We are not in position to generate any revenues with the Ning platform why should we pay you?
    How do you justify your prices?
    This is truly annoying and I would reconsider to move to another service!
    THAnk YOU NING!!

  164. Nightime

    I feel that the options are not fair at all ! the cheapest one is like a joke the rest are expensive ! my website doesnt generate enough money to Pay the minimum & im past 150 members but im sure ning make money off the google ads on every page of your site i fewel you guys should just toss more adds because the thought that you will start deleting members off a site so many of us have put our lives in is crazy ! i doubt i will be around if such a event happens & will make plans to go to wack wall or some place like that !


    We are administrators of the Net Portal Dos Anjos (Portal Of Angels).
    And we ask for aid/ SOS/ HELP of the NING.


    Ning PlusThe tools and features you need to build and grow a branded social network with high engagement – an incredible value at a great price
    $19.95/month or $199.95/year* (save 16%)

  166. Maria

    I have almost 2000 members on my site, what of the unemployed who run Ning sites that cant afford to pay this new monthly fee? I have just opened another new site for bloggers and now I will have to close it again. Will sites be deleted if they fail to upgrade?

  167. Angel

    What a kick in the pants, to receive this message shortly after my network’s 3rd anniversary with Ning.
    I, as well as many other Ning members have done a lot of advocating/advertising for Ning, touting its great features and high uptime, as well as being free, and low cost for those who wish to pay. I will be closing my network down, and most likely moving to Social Go. I can’t stand companies who take money over customers. Yeah, I know it’s a business, but I also know Ning is not hurting for money, either.

  168. annoyed


    what a pitty , all the work i have done..

  169. Peter

    Sorry Ning. This will be the end of my community. I was considering if it would be worth $20 a year to keep it alive when I saw that you do not support events unless you pay $20 a month! Forget about it. I considered the ning community as a better way than FB but I guess we’ll just go that way from here on.

    I’d be very interested in how many ning sites are left after you start charging. Of course your shareholders will be happy, but many many of your customers will not be.


  170. Josyln

    I have been running a network on ning for years FREE.For ning to charge creators now would be terrible.Sure the mini payment option is not so much money but you should consider those who are unemployed and have enough bills to pay.
    Also after being a free network so long I find it aweful to ask members to pay.I also posted a poll online and found that 90% of ning members are NOT willing to pay or have no way to pay to be on a social site or create one.
    From what I can figure out I as well as many of your other creators will have to take my network off and find another free one.I know there are some decent sites without as many options but at least they are free.
    You really should consider having a totally free option to your list of new plans.Maybe even a 150 member limit for free (which may not help sites like mine who have well over this amount)and change the mini one to 200 members.This will save ning from getting a bad reputation and networks closing.Another option would be to seek out INACTIVE ning sites(sites not active or have been listed as offline for let’s say 6 months or more)and remove them.I know a few who made sites and do not even use them now.
    At this point I am waiting to see if a new free plan comes out.If not I will be leaving ning forever along with all my members.ALL of them agree FREE is the place to be.So sad to leave ning (you HAD a good network site until JULY) but we will definately move to a new free site I know of and just lose some options ning offers and the new site doesn’t have yet.
    With all this said I along with hundreds or maybe thousands will agree NING SHOULD STILL BE FREE
    Thank you and I do hope to view the ning blog again and see a revamp of network options including a decent FREE one.If not good luck on ning losing millions of people and being found online as a bad networking server.IT WILL HAPPEN and I think you know it.People will be blogging bad things about ning.It is the way online people act.

  171. Susanne

    Please consider having groups on the K-12 mini nings. They really are the core of what so many of us do with our nings in education. I just cannot use a ning without the groups — it will become unwieldy and the students won’t have their own ownership.

  172. Mexico Actually

    Why NING is shifting to a paid service? The force of social Network (not Business network) stays in their accessibility for free just like other “social networks”. Why Ning is choosing to turn into a paid service? is it possible to have e mini NING for free? for those have human or social purpose?

  173. dionny

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal
    As a college student I had been using NING for the past two months, I think this website has some good features, I think is a great source for college level classes. I understand that you have come with the idea of making three different versions of the website NING for the month of July also that each version would have its own payment plan. Meaning that it won’t be a FREE website for some users no longer. I think this would affect me and other students in a negative way.
    I had been using this website for one of my college course class, and it has been really helpful for the me, my classmates as well as for the professor. I had been doing a lot of assignments and projects using this website. I think my class would be affected by this new idea of yours in a bad way. In my opinion, my teacher won’t be able to pay for all the students in the class, so this may not be a good thing for myself and other students.

  174. barry lecount

    Dear Mr. Jason Rosenthal
    I am currently am a student at LaGuardia Community College , I have been at this school since march 8, . I became a user of this social network (ning) it has helped me in such a way of practicing for the act which I will be taking on the 24 of may this network has really helped me and it could help others in the future for students who want to attend LaGuardia in the near future .
    IT is a good asset to the community in wanting to highly increase our social and written ability in the present of our educational facility for both students and professors as a whole .
    And very sad that would put a price tag on a social networks , if you want to improve the quality of life this is not the way to go what good benefits are you making to the educational faclilty ,increasing your money …….. its truly unfair so you should think and then act

    Sincerely, Barry LeCount a student at LaGuardia Commmunity college

  175. jaquonne

    Dear jason

    Im a student at laguardia and i use the ning site to just post any work assignments im given. I understand that alot of people feel indifferent about the pricing because some of us use the platform more than others especially the professors and now that it isnt free anymore its causing an issue for some us especially those unhappy by this. I personally dont feel any type of way about this but it really seems as if it would definitely be better if it was just left alone.

  176. Cynthia Tapia

    Dear Jason Rosenthal,
    I’m a college student at LaGuardia when I was first introduced to this website I thought wow how cool useful technology available to everyone. Since then, I have mentioned the site to everybody I know and I can even take credit for some of your new members. It’s important to have websites like this available to non-profit agencies and schools. It isn’t fare that you are charging us now think of all the people you have helped don’t you feel the slightest remorse for this.

    Just because you can’t find a way to make any profit from your company doesn’t mean you need to start charging your users, especially when you would be taking things away. Can’t you just start selling adds like everyone else do you really need to be taking my $20+ I need that money for food and books. I understand how this works you give away what is available but not needed, wait until it finally is needed then start charging its availability.

    What makes you different from a those money laundering business men in Wall Street that brought down our economy. People like you are the scum of the earth selfish, greedy, manipulative vultures. there will be more websites like yours after this and I’m sure they will find a way to make money without charging their users.
    By the way nice touch adding worker to say nice things in the blogs at the beginning but you’re not fooling anybody.
    A disadvantaged student
    Cynthia T.

  177. hanifah

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal
    My name is Hanifah am I am a student currently going to a 2 year CUNY college in Queens. This ‘’Introducing Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning mini” is a bad idea to most of us that use your program. What about the students in grades higher than 12th grade, that now has to pay. The majority of people using Ning are mostly students already paying for their already expensive education. Also education in other countries is also pricey for students who can barely afford their classes for the semesters and books. Now that you will be charging students to use Ning we will be forced to pay prices like 8.85 -149.85 per semester on top of our classes. If you were to go with this idea it will almost be like a smack in the face to some of your long term members using your program.

  178. Yasu

    Dear Jason Rosenthal,
    I understand your great work on NING and your business strategies. You have announced that you are going to charge fees for NING users. I am a student of a community college, and I usually use NING in my class. I have a proposal that you create free versions of NING for education.
    I am using NING in my English writing class this semester. NING is very helpful when I communicate with my professor. Students and the professor can exchange information freely. For example, we usually post our essays on the NING page, and we criticize the essays each other. That is good practice to improve our writing skill. I believe that NING is one of the best academic tools in the world. However, if NING were a pay website, we could not use any more. The fees are expensive for students and the professor. After you start charging the fees, our class has to pay $800 per year. As you know, most students do not have enough money, and most professors in community colleges do not receive enough salaries. Thus, you should allow us using NING as a free website.
    This proposal is reasonable because creating free versions of NING for education is donating to society, not loss income. I hope that you take into account you would accept my proposal.

  179. geovanny gomez

    Dear: Jason Rosenthal
    Many people and I are very disappointed with the fact that you Mr. Jason Rosenthal want to charge for using Ning network. I can’t believe you can do this to all the students that enroll to this website for many reason: first, students can’t afford pay 500 dollars a year if they want to have all the features. For many students is hard to enroll college because they can’t afford pay their own tuition. Take my case I live by myself I pay over 1,200 dollars for my apartment monthly , besides that I have to pay my school and books because I don’t qualify for financial aid and now you come from nowhere telling to all the member that they have to pay for use your website. I am member of Ning for a year and I found on this website a really good helper for all the students who are enroll in college because we can do projects easily, it help all of us to improve our typing skills and is easy to accomplish and pass all our class, but the most important reason because was free. I get really upset when you gave this news because teachers can’t afford to pay this fare neither. For many teachers that used this website is really hard because they are not teaching only one class they are teaching three or four class and the City doesn’t give any money for this website program, teacher have to pay from their own packets. It’s sad that you want to play the role of “Not money Not honey” I do understand that you want to make money from your website, but is not fair that students gets affect with you mentality change. I beg you to think about how hard is for students enroll college and accomplish their dreams; please don’t be another trouble for students who want to success in their life instead being a helper.
    Sincerely: Geovanny Gomez

  180. Jessica Barrios

    Dear Jason Rosenthal:
    I am student at LaGuardia College. I got introduce to your website by my professor in school. Once I started to use it for class it was great way for me to work on my papers and class work. It made life easier for us students because class schedule was up there and all the things we were going to do in class. Putting a price on a website that befits all people and around the world. It’s not right for those who cannot pay to be in a website that is safe and informant.
    I am not saying this just because we want something free but to show you Ning CEO we care for the website and how this website help people change or feel safe . Now a days there are a lot website that have rate R with ads that children should not see that why Ning so great that we did not have to worry about ads like that. I hope you change your mind or at least help the blogs that are helpful for others. You never know who you change because your website was there to help.

  181. kelly zhang

    Dear Mr. Rosenthal:
    Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a student of LaGuardia community college. I just received a mail form you that you want us to pay for the NING NETWORK. I feel unhappy for it. How come you change it now? I think many of people who used before will not use it anymore. Therefore, you will lost lots of members if you fund for this plan. I hope you can understand people’s saturation.
    First, most of students don’t have income. So how come they have money to pay for it? They think this will be a burden for them to pay for it. There are a lot of blog are free, so they will change to use another blog which is free.
    Secondly, professors need to pay a lot for it because they need a plan that has large memories and save more things. How come they need to pay for a lot? They are teaching students’ education. They are not supposed to pay for it.
    Also, for me, I am not going to pay for this NING. I would like to change to use another blog. I don’t think this is a good idea for everybody who used it. I hope you can think about it deeply and consider everyone’s saturation.

  182. Geo.

    Hi Laura,
    Well it seems that you & your company are destined to join the rest of us in the real world ie being short on cash, since the majority of sites will not follow you.

    You and your company need to do a SERIOUS rethink on your pricing. As i said in my original comment our site is for a charitable society (the second largest in the UK after the national lottery).

    Who am I supposed to rob for your fees Help the Heroes fund, the air ambulance service ???

    Totally distgusted with your money grabbing methods as are a lot of people here.

    May be Buddypress or Spruz will be more compasionate and dare I say Christian in their attitude to Charity

  183. Giselle

    Dear Jason Rosenthal,
    I think that this is a horrible idea because this benefits a lot of students and teachers. A lot of people count on this and depend on this for their work. I don’t understand why would they do this because at first they didn’t charge and they said it was free, then to charge us a fee because a lot of people are joining. This doesn’t make sense. It is like you gave us something that is benefiting us and then you simply want to take it away from us if we don’t pay a fee. In my experience this benefits me because I work on the ning and I put my work and my teacher tells me what I should improve on and what I should work on. We are in a state of mind where money isn’t coming easy to families and student and for you to bomb us with giving us another bill makes me annoyed because I think that we deserve to have our papers and communication with our teachers through the ning
    PS this SUCKS !!!

