Pearson to provide Ning Mini for free to educators

Pearson to provide Ning Mini for free to educators
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When we recently announced our new pricing plans (which launch July 20th, 2010), we heard from many of you who were concerned about the future of education-focused Ning Networks. Ning Networks have become a valuable complement to many schools and other educational institutions by helping teachers, parents and students supplement class curriculums; allowing educators and administrators to share best practices; and by helping all these groups bring the vitality and vibrancy of their institutions online.

Today, we’re excited to let you know about the work we’ve been doing with Pearson, a global leader in online and offline education for pre-K through college, to develop a program that will help educators keep their Ning Networks running for free. We’re proud to announce that Pearson will sponsor Ning Mini plans for free for all K-12 and Higher Education networks in North America. We think Ning Mini is a great solution for education-based networks, with an ability to include up to 150 members and a whole set of online collaboration tools such as blogs, photos and forums.

The Pearson sponsorship is an “opt-in” program. Here’s how to join:
1. Visit the Pearson sign-up page and complete the registration form.
2. Ning and Pearson will review your Ning Network and confirm your participation in the program.
3. After Ning Mini launches on July 20, 2010, your network will automatically transition to a Pearson-sponsored Ning Mini plan.*

Educators can apply at their leisure, but there’s no reason to wait until Ning Mini launches on July 20th. If you’re already running a North American Ning Network for education purposes, or are in the process of creating a new Ning Network, submit your application now!

* Pearson-sponsored Ning Mini plans will include subtle Pearson branding on the network as part of participation. For more information visit the Pearson sign-up page.

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67 thoughts on “Pearson to provide Ning Mini for free to educators

  1. eric ensey

    Hi Eric,
    I have filled out an app twice and sent and email to support and have received no confirmation about my NING network. I would like to use the Pearson sponsored NING Mini, but I’m afraid my network will disappear unless someone responds! Can you help?


    PS. the email I used for ning is [redacted]

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello. If you’ve gotten an automated response, we have received your application. We’re working through the applications as quickly as we can.

  2. Kata Kormendy

    I saw that for K-12 educators Ning remains free. Does this offer only apply for North America? We are English teachers in Hungary and we’ve been using Ning in our schools happily for 2 years now. The price for Ning mini doesn’t seem much, but unfortunately none of our schools are going to/can pay it. Do you have any ideas what we could do to continue helping our students’ learning?
    Thanks a lot

  3. Susan J

    I applied for a Pearson Higher Ed free site over a month ago. I just checked, and my site still says that I have to choose a plan by August 20. What is the status of my review? I need to know ASAP as school is starting very soon.

    –Prof. Susan Jaworowski

  4. Christine

    I have received approval for my Pearson sponsored network and have heard since tha all student posts must be moderated by me. Is that true? That constitutes a huge problem.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, Christine. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but the Ning Mini plan does require you to moderate blog posts and new members, but not Forum posts. If that doesn’t answer your question, you might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network.

  5. Bill M

    Thanks Eric. So it is only for existing education Nings? Pearson is not sponsoring new Nings going forward unless they are first started as a paid subscription?
    I appreciate your help!

    1. Eric Suesz

      Bill, we actually have a 30-day trial, so you wouldn’t need to pay. You’re welcome to try it out and apply to Pearson.

  6. Bill M

    I have not created by Ning yet that I am seeking Pearson sponsorship for – I just submitted my proposed Ning url – will my request for sponsorship still go through?

    1. Eric Suesz

      You’ll need to have a working Ning Network before you apply for the Pearson offer, Bill.

  7. Warrick

    Yay, for North America. But what about Australia? I seem to recall Pearson do pretty big business here too?

  8. Nina

    I would like to know why Pearson Education is not supporting ning sites created in Australia for educators. We support Pearson with our business here. It is very disappointing for us. I would like Pearson to review this decision. The ning we set up for educators is global with many members from America.
    Cheers Nina

  9. Ole Munthe

    If I buy the Ning mini, will I still have my selvtranslated language danish?


