Now Live: 3 New Ways to Stop Spam on Ning

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It just got a whole lot easier to ensure that only the right people are joining your Ning Network.

As mentioned on this blog two weeks ago, we’ve added three new ways to stop spam and verify your new members. All Network Creators can now take advantage of:

  • A sign-up quiz, which new members must correctly answer to join (read more)
  • Email verification for all new sign ups
  • Increased CAPTCHA enforcement for new sign ups

As the first two features are opt-in — meaning they are off by default — we encourage you to take advantage of them. For Network Creators who have member approval turned on, this should be a big help in cutting down the amount of time you spend vetting and approving new members.

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10 thoughts on “Now Live: 3 New Ways to Stop Spam on Ning

  1. erica hudson

    I totally agree with this change to prevent spam from ning because i had a previous experience with someone hacking my email and chatting with me on my yahoo.

  2. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Eldar,

    When I tried to join your Ning Network without answering the question, I received this error message:

    Det oppsto et problem under registreringen

    * Please correctly answer “For å unngå spam: Hva heter norges konge til fornavn?”.

    Does that look different than what you think it should look like?

  3. Eldar Skjørten

    Thank’s – this is a great improvment!

    However: I created a sign-up quiz and tried to sign-up with the wrong answer. I got a message that there is a problem that might be caused by CAPSLOCK during the “login” (should be “sign-up”). A serious person trying to become a member would probably be misled by this as long as this was not a capslock-related problem at all…?

  4. Payal

    Do we receive an open source code of to integrate with our website?
    If yes, then is it encrypted or decrypted?
    Please let me know its urgent. How do we use on our website as social networking application.

  5. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Anita,

    Adding the ability to charge for membership is something we’re looking into developing after we launch Mini, Plus and Pro. Stay tuned here for more info!


  6. Anita

    This is totally off subject:
    but i wanted to see if there is away we could set up the sites for paid membership from non members.. were we can give the paid member more access to other things then a non paid member?

    Also THANKS so much for the Srop spam it will work great on our site. Great JOB

  7. Juan Carlos Perez

    Thank you for finally giving us a bit more control over our new members. Awesome progress NIng!

  8. Thunder X

    thanks a mil evan and the ning team! i am grateful for the lengths you have gone through to ensure the integrity of our networks.

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