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We’re excited to announce two new improvements and bug fixes that will make it even easier for your members to enjoy your Ning Network. Starting immediately, your Ning Network now has:

  • A revamped Captcha, including audio Captcha
  • The ability to be embedded in iframes, if you subscribe to the “Use your own domain” premium service

Revamped Captcha

To join a Ning Network, new members must fill out a Captcha, an image with two words that must be correctly identified. We’ve heard many requests to support audio Captchas, but the custom Captcha we had built for the Ning platform made this difficult.

To fix this issue, we’re adopting the standard Recaptcha widget used widely across the Internet. This Captcha won’t match your Ning Network’s theme quite like it used to, but it should be more familiar to members, and it will sport audio Captcha.

Your Sign Up page will look something like this:


Framebusting Changes

Web services like Digg and Facebook depend heavily on embedding Web sites in an iframe, essentially a “window” on one Web page that displays another Web page. If any page on a Ning Network is embedded in an iframe, members will see a “framebust” — the page refreshes to show only the embedded page. Network Creators see a special message:


This was done for a number of reasons, mainly to prevent Ning Networks from using an external domain without paying for the “Use your own domain” premium service. Also, browsing and using a Ning Network in an iframe can be a suboptimal experience.

While we still want to avoid accessing Ning Networks from an external domain without paying for premium services, we believe that it should be up to Network Creators to decide what the best experience is for their members.

As a result, now any Ning Network that purchases (or has purchased) the “Use your own domain” premium service will not “framebust.” The pages will load properly within an iframe. Ning Networks that have not purchased the premium service will continue to bust out of iframes. Note that members using a Ning Network in iframe may occasionally encounter problems — like problems signing in — but they won’t be forced to wait for the page to refresh (and bust the frame).

Eventually, Ning Networks under the Ning Mini plan will framebust, while those with Ning Plus or Ning Pro will not.