  184. Al Fess

    It is quite obvious that you factored in your decision to go all pay all the time that you would lose the majority free users. You even structured your pay plans to get rid of us. I have only 113 members to date in a not for profit site and have only been active for a month, but I have still put in many hours of work to grow it to this point in a short time frame. I started the network after Ning management must have known they would be cutting me off. My members would be upset if I asked for money after telling them that it was free. Yes, I know that’s what you did, but I won’t stoop that low to my members. After all, I know them personally and many are my friends. I want to keep them as friends. My question to NING: Are you willing to help me transfer my information to another free site without loosing all the pictures, videos, groups etc.? What are you willing to do for us freebies to save Ning’s reputation? Where would you suggest that I go to grow a not for profit site?

  185. Joshua

    Dear Jason Rosenthal
    I want to thank you first of all for your platform and the times I have used it has been great. I understand that you guys need to make money and that’s the reasoning behind your pricing. But your platform is the only platform that does not allow inappropriate adds. For my uses it will require for my younger siblings not to see those dating or pornography adds. Also I’m told that k-12 will have mini free. But what about the out of country users, will they get the same privilege.
    I use your platform to keep in contact with my family. We talk about new things we have done and upload pictures. I come from a family that’s spread out throughout the whole world I have family in Spain, Sweden, Dominican republic, throughout all of the united states, Russia. The new pricing I can’t afford to pay. This will make it harder for my family to stay in contact.
    K-12 users, does K-2 really need the platform. Most of the children at that age do not know how to use the internet to well. I am a student at LaGuardia community college; my teacher used this platform to help us in our education. It has helped me that I can access all my work from any computer with internet access. Now in July all my work will be gone unless my teacher decides to pay for the plat form.
    I hope you reconsider your payed subscription option.
    Joshua Fermin

  186. Johanes B.Widjaja

    Dear Mr Rosenthal
    I’m a student of Laguardia Community College. We always use your ning to do our work and writing exercise and this is a great website, like a mini facebook where you can put your picture, music, and comment and words.
    Today, at 5 May 2010 my Professor just announced about new policy in about payment plan. I was surprised about that, it used to be free and now we have to pay. We check about the payment plan that suitable for our needs is $19.95/month. As a student, I don’t earn much money as employed people do. I just go to college as full time student and part time in restaurant in mid town Manhattan.
    I don’t think make a payment plan is not a good idea. I can’t afford it and It’s unfair to let my Professor pay for Ning. She has 4 classes and more than 300 students in her English Class. With the payment of the Ning, we cannot do our work anymore in here. Money wise is the big issue especially this recession happened in United states, and can make our school work postponed. It’s not only about student in United States, but in whole country. Some countries are not wealthy, and such as $200/year is a big burden for them either.
    Please re-consider, about our student needs in our generation . If you can change your decision to void your payment plan, it’d be the best for us. I hope that you understand about thoughts and needs for our generation in education community. Thank you very much
    Johanes Widjaja

  187. Nida Safdar

    To the CEO of NING Jason Rosenthal,

    I am student at LaGuardia College. I am using this ning forum for the whole semester for my English class. It is very helpful for me to stay in contact with my professor and my fellow class members without giving each other personal information. For example, when you start a new class, you always one or two person from class to be in touch in order to get to know the homework when you are absent from class. But we don’t have to pay to get this comfort from you people because when we start this blog activity in class it was free.

    It is also allowing to have little network to share our thoughts and ideas about the topic we are discussing in the class. For instance, when we discuss our thoughts about the adding the snack bar and music cds to school book store or adding of more computers to computer lab. It was very easy for everyone just to go on ning and post their view and reads others in order to identify their own problems in writing. We tend to make a lot of mistake when we write, so it is an opportunity for us to look at other and learn how to improve our mistake. But recently my professor is worry about the money she has to spend in order to keep everyone on same page. It is not fair for professors who are trying to come with reasons for people to stay in touch from their busy schedules.

    This is not fair for any person who started this form and using it for a long time. Now they have to pay for it when it is suppose to be a free service for anybody who is using it regularly. I hope you consider this policy to change because it does not make sense to people.

  188. JOHNNY

    Dear Jason Rosenthal,
    Wow, I can’t believe you are doing this. I really enjoy using the Ning for free because I get to do all my work sent by my professor and post my work on it. I understand that you are trying to make money. But we are also trying to make money, not lose money. The economy is bad right now and many people cannot afford this if they have more than 150 members. I think that this was a bad idea making members pay after they have already signed up for it a while ago. Making people pay after they have a lot of important work here that has put a lot of effort into this network isn’t fair.
    The Ning has helped me and my fellow classmates with work that my professor has given us. For example, this network helped me with homework assignments and it’s easy to use. Now I don’t know what I will do without a ning because I am not going to pay any of this outrageous amounts offered to us. So I think you should think about it and listen to all of us.
    Johnny Flores

  189. lori

    The $2.95 monthly should be accessable to memberships higher than 150.
    I have “sister” Nings that are closing and joining on mine…..

    Really large sites are difficult to manage. I have 5 Admins right now at 1000 members…

    OH! PLEASE! Create a way to remove a member that appears inactive. I hate the SUSPENDED
    option, and its such a negative impact on them when they attempt to return, even months later.

    Lots of people log on out of curiosity then never come back and delete or remove their memberships. And once we start getting large, I want to keep the active members number tight….

    Also, please create a way to know when a member last signed in or visited the site..
    These are important bits of info when working your membership. Thanks

  190. Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay


    Ning is a great business and as the creator of a small network, I really appreciate my experience so far. I understand that Ning tries to move to the most profitable system, but the lack of an alternative between Ning-Mini and Ning-Plus is a big problem. There is no reasonably priced option for small Ning Networks that would allow them keep all their current features.

    No chat, no groups, no custom pages. Give me the ads and the Ning branding, I don’t care, but give my small network a reasonable opportunity to keep its current features. I would be willing to pay a bit more than the advertised price for Ning-Mini to stay with Ning, but right now, I am afraid that I will have to move my small community to a different provider.

    Ning should consider granting a “grandfather clause” to existing networks that would allow them to keep all their current features for the price of Ning-Mini.

    Thanks for reading.

  191. JJ

    These plans are all garbage. I’m not looking forward to telling all the people in my network that I have to close up shop. Shame on you Ning.

  192. Ness

    I am impressed by this. I was already paying like 30 to 35 bucks/month but now i think Ning plus will work for me which is just 19 /month.

  193. Mike

    Is it still going to have the Ning bar at the top with premium? That’s the main reason I stopped using Ning…

  194. Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

    I am a community college teacher. Why can’t we have free accounts for our students? I like to have a separate network for each of my classes…I can’t afford the $200.00 per year for that. If I have one network can I change it each semester for the new class? Can my students have their own pages, which they love! This really gets them interested in using NING. They are English language learners, not native speakers. I can’t seem to get real answers to these questions…I can only afford the ning mini. Please remember that community colleges are poor and our students are too. They work and go to school and we get no funding for extras with our budgets slashed.

  195. David Corp

    Interesting to see that this is such an emotive issue. Fortunately, there are only ten members on my Ning site and most of them are sympathetic colleagues, so I don’t think they’ll be getting too upset.

    However, my intention was to experiment with and build up a local non-profit educational site and this needed time to grow. Unfortunately, the proposed pricing structure is not very alluring and certainly not very competitive and in fact, the features available on Ning Mini offer no more than any other free blog. Even the middle package is pretty unexciting.

    I was introduced to Ning through colleagues in the educational community and animated by sites like Classroom 2.0 and EFLClassroom 2.0 and it seems that there has been a lot of excitement about Ning in that community. Maybe because we like things that are free – or maybe because we tend to be more altruistic and attracted to things that promote community and sharing. What’s clear, however, from the comments in favour of the new pricing structure on the Creators forum is that we are perceived as a bunch of freeloaders who have forgotten that ‘nothing in life is free’. We shouldn’t expect something for nothing and we are wasting valuable virtual space which could be freed up for corporate activity.

    More than anything else I have learned from developing my network, these devlopments have shown me that these spaces are occupied by the same soul destroying forces of profitability, conformity and vested interests as ever and that perhaps we should dedicate more time to developing real relationships.

  196. Jim H

    Please reconsider!!!
    Our site is used for international development work, and another for a citizens group. What an embarassment that now we’ve barely got the site running, and now it’ll have to be shut down. This is upsetting, and very disappointing. Are you providing an export or migration options to other services?
    My guess is that groups like ours depend on the assistance that a free Ning site provides, and will be hardest hit, perhaps hundreds or thousands. This will be tremendous cost to society.
    Please reconsider!!!

  197. juliuzdhan

    i need sponsors.. dont have money to pay a ning site 🙁 T_T )

    i want free site free..

  198. Orillasound

    not amused, I have just started getting into the Ning vibes and just getting the hang of it, now all this confusion, theres PLENTY of free networks and free networking tools out there, which is what inspires creativity in the online community….


  199. David Moore

    I am in two minds about all this. I can understand that a small fee could be a good idea to allow for advanced features etc. This can be paid for by the Adsense ads etc.

    What I am amazed about is the lack of a FREE option!

    This is (in my opinion) very narrow minded as most people setting up a new network will need a period of around a year to get things up and running properly.

    Can I suggest a 12 month FREE period! (one month just isnt long enough!) If you are not careful, you will destroy Ning in just 3 months!


  200. Jaydel B Manticahon

    We feel embarrassed and worried about this new scheme since the network I created is for non-profit organization. We can’t decide now if we stay or get rid of NING and restart anew website somewhere. NING already own us, our privacy, our effort, our sacrifice to make NING looks better in eyes of the public. Yet, we feel cheated. Please do not remove the free service. NING have googles ads in every network created, what more do you want. We help your investment by encouraging our community to support NING networks.

    You are scaring the very people who help you of what you are now, and you let us down and we feel down. If you will not reconsider your decision, this is it. It looks like you are throwing away your crowing jewels which put you down.

    I can’t wish you the best for now.

    I want to hear from Nina Biancina who started this as a challenge.

    All I can ask is beg do not remove the free services you already have.

    I pray for you all.

  201. Max

    So what will happen to the accounts of people whom by that july cant pay the fee. or if after sometime they default to pay?
    Will their accounts be suspended or deleted?
    I am soo worried coz im may not be able to pay the fee.

  202. José Mota

    I think Dawn Jacobson put it very well. It’s not just a question of being very unexpensive or even free for education: with all its limitations, Ning Mini has little interest for most teachers (150 members cap, no events, no groups, no pages, no chat, etc.). It surely is a huge downgrade from what we had in general and especially for K-12 (ads removed for free).

    Ning may market this any way they want, but I fail to see how they can come out of this decision looking good. What they are offering now is a lot worse than what people had, and there are several better alternatives out there when compared to Mini Ning.

  203. Teresa Moreno

    This is really SO BAD. I’m feeling stolen. You use the same technique drug dealers have: first one for free, and then, you must pay.

    I run a research comunity without any possibility to pay…. bye bye….

    We could not trust you now, because maybe you couls decide to increase your price in a month??? in a year??? how much????

    BYE, BYE

  204. Disappointed

    I am disappointed that your basic offer price has a limited membership of just 150. As a voluntary environmental group (Transition Town Leamington) we could only afford to pay your $3 rate, but obviously we aim to expand our membership to get more people involved in sustainable activities. Why not make the lowest rate unlimited membership – bigger networks do not mean that we are money making.

    Please can you share the migration information as soon as possible, not last minute. As we are a voluntary group this also means that it is hard to find time, alongside jobs and other activities, to start again with a new website. It already took a lot of time and effort to engage with Ning and was slowly proving to be successful. I am really sorry that you are not more supportive of the good work that you have been facilitating. I see there are a lot of environmental (Transition Town) groups using Ning who will be facing the same problem as us. If you just want to support other money makers, then thats fine, but please at least dont undermine the work of those who are trying to do something more constructive by making the migration process complicated or costly.


  205. Amber

    I joined Ning because I had a small group of friends and we wanted a place to chat and share stuff – and it was free. Sorry there is no way I am paying for this as there are plenty of free alternatives and we shall just go back to using those. If we want to instant chat we will skype, and our group stuff will be covered by Facebook.
    So sadly though I really liked your video facility and the way your site handled photos, it just ain’t worth the charge.

