Pearson to provide Ning Mini for free to educators

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When we recently announced our new pricing plans (which launch July 20th, 2010), we heard from many of you who were concerned about the future of education-focused Ning Networks. Ning Networks have become a valuable complement to many schools and other educational institutions by helping teachers, parents and students supplement class curriculums; allowing educators and administrators to share best practices; and by helping all these groups bring the vitality and vibrancy of their institutions online.

Today, we’re excited to let you know about the work we’ve been doing with Pearson, a global leader in online and offline education for pre-K through college, to develop a program that will help educators keep their Ning Networks running for free. We’re proud to announce that Pearson will sponsor Ning Mini plans for free for all K-12 and Higher Education networks in North America. We think Ning Mini is a great solution for education-based networks, with an ability to include up to 150 members and a whole set of online collaboration tools such as blogs, photos and forums.

The Pearson sponsorship is an “opt-in” program. Here’s how to join:
1. Visit the Pearson sign-up page and complete the registration form.
2. Ning and Pearson will review your Ning Network and confirm your participation in the program.
3. After Ning Mini launches on July 20, 2010, your network will automatically transition to a Pearson-sponsored Ning Mini plan.*

Educators can apply at their leisure, but there’s no reason to wait until Ning Mini launches on July 20th. If you’re already running a North American Ning Network for education purposes, or are in the process of creating a new Ning Network, submit your application now!

* Pearson-sponsored Ning Mini plans will include subtle Pearson branding on the network as part of participation. For more information visit the Pearson sign-up page.

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68 thoughts on “Pearson to provide Ning Mini for free to educators

  1. Ole Munthe

    If I buy the Ning mini, will I still have my selvtranslated language danish?


  2. Nina

    I would like to know why Pearson Education is not supporting ning sites created in Australia for educators. We support Pearson with our business here. It is very disappointing for us. I would like Pearson to review this decision. The ning we set up for educators is global with many members from America.
    Cheers Nina

  3. Warrick

    Yay, for North America. But what about Australia? I seem to recall Pearson do pretty big business here too?

  4. Bill M

    I have not created by Ning yet that I am seeking Pearson sponsorship for – I just submitted my proposed Ning url – will my request for sponsorship still go through?

  5. Bill M

    Thanks Eric. So it is only for existing education Nings? Pearson is not sponsoring new Nings going forward unless they are first started as a paid subscription?
    I appreciate your help!

  6. Christine

    I have received approval for my Pearson sponsored network and have heard since tha all student posts must be moderated by me. Is that true? That constitutes a huge problem.

  7. Susan J

    I applied for a Pearson Higher Ed free site over a month ago. I just checked, and my site still says that I have to choose a plan by August 20. What is the status of my review? I need to know ASAP as school is starting very soon.

    –Prof. Susan Jaworowski

  8. Eric Suesz

    Hello, Christine. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but the Ning Mini plan does require you to moderate blog posts and new members, but not Forum posts. If that doesn’t answer your question, you might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network.

  9. Eric Suesz

    Hello, Susan! I don’t see an application for you, but you can always fill out the form to submit an application here. All requests need to go through this form.

  10. Kata Kormendy

    I saw that for K-12 educators Ning remains free. Does this offer only apply for North America? We are English teachers in Hungary and we’ve been using Ning in our schools happily for 2 years now. The price for Ning mini doesn’t seem much, but unfortunately none of our schools are going to/can pay it. Do you have any ideas what we could do to continue helping our students’ learning?
    Thanks a lot

  11. eric ensey

    Hi Eric,
    I have filled out an app twice and sent and email to support and have received no confirmation about my NING network. I would like to use the Pearson sponsored NING Mini, but I’m afraid my network will disappear unless someone responds! Can you help?


    PS. the email I used for ning is [redacted]

  12. Eric Suesz

    Hello. If you’ve gotten an automated response, we have received your application. We’re working through the applications as quickly as we can.

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