    1. Eric Suesz

      Ola, Ole! The Language Editor won’t be included in Ning Mini, so I don’t think that you will be able to utilize it.

  10. Karen

    Okay, this is a really stupid question as I am new to Ning. I set up a Ning a couple of months ago – I believe I will be using a Ning – mini and want to know if I keep that site or do I need to recreate the site and how do I pay for it. My students are eager to start.

  11. Jacqueline

    I would be happy to accept sponsorship from Pearson Australia. First Steps is an important part of our literacy policy.

  12. Rosie

    Another vote for multinationalism, but obviously it’s a business decision and there has to be a cost/benefit analysis. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  13. Florence

    I just want to know whether it’s free to join Ning, and post a blog.?



  14. Susan Byron

    We (overworked, underpaid but completely committed *smile*) free-lance educators here in Germany would be pleased to accept sponsorship by Pearson as well– we appreciate, use and promote the Pearson materials in our university and corporate classes and would also gladly use and promote ning in these as well.

    Please consider expanding your sponsorship to Europa, Pearson. “What comes around, goes around.” Germany has a huge market for educational materials.

  15. Teachersoro

    Hi, I was really happy when I read that “A major educational company has offered to sponsor Ning Mini Networks for educators globally in primary and secondary education.”
    But now I´m really sad and dissapointed when i see that “globally” only means “North America”.
    Pearson is also present in Spain.
    We are speaking about mini networks for educators who aren´t usually run in our working hours, but in our free time.
    What a opportunity is loosing Pearson between Spanish teachers!!

  16. Ira Wise

    I am still waiting to hear confirmation from Pearson. Any idea how soon? I don;t want to lose my ning!

    1. Eric Suesz

      I don’t have a specific time frame for you, but there is still plenty of time before we make our changes. So, hold tight, Ira.

  17. Tina

    Is there any way this offer is likely to be extended to educators beyond North America? I have been an avid user of Ning in my classroom to connect my students with global peers, but I live in Melbourne Australia….

  18. Melissa Goffin

    I hate to be repetitive here but how have Ning and Pearson done all this work to secure the use of these sites for North American educators but not for the rest of the world? New Media is borderless in its essence and integral to the environment we’re attempting to create in our classrooms (particularly as a Media teacher, like myself). As an American living and teaching in Australia I’m terribly disappointed that some arrangement has not been made for all education sites and that education-based Nings are not being equally valued despite location of origination. Perhaps Ning should consider its own brand of sponsorship and include ALL education Nings? Of course the more Ning is used in all capacities the more possibility for increased revenue down the line…

  19. Katerina

    What about european educational networks?
    Non-profit educational networks must remain free of charge all over the world.

  20. Chuck Taft

    I am presenting “Wha’s your status, George Washington? – Using a Historical Facebook” at the NAtional Council for the Social Studies annual conference in Denver in November. I use Ning to have my 8th grade students role play in the Constitutional Convention and Civil Rights Movement. Is there an eductaional specialist that I can speak to at Ning regarding my presentation?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Chuck! Sounds like a great presentation. I’m not sure if we have an educational specialist on staff who can help you create a presentation, but if you are up for it, you can submit a Help Center ticket and we will do our best to listen and help out.

  21. Ria

    It is terrific that Pearson are supporting educators and students.
    I trust we will all support Pearson in return and use their goods and services fro all our educational needs.

    However, we here in Australia feel “forgotten” and hope that Pearson remembers and supports us as well.

    While I’m happy for the North American colleagues, in a global economy and an educational world without borders the teachers and students “down under” would like to participate too and be included in this most generous arrangement by Pearson.

    Thank you.