  206. Gabino

    These pricing plans do not make much sense and I cannot see any logic behind them other than getting rid of people who have an interest in communicating and little more.

  207. Frank Tomi

    This is great, now I get to pay more money for the same thing. Thanks a lot, I will be looking around the net for a better deal, like and some others out there. My members will move to another site, Im not worry about building a new site. Don’t forget ning, the little people with the free sites made you what you are today. Your greed made cost you more than you think, many are upset. I’m not sure what I will do, it might cost me 5 or 6 more dollars a month to keep the site here, ( I think. ) But I will be looking around, now that I know what kind of people; we are dealing with. Every thing on face book is free, thats why they are number one in the world. Do you get it, up there.

    Frank Tomi

  208. yousef n

    Add videos to the 19.95 plan at lease !!!! or 5 bucks more for that max!!! not $30 more, crazy pricing scheme

  209. yousef n

    What will happen to the videos already there with the 19.95 ning plus plan ? I can’t lose them ?!!! paying $50 is a scam for that

    Also having another network with 500 members but barely any activity or traffic, I should qualify for the $3 plan depending on traffic, not member count

    I need to migrate I guess, way to scam us

  210. wizanda

    That’s asking allot more then the price to have a whole site set up, with large bandwidth and no restrictions.

  211. Cabeau

    Alors là chapeau ! La gratuité comme pied dans la porte ! Vous avez votre diplome de créateurs d’utopies médiatiques. Bon vent à vos finances…ce que vous méritez : que toute La Terre d’ici Juillet crée des Réseaux NING, à foison, à pleins poumons, par ici et par là pour un oui et pour un non… que vos serveurs explosent ! Nous sommes victimes de votre succé, et c’est de nous que vous le tennez. Un jour nous passerons à l’attaque.

  212. Mark

    We’ve been with ning for well over two years.

    You won’t find a provider who have such a versatile offering if your running a social network.

    We need to go for the Ning Pro version. It will cost us $9 a month more than we are paying now.

    In my view well worth the extra functionality being developed around Facebook and an API coming soon. Look forward to that.

    Ning I think you need to be upfront on what the upgrade options and costs are on the Pro plan though. You kind of give the impression the API is free by the way it all looks in the table, but in reading the text it looks like it is a paid upgrade option. I would like to know.

  213. Liza Pieters

    I am deeply disappointed…:-(

    We are a small non profit organisation and do not have the funds at this stage to pay as we are just starting to build our membership. We were recently introduced to Ning by an expert in social media networks and recently had a workshop on Ning where we invited other organisations and groups to join Ning – and now this…??? Even if we do decide to use Ning Mini (the cheapest option), it won’t allow me use Events or groups – the 2 applications we use the most.
    Was this part of your initial business model? I’m sorry but this is fraud in my eyes…using people to advertise your service and then changing the goal posts…not on!!!
    If you don’t reconsider all the many mails where people express their disappointment, at LEAST, please provide us with information on a simple way to export all of our content to another free service.

    Extremely disappointing guys…

  214. Alex

    Hi, when I started the Source Healing group I realised the need to support NING financially and was glad to purchase the ad free version. From what I gather, in orderd to retain all the features that I have at present I would have to jump from $29 per month to $49.95 (might as well say $50 per month).
    Is that correct?

    Like many of the of the non profit organisazions that gravitated to NING, I am self-financing the group and a 100% icrease in fees to retain the current services is rather steep and unhelpful.

    I realise that you have made a commercial decision, but to slaughter your current supporting membership is not going to benefit you.

    I have already found an alternative to NING which will suit my group needs including video chats and other features that you do not offer.

    Please do reconsider the current fee structure (at least for current paying customer) or pay the consequences.

    I feel that $29.00 oer month for the services you provide is a reasonable deal. Anymore than that it is no longer a feasible proposition.

    I am somewhat disappointed in your pricing structure and the lack of consultation during the change over.

    Kind regards

    Alexander Wilon JP PhD

  215. Steve

    Sorry Guys, you will be losing our site.
    We wouldn’t mind paying for the basic package, however, the list of features at this level seems to be such that it would provide an inadequate member experience and the cost of the next level up is just too high for a small group like ours.
    So, the search starts now for a new platform………

  216. niki

    okay, this SUCKS royally for people like me. I’d rather we don’t do this paying business… we could just the advertisements and stuff short
    or Ning will be losing a LOT of members!!!

  217. frantikus

    my greatest compliments.. now everyone is ready to mass- migrate towards facebook! I was so surprised that a a not bad service could be free. Too good to be true. Evidently there was something that I should have imagined. At this point I should say that we have all been cheated. I so agree with Jamie Worley and all the others. Why do I think the positive comments could most likely belong to Nings staff members I don’t know….. However why do everyone thinks that there is only facebook when it’s the lamest social network around? numbers don’t mean quality, and other social networks like the good old myspace or a list of several others could fill the ning emptiness now.
    My page wasn’t about education, but just a good place to meet some people with a decent website structure..
    The world will survive without Ning I believe. I am sorry for your greediness, cause even though a few people hosting their communities on ning are happy for the new prices, I don’t think their own users are going to pay to stay in a paysite, since they all signed for a free service. I expect a sure fail and not sure Ning will be online for much time by now…. I am sure I will read “Ning has closed down for users lack” soon!

    best regards, It has anyway been a pleasure.

  218. Nelson Ferreira da Costa

    Olá, Mr. Rosenthal!

    Quero elogiar esta rede, pois sou Brasileiro, moro no Rio de Janeiro , sou usuário da rede e não gostaria de perder meu perfil, que em meu ponto de vista a Ning é a melhor rede no mundo no momento, gostaria de saber maiores informações se possivel em minha lígua, em português e formas de pagamento, se terá a opção de boleto bancário, tendo em vista o grande número de roubos de senhas em transações por cartões de créditos via on-line, tanto aqui no Brasil como principalmente ai nos EUA.


    Nelson Ferreira


    mon site : actuelement plus 250 membres
    concernant le sujet suivant Ning et commencera l’élimination progressive du service gratuit en Juillet.
    en algerie le mode de payement en ligne et en divise n’est pas encore appliquer c’est a dire en utilise les services gratuit en attendant qu’il aura une solution a ce mode de payement avec notre divise algerie

  220. Ajit Menon

    And also, what is the process for make payments. You must realize that many people are not comfortable with paying using Credit Cards for payments online. Can there be a country address to which payments can be made and reliable responses can be got. For example, can I make my payment to your office in India (if you have one).

  221. Ajit Menon

    Why are the prices in Dollars only. I hope you realize that Internet Services is a global business and so you will be having customers from around the world.

    What I really wish to say is that your pricing should be COUNTRY SPECIFIC and not just Dollar rate.

    There must be some way to make a person from a particular country other than US or the “First World” find your service affordable too.

  222. Phil aka P-6

    Ning Plus modified just an Idea.
    The tools and features you need to build and grow a branded social network with high engagement – an incredible value at a great price $19.95/month Unlimited Members Storage 10 GB Bandwidth 100 GB,Blog,Photos,Forum,Birthdays,Video embeds,leave the rest of your Features list the way you have it.Then change this feature Video and Music uploads with branded players continued access to current videos,(add music to this).Unless you add Nings FTP folder feature with 100gb of storage as a purchased feature for an additional 29.95 per year.You can add even more storage per year 20 gbs of additional storage added at 13.95 per year with the original file folder purchase(yada yada somthing to this effect).Instead of paying the 29.95 extra each month.That would be fair to everyone but what do I know I can’t even get back into the creators network since it changed back to ning from get satisfaction.Which That Network I Never Joined.

  223. Lord Stone Raven

    Nice way to lose members guys. All of people that have worked to create and maintain their communities with you based on you telling them it was free and now you decide to turn on them and no longer host the free sites. Very poor way to get referals but a very good way to bad reviews. Forcing the adds on the free sites was making you guys money wasit not? SO why all of a sudden do you feel the need to go money hungry on us. Yes the prices are reasonable but a lot of people built on services due to it being free and you are going to lose a lot of them. I have over 2000 members on my forum that used the ning site as their #1 social site. Now they are all upset over this. Guess that’s at least 2000 people worth of bad reviews you will be getting from my site alone not to mention all the other free users members that you are turning out too huh. Can’t wait to see how long you guys take to bottom out. I’ll be standing by waiting to laugh at you for being so stupid.

  224. Bill

    Wow, I really wished I’d have heard even a whisper about this possibility before I decided on Ning above many other options to use with my program participants (we run a government-funded job-finding course for unemployed people). Being in the non-profit sector with severely limited funds, I was willing to trade free platform access for full advertising access to my members. Now I have to find a way to come up with $200 a year that wasn’t budgeted for or tell my 400+ members that all their hard work and contributions to our site will be jettisoned in July. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting to make a profit, it just sucks that this came out of the blue and the provision for K-12 educators doesn’t help those of us who are in similar circumstances but don’t quite fit that narrow box. Plus, what confidence do I have now that there won’t be more unpleasant surprises around the corner (rate hikes, anyone?)

    Ning, you’ve always appeared forward-thinking and seemed to recognize that good will and positive word of mouth were great ways to grow your business.
    I sure hope you recognize that this move won’t help with either of those.

    And I suspect Facebook is rubbing their hands together in anticipation of a huge influx of new business come July…

  225. macky angeles

    sad to hear this news! it is not fair at all. how about us who can’t afford to buy a hosting and even your product. we are a Christian Organization. we can’t find someone who we can ask for financial help. please don’t remove the free service. For God’s plan. 🙂

  226. Nikolasa

    Yep, we won’t be carrying on and am now glad we didn’t suggest this service to clients as they may well have been out of pocket. Once the pricing goes into effect we’ll discontinue our really really cool group and proably just go back to FB.

    The thing I want to know is what happens to our existing sites??? If we don’t pay will all our archives be inaccessible?!?

    Also think the pricing stucture is silly to go from $3 to $20 is just ludacris!

  227. Ben

    Schade. Too bad.

    The translation for the German interface is still bad. But as this is a free service our small group of 25 people was ok with that. We are a regional group of motorcyclist and we only used some nice function like the integrated chat.
    But now we are more than disappointed. Sorry guys but we will not make the step for a paid service with such a bad interface. So we will move to something different.
    Schade as we say here.

    We will move to Google Groups.

  228. Zomi Social Network

    It is a very great improvement and promising structure.
    However, it would be Super fair if:-

    1. The existing FREE users can continue using it as usual.
    -The video upload thing will be weired after June 2010.
    -Many free social network providers allow them to upload videos for free, not to mention, youtube, flickr and others.

    2. If the Current Paid Users would have more features added into the Premium account as paid account.

    Instead of taking out something from the Free versions and Charging to it, why not base an idea of adding more services to paid accounts?
    Thanks anyway.

  229. Kadannappallikootam

    Dear Jason Rosenthal,

    Thank you for introducing Ning Pro, Ning Plus and Ning Mini which will control the network traffic rush. Ning network is pretty interesting community network and many thanks for giving us an opportunity to gather hrough on Ning Network.

    As a Ning network creator, I would like to know how can we subscribe new plan (ie, Ning Pro, Ning Plus or Ning Mini) as an existing member and when is the deadline for the same?

    Please advice us via email and it would be better if you could provide your contact address (email), so that we can follow up the same upon your guidance.

    With best wishes,


  230. minami utau

    sorry, I know this is very selfish, but I am sorry, we were unable to pay …
    as we said earlier, I and my forehead members only teenagers who are still in school. Can you give us FREE? Because I believe, not only me, certainly many people who need a non-profit facilities such as NING although only now.
    We do not need a facility that is too berlabihan, but we need a facility ning!
    please do not in phasing out! we just have fun, hang out and nurture each other anime lovers community. other than that, not only my web, but also many other web ning who can not pay.
    Can you give us an opportunity to grow, although with the requirements? (Such as 100 members, active and so on …)

  231. Ella

    I get that it is a good idea to make plans. Yeah it keeps the site up and going. But here is the kicker you going to lose a ton of people, plus they’re going to tell people that this sit is not free and then they will look for other sites that are free. To the teathers that use this, this sucks, I mean well now they can’t use this site because they can’t aford the plus and pro ning and need just one thing from both.

    Idea for the Ning people

    ~Make a special teacher version that includes more then 150 members and events and other teacher related things.

    ~ Have a free version it will get people to come and gives them a taste of the site, so if they want more they need to get a plan (( this is what other sites do, and it works!!!!))

    ~ Get more for the plans, let me tell you there are tons of sites out there that have forums, photo, plus a blog and pages all for free, I know I’ve looked around. Also those sites are easy to work with and have other plans if you would like more like music, videos and apps. They get you sucked in by giving for the free things and letting you see that you can get the music video and app part you just have to pay and get them, and people do it. Plus I love to refer people to those sites rather then no-free sites

    ~ The prices are great, if you want the extra stuff, but it just seems there aren’t good enough stuff to pay for the plans. If am going to have to pay that much I am going to want more from this site.

    ~ Well good luck Ning with the plans but if there is not a good free plan I am going to have to say good bye. I really hope you take in consider of the people that do use your site and read ALL of their comments. Since they are your costumers pay or not.

  232. Mick S.

    I currently run several sites on here, I really have to say your new plan is insane. At first, I thought, 20 a yr, not bad… then I saw the limitations. Paying $20 a yr, for LESS then what I am getting for free?!?!? I could see $20 a yr for the same service that I currently have, and would have been ok with that. But then I see it’s a 150 member count cap? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Well, that sinks ALL of my sites. We cant afford $200 a yr on a social site, let alone 3 or 4 of them. At least you are giving us all until july before we have to bend over and grab our ankles. Gives us some time to find an alternative. In a time when the economy is trashed, and folks use social networking sites like this for basic entertainment more then ever, it’s nice to see ning has turned into a greed machine. $200, $400 per year. I’m sorry, but this network is simply NOT WORTH THE PRICE.
    I really feel bad for those who paid for a premium site all this time, as they are now getting the shaft. (what? surely you can afford some vaseline for those poor folks)
    I also now feel bad for all the friends I’ve directed here to set up their sites… as now they have gone through all the trouble to customize and get them going, only to have this pulled on them.
    I feel rather bitter about this as I have spent several years customizing and promoting my sites, tying them into game servers and social circles. Again, if at $20 a yr, I could retain my current service, I would be more understanding. But this new business plan, is a plan that will see you loose scores of customers. I’ve already started looking for alternatives… while I may not enjoy what I had for free, I know I wont have to pay so much for so little. Thanks for peeing in my cheerios Ning. I wont be recommending your services again.
    Mick S.
    FORMER multiple ning site creator.


    hi Jason Rosenthal

    on the new pricing? can i use my own domain in the Ning mini? my site is running under ning network right now? so what happend on July 2010, are you going to import all of my member to my own domain with the new price if i choose a Ning mini? thank you

    one more thing? the new Ning Mini? under the price ? member only up to 150 it not that much? i think you should increase from 150 member limited to 3,000 member? if we want to get unlimited member so we can upgrade to Ning Plus? that is our choice. thank you that is my opinion so is good anyway, hope you change it later on.

    have a great day

  234. Mark @ Alchemy United

    Ok, not too bad but…

    1) To all the teachers who are posting, yes we all feel your pain. However, with 100 – 200 students per year that’s a bottle of soda per kid per year. Certainly, when the cost is divided in such a way there’s got to be some options, no?

    2) IMHO, without (private) groups the budget option is pretty much a no-go for any organization. Sure, if you just want a toy to play with $20 p/y is a great deal. But if you’re looking for a biz tool then groups are pretty much a must have, eh?

    The good news is the wait is over and now we can all sort out what’s best. I’d be glad to pay too but $200 per year for a handful of project just to have the 9private) groups feature might not be worth it. I’ll have to think about it. It might be cheaper just to have a Ning for each project but what a pain that is for me having to traverse multiple Nings. It also eliminates any possibility of allowing clients to interact between each other. Is that not why we’re all here?

    Shame there’s not a 4th level that limits # of members but has more features. As it is there kinda aren’t many options. Most probably fall right into one of these buckets with few sitting on the fence. It’s not a choice if you don’t really have a choice, is it?

  235. Servant

    If we purchase the Ning Mini, why can’t we still keep our Events Segment?

    Why can’t NING just keep everything that is already free, and include that in their mini server? Why do we have to lose service, when we are paying to have them in the end anyways.

    I am very upset, and a response from someone who knows what they are talking about, or have their hands in this, needs to reply to me…because I don’t mind buying the Ning Mini Package, that is, if I am not losing information I already have in the first place.

    Servant Y

  236. Shannon

    Is Ning dead set on these decisions, or are they open to debate? Because personally, I would pay for the Ning Mini if the chat was still included. I’m not thrilled about the entire thing, but if the chat’s not included with the mini package, I won’t be sticking around.

  237. Evelyne@CheapEthnicEatz

    SHAME on you for holding us at the throat like this. You are ruining a beautiful thing. Especiall with a jump of 3$ to 19$ between levels.

  238. Amanda Ritter

    Teachers will not be interested in using a paid service. The mini version, without chat and restricting member numbers, is not as attractive or engaging for students. This is a disappointing result after so many teachers putting a lot of effort into Ning networks and seeing the positive benefits and social collaboration possibilities in action. I have been expounding upon the educational uses of Nings at conferences for over 12 months. This ends today.

  239. J. Nase

    Exclusion of pages and notes from the mini plan will most definitely knock our little community wine appreciation club from the Ning ranks. We are non profit and do not have much of an operating budget. We routinely use the pages feature to release documents to our membership and use the notes to comprehensively report on and archive our monthly meetings.


    Dr. John Nase,
    Chairman, Indian Valley Wine Society

  240. Belle

    As the owner of a small group who chose to move from yahoo to Ning and have enjoyed all the little things we can do with our group– I will be not be able to afford your monthly charges. I think that for those of us who are on limited incomes such as my group and who has the group for support for those of us who live with an incurable chronic pain disease and have been with Ning for quite a while that you should give thought upon those sites. Many groups on Ning are for support for others who are not able to get out of their homes and without support groups would find themselves depressed and without friends.

    Ning, rethink what you are doing!

  241. diz is it!

    bad idea… bye bye ning 🙁 i have 2 guilds community here online games, im collecting friends anywhere who plays online games and push them here create their account for our events, updates to guild and getting to know each other via pics and chats etc… but now is going to be sad for all of us maybe i will move my network to multiply or facebook then since its free anyways… gudluck to ning if that so… have a more traffic then!!!

  242. Anjileen

    I am pleasantly surprised by this.. $20 a month for the Ning Plus plan is quite reasonable. It has all the current features, except for the direct video and music uploads.. but that’s okay because from what I gather, we can still embed? If so, great!
    Really looking forward also to the more customized branding! I have been waiting for this for a long time!! And the ability to run our own ads! On the current pricing scheme I cannot afford to purchase this, but with the roll out of this new service it’s included in the $20 per month plan which I will be using. I have to say in all honesty that I was weighing out my options and contemplating switching my network to another platform.. but after hearing this great news, especially about the branding and the end of Ning ID plus affordable pricing, I think I will be staying now.
    Can’t wait until July =)

  243. Bethany

    Wow… this really sucks. I created my ning network for a business that is totally non-profit. The $2.95 plan is affordable, but only allowing 150 members makes it not worth it. Now I’ll have to figure something else out since Ning will be out of the question. All of my hard work trying to get people to my site down the drain. You better believe I’ll be pushing people the OPPOSITE direction…. way way way far from Ning. Ning won’t last much longer after this transition. Goodbye.

  244. Joel Hawley

    Well guess this will be the call for me to move on, and I,m sure you will make money without me.
    I already pay for web space for my forum, and I can’t afford to pay your overpriced rates, and yes 200.00 a year is way over what I pay for my forum/web page/and now soon to be network, 4 times as much in fact, so I will just go to a free network platform like elgg. It will be more work at first but will smooth out over time. But take note, if for some reason you find that it was more profitable with the free accounts, and you decide to go back, I for one will not be there, not after I have seen how much my support for ning meant to you in the first place.
    Thank you for your time.

  245. Alejandra

    Hello, I like the plans, but I cant´find the information about the paymment. I mean, I read that you acept pay pal… but where is the link? or how can we do the pay?
    Im from Argentina and I also use NING for my students.

    También agradecería que me respondan en español.

  246. Dean Voeks

    Big mistake. You obviously don’t understand the difference between “nice-to-have” and “must-have.” Your service is, at best, a “nice-to-have.” I, for one will not pay for a “nice-to-have.” Good luck to you as more and more of your customers realize they can do without or, more likely, someone else will adopt the model you are now abandoning. Remember when AOL controlled the Internet and now they are merely a footnote. Ning will be right there beside them in the very near future.

  247. Shyam Madhavan Sarada

    I’ve been on Ning for nearly three years now and my network has been in “free” mode all this while. My Ning experience has always been “too good to be true” for no money paid. I have recommended Ning to everyone who has asked me for a similar ‘not-paid’ service ~ and above all other social networking sites/services. Alas, now I cannot continue to do so. And, in hindsight, my experience was indeed too good to be true!

    Bait-and-hook is what we all know this business practice as, and I suppose Ning has its own very valid reasons why it couldn’t rise above it. There always seemed to the assurance though, that ad-supported free networks were a given. I personally didn’t see this coming. And now, with 500+ members, I have to choose between the devil and the deep sea ~ very limited ways forward…

    This announcement does come as a shocker, especially because we hadn’t really worked on a credible plan B to port everything to a new platform/service. The lesson to be learnt, I guess, is that “the business of business is business itself”, as some management thinker once put it. This might be dark comment but Ning has evolved at the expense of a few people and networks who have now fallen by the wayside. Well, we will just have to find ways to get ourselves back up, dust our behinds and keep going 🙂

    I have a question, and perhaps a few others might find the answer useful too. While I weigh my options of continuing with a paid service plan, I’d like to know more about the following line in your post:

    “For Ning Creators using our free service who choose to move to another service, we will offer a simple way to export all of your content.”

    Could you please outline the extent of the content that will be offered for export. All? Some? Selected? Photos? Videos? Blogs? Other data? Is there somewhere I can find this information in full?


  248. cesar vargas

    Muchas gracias por esta buena idea. La red que tengo beneficia a estudiantes de algunos municipios de mi departamento, pero no tengo dinero para pagar. Espero tenga éxito y todo salga bien. Fue muy grato estar en esta red, que lastima que se terminó tan pronto.

  249. AveHurley

    I know we need to pay something as economic hard times are hitting everywhere and ning is no exception. I was however hoping to still provide free services to most of my members in foreign countries as they need help in showing and promoting their art. I am retired & on a fixed income.

    I currently have 258 FREE members on my site and only about 5 that pay a few dollars a month each to help with editing and promotional advertising. I spend over 100 hours a week helping artists online.
    While the $2.95 is perfect for very small groups the $19.95 is too much for a group over 150 people when about 95% are Free members who can not afford these services but rely on us. Some members do not even have computers but go to internet cafes and really look forward to coming to the site and receiving the help they get.

    If Ning had an enhanced option somewhere between the $2.95 & the $19.95 around $9.95 a month for memberships up to about 500 members that would probably save alot of site owners from having to shut down and still provide more revenue for Ning without becoming a hardship on established owners.

    I feel badly as I just announced I would keep memberships free to my members and to members of other nings I belong to~! Now I wont be able to as I either have to stay within 150 and cut off at least 122 members in order to afford to stay and I now can not look to expanding on Ning as I had hoped to do.

    GoDaddy currently has a 2 year Unlimited hosting package for only $125-150[after the sale] which is $62.50 a year and has now got my attention, since it is UNLIMITED and would allow me to not have to turn away free members.

    While I realize Ning is reorganizing and love the platform and the blank pages to work with, as I am not a computer tech, but can comfortably work with the ning platform, the simple membership limited to 150 is already insufficient for my needs just as it would be for school projects and other non-profits. I am not technically a non-profit anyway, just a retired person helping other artists.

    If there was a $9.95 a month or less hosting with membership limit raised between 500-1000 then many creators sites could be spared and wouldnt it be better to get $9.95 & let the help sites remain than to see them migrate elsewhere and leave with hard feelings???