  22. Sherry

    Hi and Big Thanks for providing Ning Mini services for Educators in North America! Pearson is a good company and It’s good to know that they are giving something extra to a group who has long supported it’s efforts for so many years. It truly feels like a partnership now. It would be wonderful to include educators from other areas to this partnership as well (i.e. Europe). “One Goal + One Purpose in Mind = to Educate!”
    Thanks Pearson and Ning Creators,

  23. Carol Levy

    I wish you would consider doing the same for sites that are for illness support. My site ‘women in pain awareness’ is for those with chronic pain (and those who support them). Many on us, including myself, are on disability. The cost is a hardship. I have been asked by many to keep the site going because of the succor it gives to members but do not know how long I can do it when there is now a cost involved.
    Thank you.

  24. Stergios Nastopoulos

    It would be nice if Pearson could accept school networks from Europe too. Otherwise, why Ning don’t make a deal with a company from Europe too? I think that there are many that could sponsor this effort. Just it is up to Ning to announce that is searching for sponsoring from other parts of the world except North America. The other solution for most of us is to migrate, unfortunately. Even we don’t want to.
    Stergios N.

  25. Peter B-G

    I have the same question as Lynsey. I was thinking of creating three different Nings for three different classes. Will teachers be allowed to create and have sponsorship of more than one Ning Mini? Thanks!

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Peter! It’s up to Pearson to approve each education-based Ning Network that applies. I don’t think they have a restriction about how many Ning Networks you can run, but again, it’s their decision. I wouldn’t let that stop you from applying.

  26. Susan Hillyard

    I should have opened with Hurrah! Thanks to Pearson for this initiative.

    I don’t want to seem unappreciative.
    Susan H

  27. Susan Hillyard

    I have a very small but excellent NING operating with 27 teachers based in South America. I see that Pearson is only sponsoring North American countries. What about the rest of the world? Can anything be done about this?

    I am a Pearson author (co authoured the TDI TKT with Vicky Saumell)
    Please support us in the south! Shall I approach Pearson Argentina?

    Hoping for a positive reply.
    Susan H

  28. Lynsey Murray

    i have been creating new ning sites for individual classes I teach. currently i have 6 individual sites created each containing 20-30 members. for the 2010-2011 school year I was hoping to continue the practice of creating a new site at the beginning of the semester for students to regulary maintain an online digital archive of their work and to reply to topics of discussion in the Forum. How will the new pricing effect future sites and those in existance? Students have inquired “how long will i be able to view my online portfolio?”

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, suppa! You may want to reread this blog post. This offer is for North American educational-based Ning Networks.

  29. Pat

    Pearson are present across Europe. Please investigate this for us as several smaller schools will be forced to leave the network. Similarly schools in Asia.

  30. marty

    Tell me what happens to this website after the 20th. Does it disappear, as an Australian educator who wants to use it as a safe site for my students to use and parents to also access am I being pushed into having to pay for it to keep going after the 20th.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Marty! You will have until August 20th to make a decision. If you aren’t able to continue, your Ning Network won’t be accessible after August 20th, but I hope you’ll be able to continue.

  31. Janice

    Hi! I was planning to set up a Ning network for my sixth-grade literacy students in the fall (the seventh grade teachers already have a network for their students). Should I create a Ning network now, for the “mini-transfer” in July? Do I have to have students now, or can they get onto the network in the fall? I’m new at this and the “tekkies” at my school aren’t available for help! Thank you!

  32. Garnor Morantes

    Hi Jen. There are no plans as of now to include Groups in Ning Mini. Also, Pearson’s sponsorship extends to Ning Mini only and does not include Ning Plus or Pro. Thanks!

  33. Julio Aviles

    I sart one mounth ago to run an educational network in Mexico (Baja California State). This network is the window for teachers of public schools were the tic and web2 just start to be integrated. I think that in the next 90 days, the membership will be 300 or more.

    Please consider extending the free educational option to all educational communities around the globe and not to limit the size of the network so much that it actually reduces networking opportunities.