    Its good business to try an accomodate your current members and bad business to force those out who can not afford your new charges of the $19.95 There are many other webhosting companies that can do better for a creator paying $19.95 than ning could provide any time soon. even has stores that people can sell direct with their paypal accounts whereas ning’s require buttons to be mechanically made and embedded. Many of my members cant do such and so I do some for them and make tutorials on how to sell. [ no guarantees of sales but at least there is hope for them]

    Well, thankyou for the announcement and the prewarning. I saw in the forums that paying the $4.95 for hosting made sites ‘premium’ and expected to pay up to double but to pay quadruple is beyond my current budget.

    I do hope that you can create an in-between option to retain as many websites as you can which would still provide a larger advertising base for you as a company. Causing a ‘mass exodus’ will shake up your investors and you may find that you wont entice enough $49.95 & $19.95 a month investors to satisfy your need to generate substantial revenue~

    I dont know how many sites ning has. I heard over 3 million . I would imagine at least 2/3rds to be currently free sites which for the most part would be on automatic for ning creators. To even lose 1 million sites would have to have a negative impact on your company. Many people can scrape $5-10 a month together for a site, but there is going to be a wide chasm developing by limiting the smaller sites to only 150 memberships, compared to $19.95 a month for added members.

    Well, I have started some ‘backup’ sites and I suppose now I will have to develop them faster as I can not simply cut off my free members~!

    Ave Hurley

  250. RavenC

    I hope your new business model is a success for you. I find it rather sad that you could not factor in your current development base in a different manner.

    I for one will be abandoning Ning and remodeling my web development elsewhere. There are so many options out there that allow just about anything that can be done on the Ning Network to be done, ad-free, no limits and with no recurring fees.

    Ning: Number one… to not even worth mentioning. tsk tsk tsk

  251. Jenny

    I understand that Ning has to make money and I have no problems paying. It’s only fair that we pay for a service that Ning provides. However, it doesn’t make sense to pay more for less features. I would gladly pay $25, $30, $35 a month to keep exactly what i have right now. I have a free site. I’m ok with the ads, I’m ok with all the Ning branding. I like all the features I currently have and I would pay a reasonable fee for these things that used to be free. BUT to charge me for less features, that’s just ridiculous. I have principles you know.

  252. Daniel Remis

    I kinda find this plan to be unfair to free users. I have 2 networks on here and all my hard work for them going down the drain in July. I guess you guys just lost another valuable user.

  253. Nunn Guy

    What does this mean for Ning Plus–“except for direct video uploads”? Members can’t upload videos? Nunn Guy (Gary)

  254. NLM

    While I understand Ning’s right to run its business the way it sees fit, I am disappointed that the K-12 offer is not also extended to non-profit organizations like mine. If Ning Mini were a viable option for the purpose we were working to set-up – WHICH IT IS NOT – I would gladly provide you with a copy of our non-profit paperwork to guarantee it. (Example: Vertical Response for non-profits)

    But without the litany of features already mentioned by the K-12 teachers, higher education institutions, other non-profits like mine, and community/affinity groups with non-existent funding, we cannot move forward with our plans.

    I am so glad that we hadn’t yet launched our educational services using Ning, if for nothing other than the seemingly *intentional* lack of comprehension visible in the responses to educators’ complaints about losing features that are integral to their use of Ning.

  255. Mike

    So for the educators:

    Staying are the forums, blogs, video embeds, photos, and err… birthdays.

    Gone are the collaborative apps that have made their use in my class so rich. No more chat, no Huddle spaces, no events calendar, and no web conferencing. Oh and the plan is limited to 150 students; below your average high-school teacher’s load. If I want these things I will need to shell out $199.95 per year – well beyond my means.

    So the big decision: should I stay or should I go? The answer for me is almost definitely go. I will, of course, run my decision past the students first, but the simple fact that all of the remaining tools are already provided for FREE by my school via its WordPress subscription makes it a bit of a no-brainer.

    Thankfully, the IT department at our school is also looking to use BuddyPress to extend our current functionality, providing many of the tools that will now be lost on Ning. And for the apps that BuddyPress won’t provide? Well, there’s always Google…

    Thinkabout it…

  256. Gary

    Ning Plus question

    membership fee is it one-time fee for new members?

    do i have the ability to say “join free or join for $5 to help with upkeep of social network?”

  257. Gary

    Witn Ning Plus I see we can charge members to join-is this one-time join fee? Will I have the option to say “Join FREE or better yet join for $5.00 to help with maintaining our social network?”

  258. Ricardo Pérez Orozco

    Sr. Rosenthal.
    Muchas gracias por este tiempo de cortesia, la red que tengo es de profesores y profesoras de México principalmente, sólo tratamos temas de interes para nuestra labor docente, no buscamos lucrar, ni obtener ningun beneficio, comprendo la aplicacion de un costo por mantenimiento de la red, espero recibir la informacion necesaria en mi correo, por favor en ESPAÑOL, para poder realizar el pago del plan que mejor se ajuste a nuestras necesidades.
    Gracias por su apoyo.

  259. Cara

    The fee paying structure for The Ning Mini Option in fair and manageable. As the creator of the group I can manage that…but can not afford to upgrade to the next tear you propose that would allow our group to maintain its present structure.

    How ever is a very disappointing offer.
    I run a small group with 28 members and we are definitely non profit.
    We are a support group for women.

    The features that made the Ning group so attractive was the easy CHAT facility and the ability to have Groups with in the Home group for specific purposes.
    Your proposed plan will mean that our group would change considerably. what will happen to current posts and Groups content?
    Is their a plan to move them? It is filled with questions unanswered.

    Is there are chance that NING might reconsider some of its services provided?
    Or maybe a Grandfather clause so current groups keep the services they have and all new groups from the implementation of the system ?

    The fee paying structure in fair and manageable. As the creator of the group I can manage that…but can not afford to upgrade to the next tear you propose.

    I really do what to stay with the Ning network….

    Women Surviving Abuse ~ a healing forum

  260. Ricardo Pérez Orozco

    Quiero información en Español, para poder seleccionar uno de los planes.
    Gracias por su apoyo.
    Me interesa no perder mi red, me gusta este sitio de NING.

  261. not-happy

    no no way… I’m not moving from $13 per month to $50 per month.. for something which almost 3 years ago I was told was available open source… I was told via an email from you guys years ago that I could get a copy of the code once I built up my member base a bit more, to show that I was serious (or some bs)… Then after 6 months of working on the site, that never happened… I would have never started to build a network with ning if I knew that it was only available as a paid hosted service.. I understand that investors need to be paid back on their investment, but changing from promoting ning as open-source to lock-in hosted service where you can’t extract all of your member data and then to an expensive lock-in hosted service… is totally wrong.. like said above.. talk about screwing the pootch.. I’ve sent you guys so many emails about this and no one from there has ever given me a reply, so feel free to come back with an explanation.

    Our non profit community will suffer because I can’t afford to pay you guys the prices you just pluck out of the air… this ultimatum your giving me is blackmail.. this is a sad day for our 800 members and 1600 local followers… and for me..I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours promoting this site… We’ll be moving from ning soon.

  262. Estela

    I wish to know how we can do the pay ( paypal, credit card?) . This point it not describe in your july offert. I worry about that. I hope the new services includes spanish translation.
    Thank you.

  263. Carys

    What a swindle – like many others I joined Ning when MSN groups closed as this seemed a great alternative. Now here we are again looking for a new home as my small group of pensioners cannot afford to pay for even the mini option which takes away nearly all the features that attracted us here in the first place. Shame on you.

  264. Kirk Strong

    Incredible package – This new pricing is more than fair and will continue to make NING the very best option for social networks on the web. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I told all the doubters that NING was gonna come up with something great and you exceeded my expecations! Keep up the great work.

  265. KGeo

    GOOD BYE… this was the only free DIY network site… good luck to the people who have to pay!

  266. roseanne

    hola necesito que me ayude alguno de ning
    tengo una comunidad y no tengo tarjeta de credito para pagar solo tarjeta de debito

    se puedes????

    o ustedes tienen alguna cuenta sonde se pueda depositar

    espero que me ayuden gracias

    este es mi correo

  267. Kira Slye

    We would pay, but TODAY we got 200 spammers joining our ning. Won’t pay for a service that doesn’t keep out spammers.

  268. Diaz

    again, everyone will leave because of this plan my website is only so I can talk with others but now I have to pay

  269. Amanda Rose

    As a creator and VOLUNTEER online counselor of a an online support network for ADULT SURVIVORS OF CHILD ABUSE I am sad to say I will not be able to afford the fees. The service I provide is the EMOTIONAL support that is lacking in our MENTAL HEALTH systems, the daily support that nursing staff and professionals cannot provide due to the dynamics of their profession. I nurse members through their hospital stays replacing the need for the drugs they must take to inhibit their emotions. Unless you have been in this situation you would never understand. My network has given my members who live daily with depression, anxiety, POST TRAUMA, DID, MPD, Schiztophrenia etc etc a place to feel safe and express what they need to in order to cope DAILY. We are keeping people alive on this website, supporting them through episodes of self harming and even suicide attempts.. My work will fold. Twelve months of establishing this network, working every day, I have not missed a day. I will lose so much and my members are back out on their own again. Please reconsider who must pay!!

    I am eternally grateful for the service NING has allowed these past 12 months, I wish I could do more.
    Amanda Rose
    Castle By The Lake Administrator

  270. PM Morris

    How do we export and not loose our members?

    Will you charge us for this too or find away to claim ownership for yourselves and keep them for future profits?

    We would appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to transfer our lists BEFORE your implementation date of this fee based system.

  271. Derek

    You know this is great for NING but it’s a little too late! You should have implemented this when you stopped the cross network invitation spam that way you would have protected Premium Paying NCs from leeching free NCs that we all had to contend with back then. The playing field should have always been level but it wasn’t and it cost me a lot of time, money, and frustration while someone else used your free service copied all my ideas and basically was aided and abetted by Ning in their thievery.

    Thank goodness someone there recognized finally that the paying customers should always be the first to be taken care of! I am glad that you purged the overly idealistic folks at Ning who couldn’t seem to get the fact that you were and are a business. I have unfortunately moved over to another platform and in the process killed my business so it’s pretty much over form me now. Ning don’t ever, ever listen to the drones of the let it be free crowd again they will ruin you.

  272. Oisin

    It would be nice if Ning could offer paying members some way of paying for discounted shares in Ning, much like other corporations and companies do for their members. Share the ‘Pie’. Might raise a lot of money for Ning?

  273. Asipeli

    Best wishes for the future thee is no such thing as free lunch!!!!!………..I know that I have owe You Ning !!!…………….but hey!, please contact me how to pay you than I will pay you now because I want the “ning” to take off from my main title cos it’s too long ha!ha!ha!…………..please mail to my private contact.

    “drill baby drill!!!!!”……….or “Yes we can!!!!!!!”………bye

  274. PM Morris

    Several comments comes to mind when I think about your new fee based website. What it took to get your customers is what it is going to take to keep them. Secondly, be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. A maximum of 150 members for the cheap seats. I am very disappointed and a bit angered when I think about the arrogance of this organization. You have obvisiously abandonded the very foundation you have built this organization on. This site became successful not because of the big corporations but with the small organizations whom have brought unpresident advertisers to your site. It is the principal, I will not pay for something I help build for free. You have put a new twist on the meaning of the barter system. Build us up and once we become self-sufficient now pay us to fly and by the way we are going to charge you extra for what you already have…music, video. etc. Then a 10 week notice to pay or be exported. For the many of us who have recommended and been with you for years, we say thank you for the loyalty ):

  275. Bill

    Thanks for publishing. However, this seems like there is wide gap in pricing in the current offering as well as competitively. Jumping from $2.95 with restriction to $19.95 (close to 8x the price factor) simply leaves too wide a gap to be competive. Many alternatives exist in the suite spot for 7.95 – 9.95 a month. Why is ning not creating a service for that range?
    I am managing several networks. One of them is just outside the max member limit for the $2.95 and thus we would have to consider the $19.95 plan. This leaves the door open to too many options, so most likely this community will need to move. Can we not create a flex plan where we can select any number of multiples of the basic plans, e.g. if you want to have 300 members or twice the storage you can get 2x the basic plan and you are covered. Thinking outside the box would definetly result in more attractive offerings.

  276. Feroo

    I can’t believe the mini option has such weedy customisation options and the next package up is way too expensive for non-profit pages like mine.
    I’ve started looking for free alternatives and I’ve found for web sites and it’s SO much better than Ning.
    It’a shame I can’t wish Ning luck in the future but the HOURS and HOURS of work I have put into my Ning sites kinda makes me a bit bitter for some reason!
    BYE BYE NING and thanks for nothing.

  277. Jon Watts

    If I already purchased a yearly plan to use my own domain name. Will I be forced into the new plan in July, or will I be allowed to transition when my current agreement expires (April 2011) ?



  278. Hollie

    Wow. I also just saw that you don’t even get chat in the $3 a month! Chat is how my students study! Dudes, you are joking, right?! Tell me this is April Fool’s?!

    The whole appeal of NING is that it is FREE… that non-profit groups and underpaid teachers could use.

    We are very disappointed.

  279. Richie

    I am one of the first groups to start here and we have 1500 members. I have been paying $12.90 per month to remove the ads and use my own domain. Now see I’ll have to pay a little more for the mid range service (not a problem) but it looks I’ll also be loosing some features that we have. You really know how to put us “creators” in a tough place. Looks like I will have to pay your ransom, which I’m not happy about…. Richie

  280. Olaf Clausing

    Much worse than expected. How can you do this to us? To keep my network running I have to pay 500$ instead of 0 (ZERO), that will destroy your company and even customers willing to pay (like me) will leave. I was expecting to pay 10$ a month, but 500$ to keep my videos and mp3s running is not possible at all. I feel realy sad and still can´t belive that this is true. Have you ever looked at your comments? You force me to leave and I will take the money I was expecting to pay you with me!

    Good by my love, you became a nightmare


  281. DaveL

    well, that’s me sent my first ‘drop ning from your plans’ email.

    Some posts here mention export tools, but I can’t find them with a help search, can somebody here provide a link?

    Also, various posts mention alternatives. What’s best for community groups? Big Tent isn’t properly internationalised yet. Facebook too open, and not trusted by significant numbers. Buddypress events don’t seem to get a good press?

    Come on ning, nuance your strategy – recognise that completely cutting the free option is NOT the best way forward for you, and neither is cutting features like events from your entry level price plan.

  282. Scott J

    As a Ning subscriber and user, you should have grandfathered the people that have already set up a ning site with most of the features to keep it at 3.00 bucks a month. This will adversely affect my ability to produce a good product as I will refuse to pay 20.00 a month for what I’m getting for free now. Unfortunately, your lack of compassion, or hunger for greed, puts all of us who have integrated ning for our customers in a very bad place.

    I would encourage all not to pay unless there is a change in plans. Of course, thanks to Twitter, we all new this was coming.

  283. Steve


    Sorry. I’m not biting. I run several small networks for a variety of groups — one for a church group, one related to a hobby, and a couple of educational sites for non-profits. I found Ning to be a valuable tool for all of these needs. I would have considered you Ning Plus plan if it allowed by to maintain all of my networks for that monthly price. However the way I interpret it, I would have to a pay a separate fee for each network. That won’t work for me. May if you simply limited the number of networks I had (say 6-10), I would of considered, but I won’t pay and can’t afford a fee for each network. Guess, I’ll be looking for another tool.

  284. Tracy

    I reserved my comments until the pricing structure was released. I am a little dismayed that Ning wants $19.95 a month or $199.95 a year, and will reduce the services I currently use. I have a full-fledged website that I only pay $99 a year for. I use my website, ning site, and facebook, because each has unique features that I like and that give my supporters options on obtaining information. The Ning Mini would be worth it if I wasn’t losing current features, but to charge more and give less doesn’t make sense to me. On my $99 per year website I have my own domain, Google adsense, video, music, blog, forums, and 20+ apps.

    Thanks for the 10 weeks to decide what to do.

  285. David Schlussel

    That’s a pretty big jump from $3 to $20 per month, from $20 to $200 per year. Looks like there may be plenty of room for middle ground.

    Please consider something in there.


  286. Dennis

    I am leaving Ning and I won’t come back. It’s awful to let people create communities for free and then just take it away. Just when our communities have started to grow. I am moving my community to another website, the hopefully won’t cheat us.

    Ning should be ashamed of themselves.

  287. Mat

    I am paying 25$ a month for ads so that means i am cool and i will also get Ning Plus features?

  288. User

    My only alternative then would be….. keep my site until the end of June and after, DELETE them …..

  289. Guido Indij

    Houston, we have a problem
    I opened a 1000 members community just for love to communication
    Now that´s pretty active, NING blackmail me with U$S 200 / year

  290. Cadu de Castro Alves

    “Since Ning Mini will be free for educators, you should be set: you’ll just need a new Ning Network for each class you teach.”


    It’s a very very newbie solution. I’m thinking about someone who will need to migrate 10 or 20 accounts.
    Hummm… I need to find another website to host community. #ning #fail =(

  291. Richard Jones III

    The 2.95 plan is not bad but you can’t even do css custom layouts on it, in my eyes this is a stupid move Ning. Well it looks like I’m going back to Myspace it’s free and at least I can make it look custom and not get charged $19.95, if you think about it everyone you can pay less then $19.95 a month for a domain name and server and build your own site with WordPress. Come to think of it I think I am going to do that the last thing I need for my company is another monthly charge when I can do it myself for free. Lots of luck Ning I think you need it now.

  292. Rachelle

    Well here we are. The first package allows only 150 members. Come on, 200-500 members would been a lot better.

  293. Pam

    I created my ning site for family to keep up to date, so I will be moving my 40 members and pending to another “FREE” network. It is ridiculous to have a paid social site, when the site is not a business. I know at least 5 other ning sites that will be dropping ning also because of the charge. I find it appalling that you do not offer a free site for social groups, like family, and charge business groups. I will be moving my group off the network before month’s end.

  294. C. Jason Smith, Ph.D (CUNY).

    I am migrating to totally to Google or, maybe Spruz. We are trying to be innovative with public, open, course content and participation, and this decision will just not work for us. As one of my students said today “Ning is so retro-negative”. I agree.

  295. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Laura,

    These changes affect Network Creators. Members of your Ning Network will not have to pay in order to stay active on your Ning Network.


  296. Laura

    And I have YET, to have a question answered that I have been ignored about – Will My Manilow Network members have to pay YOU extra, to stay ON that network now? We have a fan club membership that we pay for through the BMIFC – so basically you are saying that if we don’t pay YOU, Ning, WE will not be able to log onto My Manilow Network anymore -is this right?

  297. Megan

    This is really too bad as I am a member on 2 separate ning sites and have talked up how great this networking platform is. I will not, and I suspect many others will not be paying. Our sites are not for profit and are small and since it is a network of friends, there isn’t one who is willing or able to pay for this service. I encourage you to re-think your pricing to include option such as the free plan with add ons. I am sorry to leave but I will not be able to stay.

  298. sarge

    I am very disappointed. I too feel black mailed and that my community is being held ransom. We either have to pay for items not needed or pay less and lose EVENTS! I like the idea of the ala-carte model. Ning made its business from being free and getting a following. I’m sure someone else will do the same– I suppose my group’s eyes in front of your ads didn’t buy enough bandwidth… bummer, Ning!


  299. Melynda Jones

    Dear Laura Oppenheimer,

    I’ve noted your responses regarding the k-12 still being free. I did read the paragraphs carefully. It is the mini version that is going to be free, correct? The problem as some of us teachers see it, is the NUMBER OF MEMBERS allowed. I would even pay $20 a year if I could have unlimited members.

    At my middle school, each teacher teaches between 120-200 students. We also team teach which means we would like ONE ning for each team so that we could share our content, since we teach the same thing. We don’t want to have to create and maintain a separate ning for each teacher or class. Our sixth grade class this year is 580 students who we’d like to see on the same ning. There is not a viable option for that. We already have Schoolwires accounts for our own personal sites. Please let us know if there will be free or cheap plans that allow greater number of members.


  300. Paul Schumann

    I got involved with the Ning platform because of its functionality, ease of use, and pricing. The option to include Google advertising on the network and not pay a fee to use the platform was especially attractive to many of the nonprofit, grass roots, and educational organizations I was involved with. I learned how to use the tool, created eight networks, solicited membership in the networks, taught people how to use the networks, gave presentation on the Ning platform, and recommended the Ning platform. I invested my time and money in Ning for free based on trust in Ning.

    Now that trust is betrayed and Ning will never get it back. Now they want me to pay for use of the Ning platform.

    Now multiply my experience by several hundred thousand Ning network creators (at least).

  301. Gillian

    Damn! I use Ning for a small non-profit community group.

    Mini would be OK except that ‘events’ is the main feature we use. The next step up is too pricey for us. I’m not sure what we’ll do now.

    This move came out of the blue! I wouldn’t have put in all the work to set up the site and encourage members to use it, if I knew this was coming.

    Good work on getting a sponsor for educational use. Or is ‘sponsor’ just your way of saying you’ll give it to schools for free? In any case, it’s a good thing.


    querido amigos , mi pagina es sin fines de lucro, es para mostrar al mundo en ayudas para salvar el planeta, asi tengo otras como holocausto nazi, contra el cancer, no a la matanza de focas, quisiera saber si uno no se puede acoger al plan, nos retiran del todo la pagina, quisiera una respuesta, toda vez que no puedo pagar porque colaboro con ong, y no dispongo de mas dinero, por lo que me gustaria saber, para poder sacar la informacion, porque seria una pena que cierren unas paginas que se han hecho con tanto amor y dedicacion, espero su repuesta

  303. Kurc

    Really too bad – although I have not been with Ning long at all, I did like some of the features. Fortunately as this was a trial for our group – and again a non-profit – we started out by “mirroring” the setup in Bigtent – so even though there are some differences, it’s off to Bigtent for good as they are – for now – free.

    Good luck.

  304. hi

    i was working past 2 years to grow my network, where is my effort ???? ning got enough members and network, in my region no one donno wot is ning. now its famous becouse of me, did ning payme any bucks to do hard work past 2 years???


  305. Adam Reid

    Monumentally disappointing. Ning was meant to be emblematic of the ethos of emerging web culture. But now it seems you’ve either sold yourself or just aren’t interested in exploring innovative ways to raise revenue, resorting to an old business model for something that’s meant to be for everyone, everywhere. Anyway, go ahead and chalk up another ning network which has no intention of subscribing for a less-than-impressive pay site. Ah well…

  306. Carlos Fonce


    Any news on the format for mobile browsing? as announced in previous press releases and do not see it described in any of the options within the priductos, this is certainly great value in a world increasingly adept at using mobile devices

  307. BenAtRKUK

    I’ve already sent a message to support but I’ll ask here as well, will all content that is currently on my currently “FREE” Ning site remain on when I purchase what I thinks gonna be Ning Plus as I was thinking of getting a domain, need to know as I’ve spent a long time making the website what it is today.

  308. joao araujo

    I am saddened by the news, I felt betrayed, I think it should be done another kind of control, I have a premium account, but I have other communities that do not justify the investment, but I used my time to build them, now I will simply lose Them, I found this a low blow. Should I cancel my account including Premium, I do not think the right attitude, I think we should stay who was already not fair, not fair.

  309. Lukum

    Well, I was just getting used to Ning and I appreciated not to have to set up and fully maintain the backstage of a website. With this new paying plan, the Mini offers too little and the Plus is already too expensive for our pocket. So all in all it’s not worth staying longer with Ning – I’ll turn again to WordPress or Joomla. One thing makes me angry however: my current Ning sites are well referenced under Google now, and everything will be messed up when I’ll close my account.

  310. Kara Harkins

    So let me see if I got this right.

    In exchange for what is currently free I get to lose features (ning mini), remove ads, *and* I get to pay you too?

    Where do I sign up?

  311. GREG

    If you have an existing Ning and want to pay and stay – how is this going to be handled. What are the steps involved or are you just going to delete all the free blogs and make people start from scratch?
    Also – will there be a function added to the features control to monitor the amount of GB used?
    Also – as the Nings are now, just because you delete a post it does not give you back that amount used for storage – is this going to change as well?