    Best Redgards

    Julio Aviles


    Actualmente estoy liderando un proyecto denominado ASOCIACION BAJACALIFORNIANA DE TIC EN EDUCACION que tiene como uno de sus objetivos disminuir la brecha digital entre los profesores y alumnos de escuelas publicas ubicadas en zonas marginadas de todo el estado. Encuentro en esta red, una excelente plataforma tecnologica para integrar una red academica donde todos los participantes, con sus aportaciones podamos ofrecer una mejor educación y alfabetizacion digital, tanto a profesores en actividad, niños y padres de familia.

    Consideren por favor el ampliar el alcance de los planes para educadores, en cuanto al numero maximo de integrantes de la red. Somos mas de 20, 000 profesores en Baja California, de los cuales, espero que se integren como minimo 1000 profesores en los proximos 6 meses.

    Saludos cordiales

  34. Jen Carbonneau

    Is there any hope of permitting groups on the Ning Mini? Will Pearson consider offering grants for larger plans?

  35. Heather

    My initial excitement on hearing about free educational networks was soon dashed. Why only applicable to North American networks smaller than 150 membership? I run an educational network in a large UK university, with a current membership of over 300 students and staff from across different courses, but all sharing common research interests. The healthy and diverse online community supports many real life activities as well as oodles of virtual exchanges. Please consider extending the free educational option to all educational communities around the globe and not to limit the size of the network so much that it actually reduces networking opportunities.

  36. Salenka

    That’s a shame educational Ning communities outside north-america are not included.
    What about the support for changing from Ning to another platform?
    It would be nice to have some news about that too.

  37. Jenny Luca

    As an educator using Ning who is not from North America, I’m disappointed that we were led to believe that this sponsorship would apply to all education networks, not just those based in North America. Many of us have been reassuring educators in our countries that there would be a solution offered for education. This will impact on the use of Ning in education sectors worldwide.

  38. simona

    I am sorry you didn’t consider Europen NING network creators with educational purposes. Pearson is a big group also here in Italy, wouldn’t it be possible to make a similar agreement ?


  39. Kirstin Riddick

    This is great! I completed the application. One question, if my network is private, how can one review it for approval? Please advise.

    1. Eric Suesz

      As noted on the page you see immediately after you submit your application, you will receive an email with additional information. So, check your inbox to confirm. Hope this helps!

  40. Kathy Epps

    Does Pearson, as a global leader in online and offline education , have plans to support nings run by schools outside North America – and in ” North America” are Mexico and Canada included?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, Kathy! The offer is for educators in North America. And North America does include Mexico and Canada.

  41. Joel Malley

    Thanks! But, I have a Ning with 200 student produced videos. Will these have to be removed one by one or will they be deleted automatically? I have then stored off line, but I don’t want to be rejected due to their being uploaded right now.

    Secondly, 150 sounds like an arbitrary number based on the estimated class load of a teacher. Three colleagues and I were planning on collaborating and having our sophomore classes on one Ning next year (about 250 students). Is there a way to eclipse that number without upgrading?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Joel! We have a discussion on the Creators Ning Network for people who wish to ask additional questions. We’ll do our best to answer all questions, but many of them might be more fully addressed in that forum. To your point: You may want to consider using embedded video for your Ning Network. All plans have that capability.

  42. amy @teachmama

    I think it’s awesome that Pearson’s doing this for education-focused groups! Hooray!!

    Might Pearson consider covering groups that are larger than 150 members?

    Everyone over at ‘we teach’ ( is hoping they will!

    Thanks so much for considering–
    founder, creator of ‘we teach’

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, Amy! The offer includes a free year of Ning Mini, which tops out at 150 members. I don’t believe there are plans to offer higher level plans. I guess my suggestion to educators would be to create their Ning Networks on the individual classroom level to take advantage of this free offer.

  43. Brandy

    A big thanks to Pearson for including Higher ed in the free Ning Minis. Can’t wait to start planning Ning workshops for the faculty!

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