  312. Janos Biro

    Are you excited? Well, I’m not. There’s nothing exciting about having to pay for something that is not worth of it. I don’t want to monetize my Ning Network. Why would I? My life is not about money. I really don’t have $2.95/month to spend on any service you may offer. I wanted Ning as simple and plain as it is, or even less. Is that so hard to offer for “free” (with ads)? Ok, then I will move to another place that offers what I really need. Thanks.

  313. Burton Danet, Ph.D.

    Please put us in touch with the company that will sponsor educational sites and we will cooperate to the same for free sites that will be unable to continue free. Thank you. 1-310-712-5477

  314. Cristian

    I use Ning to organize a small soccer team, and I am willing to pay for the mini version…

    We use a small amount of all ning features… we don’t need chat, groups, notes, neither ning apps… but no events? are you kidding? I just need 3 events each week… that’s all… maybe you guys should find a way to offer a small ammount of events in the mini version…

    I’m really sorry, but if not, I think I’ll leave.

    I don’t want to… but I have no choice.

  315. Babi

    Ez szörnyű, kitalálta ezt ki?? Szerintem egy csomó oldal meg fog szünni, az jó lesz nektek??

  316. Chris R

    I’ve been using Ning for almost a year with my high school students in two different classes.

    We loved the video/picture sharing/discussion capabilities, but I loved the Notes/Pages feature the most as I could put extensive notes related to our content there.

    With the Mini plan, though, I see that’s no longer a possibility. So I guess I’ll have to move on. For the two Ning sites I had, I just don’t see fitting $400/year into my budget.

    Fortunately, as mentioned above, some of the blog sites will allow me to continue what I was doing on Ning…with some minor differences.

    Although I’m leaving Ning, in one sense I’m glad for the restructuring since it made me reassess how I presented my content and brought some clarity to what I do.

    Thanks, Ning.

  317. Jodi

    For those outside the US, K-12 means from kindergarten until university. The last grade level in school is 12. University comes after that.

  318. annek

    well, goodbye Ning. Not going to shell out $200 a month, and my network is utterly useless without groups… too bad.

  319. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Shelli,

    Videos you embed will appear in the Videos section, just as they do today! You’ll also be able to add embeds to blogs, forum, etc.


  320. Harry Klein

    How refreshing to see a web-based company actually engage in good old fashioned capitalism. The subscription rates seem more than reasonable. I understand the dislocation – both form site perspective and emotionally – this may cause some long-standing Ning users. Ning has offered very reasonably priced options to avoid site dislocation. The emotional dislocation is perhaps more challenging. I would ask anyone who is severely upset about a free service moving to a fee-based model how long they would be willing to work for free. Nothing of any value is free. The advertising model is challenging in most cases for most sites. For those with a community on Ning that want to avoid dislocating that community, pony up $20 for the Mini version. If that’s not sufficient, then maybe the community members will be willing to make micro-payments to the community facilitators.

  321. Holly

    For the domain that I have, We value the pages, and Events, as well as the Chat. I can not go with the mini package, and not sure if I can afford the Plus. I am on a limited income and I really enjoyed the Free service that was supplied. I think this is a slap in the face to many of us creators who have been with you for some time. I think older members should have been grandfathered in and continued the origonal service to which we have been using for how long now? I think you should have a package between the Mini and the Plus. Maybe like 9.99 a month and you get the pages, the chat, the events, the blogs, the photos and forum, basicly what we are currently experiencing, and you use your own ads, those ads will generate profit for you in the long run, so why not? Next time maybe supply a little KY before you give it to us. In addition, when we do, transition over to paying, please tell me we will not have to change our domain or names or make a whole new domaine? That would be a pain in the dairy aire and I would probably just leave completely if that were the case.

  322. Jennifer Langdon

    I too am saddened by the changes at Ning. I have used Ning with great success in my college classroom, but I am unable to afford the pricing plans you offer. I am not a decision-maker at my institution, so I do not have the power to decide to purchase Ning at an institutional level. I liked the flexibility and usability of Ning, but as my mom always told me, “If it appears too good to be true it usually is.”

  323. Ian Johnstone

    Sorry, but I guess I’ll be moving my forum site elsewhere. Which is very sad; especially when it was set up you blabbed on about the fact that it would always be free. I guess you can say whatever you want.

    We have more than 150 members now, and it’s simply too much of a leap in cost from $20/year to $200/year for what we use it for which is forums, blogs, groups and photographs.

    I wish there was $20/year with add-ons. Like $20/year to add up to 150 more members, or $20/year to add additional disk space. But a 10x cost jump between the entry level and the next level is just ridiculous.

  324. Outdoorsman

    This is a shame!! The amount of Men, Women & Children who share a common passion for Hunting, Fishing and the Outdoors who have pages on NING you will lose will be significant. I guess it’s all about the almighty “Buck”

  325. goodmourning

    On top of that, you guys are INSANE. 500 bucks a year? Someone can buy a domain for 10 bucks a year and set up a page at freewebs at no cost and use a number of places that offer forums with features that you “offer” for 50 bucks a year TOPS. What you guys are doing is RIP OFF. What are you thinking?

  326. Adam

    I’d like to add that I just finished bringing my whole department into the Ning circle and was getting ready to train professors and teachers from local schools in this, and three adjacent, states. Guess not. I also guess Ning doesn’t like money as much as it thinks it does; there will be A LOT of people disembarking this titanic disaster (pun intended).

  327. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Adam,

    Just wanted to make sure you saw this paragraph:

    We’ve also heard from many Network Creators who use Ning in the classroom as an integral part of their curriculum. I am particularly excited to announce that a major education company will be sponsoring Ning Mini Networks for educators in primary and secondary education. Ning will remain free for K-12 educators and their students. We’ll have details on this program soon!


    Hope that helps!

  328. Adam

    Okay. Well, I used this for my classrooms because it was a great way to keep my classes updated for a tech-savvy generation of students. There’s no way I’m paying for LESS capability than I got for free before. (Note: I would pay for the SAME capability, but I wouldn’t like it.) Way to be dumb, Ning. Who made up your pricing anyway? Did you guys get bought out by Goldman-Sachs?

  329. Amber

    I agree with some of the posts here, we’re moving as well. In fact, we’ve already moved. I was worried we would have to move manually so it does help that Ning will be helping us move. The pricing and what you get for the money is outrageous. For those people who have big sites, they would either have to downsize or pay big loads of fees to keep their site the way it is. I feel for those people.

    I’ve always liked Ning because it was easy to create a site and meet new people on the system but Ning has just completely ruined it for me and I’m sorry for the way its changing. Best of luck to those who decide to stay here.


  330. Trula Rockwell

    this still sucks unfortunately, guys. i don’t work and this is the only way that i can have my site is if it is free! even though i’m 17 i have no car to drive and can not afford any of this!!!!!!!!!!

  331. DaveL

    Of course it’s your right, if that’s the direction you want to take, but I’m really disappointed with the way you’re bringing this in for small community groups.

    The short notice – less than 2 months, the reduced facilities for the mini-plan – no events, no groups.

    I’ve been evangelising for ning for a while, and having convinced a small community group to climb aboard have put in lots of work in the last couple of weeks, feeling secure with the free service, because the ‘paid for by adverts’ model has become pretty prevalent.

    This group needs events, so the mini-plan won’t do, and the next step-up is far far too big.

    And what’s K12 to non-US users?

    I feel that I’ve been taken for a ride.

  332. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Mel,

    The $19.95 version — Ning Plus — has everything your current Ning Network has, except for direct video uploads and the music feature. It comes with the option to use your own domain, run ads and remove Ning branding. This is a pretty full featured offering! Plus, if music is important to you, you can always embed a music player from an external service.

    Hope that helps!

  333. Mel Riser

    Well, I believe you are going to seal the demise of NING. You may get your larger customers to move to a subscription model, but for the most part, you are forcing most of you customers to seek other venues for their data, advertising dollars and websites.

    Indeed I might have stayed if the 19.99 per month was full featured, but not at 49 bucks a month. And the 3 bucks per month and 150 users is kind of not enough for too little. Not worth the hassles.

    Good luck, and I’m guessing you will be overseeing the demise of something that pretty cool. Too bad ya’ll added so much of a head count that you exceeded your funding base.

    good luck, and goodbye. ( I’m sure my sentiment is the majority )


  334. HyperMilz

    Im extremely dissapointed that this site is now fee paying.
    It may only have a small site but its still important.
    Its been up for a year and it looks like it already has an experation date
    I now have to decide whether to fund it and keep my friends happy and balance my finances (being a student I have no money to waste)
    The only reason I used this was because it was free
    Have fun in July shutting down a ton of sites, annoying the patrons, upsetting hundreds but I suppose you’ll think its worth the extra money.

  335. Peeved at Ning

    Again, this is an outrage. What about the networks that more than 150 members but can’t afford the advanced packages? Why take away the music, videos, etc?

    Seriously, you just got money hungry. Remember most countries economies are shot right now. Not everyone has the money for this kind of outrage!!!!!

  336. B. Line

    The new price structure saddens me greatly. We are a not for profit rescue group that has benefited from having a site where we can communicate. We are also highly concerned where every dollar goes because those dollars can mean the difference between life and death of a dog. I understand business, and that those free sites are basically subsidized by paying customers. I understand that so much that I have often suggested to people to join ning for their web services and did turn into paying customers for ning.

    Unfortunately, we will have to scramble. And also have to wear some egg on my face for a while, since I convinced our board that the ning solution for communication was worth the energy to build the site and awareness.

    I sure wish that there was some type of reconsideration for not for profit organizations that just dont have the funding…. oh well.

  337. Ken

    Yeah, this is crap. You are not adding new features for paid services you are taking away features and charging $20.00 a month to get them back. For that money I just get what I had. How is that improvement? See you all at Google Groups!

  338. Angel

    I am deeply disappointed and frustrated, I was recommending everyone the use of the site as an alternative to facebook. All my stuff in ning is has only value to my family and some friends, to start pay for a service just to keep everyone “informed” I’ll just start using facebook. For some people with business interested my paying the $3 or more may not be a by deal but for me and my friends nope.

    I agree with By Jamie Worley who posted comments on May 4, 2010. “You may make more money by charging, and that’s the “American Way” and your freedom to so and I respect it; however, I will choose to save mine due to principal.”

  339. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Bill,

    Since Ning Mini will be free for educators, you should be set: you’ll just need a new Ning Network for each class you teach.


  340. suzana

    I did not like these news in any way….It is hard to pay for this social network a high price you are offering..pity really is…..In my view. It is NOT FAIR these changes while I have 550 members and lots of files inside of it…Where I will go???? what will happen with my studentsd that can not pay to have a good education????? PITY that you guys are changing and looking just for the MONEY and you guys don´t care anymore about the FREE SPIRIT OF interchange online for FREE anymore..BAD NEWS TO ME AND MY MEMBERS…I AM VERY SAD !

  341. Bill

    I am a teacher and have under 150 students, but I teach 4 classes, would I need to pay a subscription for each class, (because each class has a different ning address,) or would I be able to pay 1 subscription price for all of my classes?

  342. sephage

    Folks, you’re screwin’ the pooch I think.

    I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do, except probably have a lot of pissed off members who will no longer have a community within which to interact. Either that or charge them, but I’ve no facility to be able to do that.

    The tone of the announcement (“you have all the way until July to decide”) is thoroughly disappointing – 2 months notice is pretty short, and folks can (and I imagine are) creating “free” networks still as I type this.

    I’ve gone from being in love with Ning to feeling betrayed.

  343. L. E.

    Thanks ning for keeping the “mini” very affordable.
    I find it amazing how many people get bent out of shape when they can no longer get something for nothing.

  344. Jamie Worley

    So let me get this right…you offer a free Ning network for a while and then, now that many are dependent upon it (like my leadership team and I), you remove the “free” Ning network, forcing everyone who is dependent upon it to pay. Two words…”low blow.” Low blow for the reason of simply being “excited” about moving in a new direction. Well, I’m not so excited. Why pay when I can go to Facebook & use a free social network where everyone already is anyway. You may make more money by charging, and that’s the “American Way” and your freedom to so and I respect it; however, I will choose to save mine due to principal. You probably won’t approve this post and I wouldn’t blame you. This is simply my “opinion” and perception; right or wrong. If I’m wrong…if we are wrong, then convince me otherwise. Why should we pay?

  345. Hannah

    I am very disappointed by this. Forcing network creators to shell out money for free sites they’ve already created- I feel like this is something along the lines of extortion. Ning Mini is totally useless for the small network I’ve created for my family since we use the video uploads to keep in touch across the country. Ning Mini is useless for the small network I’ve created for one of my classes because we rely on the chat to be able to discuss projects without having to organize meetings in person (a commuter school in the fourth largest city in the United States means classmates spread far throughout the entire metro area).

    I’ve been encouraging people to use ning because its so great for years, and I won’t be doing it anymore.

  346. Diane

    Maybe I am not as aware as I would like to be and I am excited by this. My questions will we be able to do newsletters to our members under plus & pro or would we still have to use an outside entity?

  347. donnam13

    Realistically anyone that wants more than a static website with a blog ability (which you can get free on wordpress or any other platform) will have to pay $199.95 a year to get the Groups, Pages, Events etc… all of which are crucial for an online ‘community’… without those its static.

    as much as I understand making a profit – the entire way this has been handled, the fact that you still have links up for people to ‘sign up for a free Ning network’ and the pricing system shown today all smack of greed not business. We’re out of here. If ever there was a reason to take our community full time to Facebook, this is it.

  348. Will Tachiiri

    Not bad at all! But what about the existing premiums support plan? Can Ning Pro support more than one network established by same creator, or it’s just limited to one? Also I’d like Ning to remove the limit of the number you can create under 1 Ning ID (which is currently 10), but I think this will be gone, right!?

  349. Klaudya TH

    NING , frist of all, should be thinking about all procedures regarding how network creators will keep their things to transfer to another plataform.

    That’s very important!

    Many of us are deeply disappointed, so… we really need information about Ning Creators using free service who choose to move to another service, we need a simple way to export all of our content to another free service.

  350. Lee

    I’ve just sent a network message to the 1400+ members of my site announcing it will be shut down on June 30th. Best wishes for your success as a paid web development platform.

  351. Geo.

    Sorry to hear that as of July we as a charity have no place in the Nng community, it took me 6 months of hard talking that this was FREE and would cost them nothing since I donate my time.

    Now as they begin to use it, comes the crunch thanks for nothing. my work wasted any thing I say from here on in about joining the 21st centuary and doing some real good in the world gone out the window.

  352. Steve

    I’m disappointed to see no “free” plan. I’m not sure $20 a year is worth it. I don’t think I’ll stay…just shut down my portion of my site.

  353. Oriol Miralbell

    I don’t see as a service the possibility to get data from the members of our network showing relations, common topics, etc. Analizing a social network is a very useful activity. Can Ning provide such a powerful and flexible instrument that allow to extract datd to analyze the activity of the network?
    This is a public information, because it only refers to activities that are publicized by the members with their participation in the network. Thus, by analyzing this information we are not violating privacy.
    Can somebody answer if this is a service that could be available?
    On the other hand I think that it is not very fair that people who have been working tough in making their networks active and sucessful, and consequently helping Ning to become visible and get prestige, must now pay. It’s not a good way to thank them for their job and recognize their efforts. Changing the rules at this point of the game sound a little abusive.
    It had been better that they could keep their rights to stay for free, and only the new networks had pay.

  354. Paul Terlemezian

    First of all – thank you for existing as a company. Your existence has helped me and many others accelerate our learning and accelerate our ability to create value for others. You did not have to do this for free but you chose to – many have benefitted. You’ve earned my sincere appreciation.

    Second – I learned a long time ago that the best customers are ones that want (perhaps need) their providers to stay in business. I am not your best customer but I sure want you to stay in business. My hope (and I am sure yours too) is that this pricing structure will keep you in business for a long time.

    Third – I encourage you to considers some limited number of groups (perhaps a dozen?) in the Ning Mini level package. I chose Ning over Linked in for many reasons. The easiest to articulate was the advanced functionality and ease of use for your groups. This is a differentiator for ning that you will benefit from by “lowering” the entry point.

    Fourth – I encourage the use of a limited number of apps in the Ning Mini package as well. Apps can be the source of user and community loyalty. It is important to discover that early in the community building journey.

    Fifth – I encourage the inclusion of limited chat and limited events in the Ning Mini package as well. I have learned that by scheduling events via my ning community and running them through my ning site via chat and conference phone that I increased traffic and value to my clients. This was not intuitive for me – I discovered it by experiencing the value of it. Chat and Events are “linked” from a functionality perspective which is why I included them in the same paragraph.

    Sixth – I encourage you to consider a very limited (50 members, 1 event per month, 3 groups, 10 person chat, 5 app max) free offering – just as a way to continue to expand the user community. My site is already to big for this – I am not requesting it for my direct benefit. I am requesting it because I believe that ning’s growth and success will come from small communities experiencing all the benefits and then learning how to earn and justify their growth.

    Keep it going, Ning. I intend to increase my use of Ning to help me justify the cost.

  355. Alan Brand

    Needless to say I was hopeful and remain optomistic. The cost seem affordable yet for a South African with a support site for HIV+ gay males and already over 200 members I would have to opt for the Ning Plus at $199.95 per year which due to our currency will be R1999. 50 per year a realy expensive option for a country with a poor economy and currency. Be that as it may I will now be able to seek funding now that I know the price in question.

    SA Poz Dudes

  356. Social Casino

    This looks like a good, sensible business plan. The charge for a year is only $20 and the fact you get that ad-free makes it well worth the money.

    My only worry is whether we will see subsequent price rise after price rise and more changes of business plan. We have already seen quite a few twists and turns and so am skeptical whether this is the last one.

  357. ken

    the policy change comes just after i invested a lot of time and energy to implement a website too coordinate a semi-annual grass-roots gathering of contact improv practitioners. the website was very helpful for our last gathering, and i was looking forward to growing our online presence and community, with member-contributed videos and pictures, and connections in general. now we’re in a terrible bind, because the pricing options we could conceivably afford don’t allow us to continue what we’ve already started. time i might afford to find or build an alternative was exhausted in establishing ourselves on ning, and i’m going to have to tell my members that i wasted their time, also, to, eg, join, connect, upload their videos, etc. while it was not a complete loss, because it served us well for the one event, it ultimately is turning out to be a mistake for us to trust ning as an online home for our little gathering.

  358. Laura Oppenheimer

    @ Jeff – We don’t have all the answers flushed out right now, but we’ll post details when we have them in the appropriate place — Developer, Blog or Creators.


  359. Nicolas Szilas

    I am running and participating to several academic free Ning networks, with the size of about 50-100. With the new pricing, all these networks will have to stop, because we cannot rely on a technology that will cease to be affordable, as soon as the community reaches 150.

    The new pricing is thus a really bad news.

    Nicolas Szilas

  360. Sarah

    >.> Ning. Mini should have Chat and pages… At lest alow us to have what we have now!… Dang!

  361. ONY

    That’s a big difference in price from the NING MINI to the NING PLUS….Why is there not an option inbetween these two prices for those of us who do not have a large amount of members but would still like to have the chat, Groups, Ning Apps and events but would still be prepared to keep your adverts on there?

  362. KaLeah Hicks


    I don’t think you understood what Dawn was saying. I’m a high school teacher and my class load is 175 students. So even though my ning would be free, 25 of my students couldn’t join. That’s a whole class. Most secondary teachers have more than 150 students, so it really doesn’t solve the problem to be free, but limited to 150 members.

  363. Erin Denniston

    I am deeply disappointed by the pricing decisions. As an educator, the Ning Mini won’t allow me use Events, something teachers use for homework assignments, field trips, projects, etc. No groups, no chat, no notes, or apps. What on earth is the difference between Ning Mini and a free website or blog? I can use the birthday function? Whoop de do. Elementary teachers don’t have $20 a month to spend on the next level of Ning. We’ve got teachers begging parents for kleenex and pencils! Where would we get that kind of money? I’ve been pushing Ning so hard in my district and now I’ve got to tell people that it’s basically useless regardless that it’s free to teachers. We were thrown a bone.

    As a Ning creator for a small group of friends, the Ning Mini is also useless unless it includes some of the other features. Again, what possible use would I have for a site that only allows a group to post photos and respond to blog posts? Why would I pay for that?

  364. Marcos

    We were waiting for more.

    July??? We need to start now with the full member control, ex: password reset

    Please setup our network as a beta. We want NING PRO just in may

  365. Amit

    Incredible ! Happy to see better sense prevailed !
    Congratulations to the team who developed these plans !!

  366. Tracey

    @ Laura

    Thanks – I hear what your saying, I just feel miffed that Ive been paying $24.95 per month for a full year! For something that they are now offering at $2.95 per month in the new pricing frame.

    Seems very wrong to me. Thats a lot of money over time, which I now feel I have wasted, not happy.

  367. Laura Oppenheimer


    Ning Mini includes three text boxes, so you can run your own ads if you like. However, the $19.95/month Ning Plus offering is probably better for Ning Networks looking to fully monetize and brand their social networks. In addition to 25 text boxes, Ning Plus also has a complete set of features and the ability to use your own domain.

    That said, if you have fewer than 150 members, Ning Mini could make sense to you — it’s up to you!


  368. Adrianne

    I agree with Dawn.

    Sadly, many of the features I am currently using with my students will become out of my price range when the new pricing structure rolls out. Currently I schedule events with my students (such as letting them know when tests are, after school activites) as well as allow them to schedule their own study groups. That will be gone. I use the chat for instantaneous help – gone. Pages – gone, Apps – gone. Video upload – gone.

    The thing that is the most egregious about this is that you are removing features from current customers and asking them to pay to get them back. What business on this Earth could do that and get away with it without paying a consequence? None that I can think of.

    Great that the “mini” plan will be paid for – if you have never experienced the full program. There is absolutely no way that as a public school teacher I would pay 199 a year for this website, not to mention 500 bucks for all the features I’m currently enjoying.

    This was not very well thought out. Again I say that you should have grandfathered in existing users while charging new users.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for doing this to hard working, underpaid educators. What would your teacher’s think of you? You probably don’t care though.

  369. Chris Little

    I’ve also been a user for years, and a big promoter in the educational community. You all have had a product that I found extremely useful, and my students loved. As a teacher educator, I pushed your platform for new teachers. I understand that a business is a business, and you have to make money. But why give educators the least possible product? If you believe in educational applications, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t support the educational community with your best product, not your worst. We don’t want our worst teachers to be in our classrooms, we don’t want the worst textbooks to be what we teach from, we don’t want the worst administrators running our schools, why would you want your worst product to be the only one teachers can reasonably utilize?

  370. Tracey

    Im a little confused by the new pricing structure. I have been running a Ning site here in the UK for a year and paying $24.95 each month to run my own ads on the site!
    Now its saying its included in the Ning Mini program…I feel like Ive been robbed for a year?? Can someone please explain!

  371. Reece Manley

    Queerbook – the only No Porn/No Scorn GLBT Website – is delighted to be a part of Ning. But you’ve got to get rid of banning the “Q” word. =)


  372. Sara L Russell

    OK… My Ning networks are currently fairly small, so once the time comes to pay, I should be able to pay the Mini rate for both of them, for now. Thanks for the update.

  373. Ran Craycraft

    Well done, Ning. Looking forward to API access and single sign on. Hoping to see calendar customization (recurring events) soon, too.

  374. Armalyn De La O

    I see that the Ning will be free for educators in K – 12, but not those of us in higher education that use Ning for professional development networking, K – post-secondary? For those of us that can’t pay as our funding is public money will our sites be shut down come July? Or should we delete them ourselves before July 1?

    Thank you.

  375. Jon Dale

    Looks great! We’re super excited to see the new premium features and especially the API.

    Let us know how we can help.


  376. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Dawn,

    Did you see paragraph that’s third up from the bottom? Ning Mini will remain free for educators in K-12. Just wanted to make sure you saw that.


  377. Alex

    FANTASTIC! This is great news for Network Creators! Ning competitors should be really, really scared…

  378. Sean Palladino

    That is not bad at all. It’s interesting that the Mini plan allows us to run our own ads. Thanks for not charging your customers out of existence!

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