Charles Porch
Charles Porch
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Here at Ning, we are always excited to spotlight people who are using technology to help change the world. This is exactly what Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker, and Amy Miles are doing with Smart Girls at the Party. Their online video series highlights girls who are changing the world by being themselves.

This Ning Network’s videos are a series of interviews. My personal favorite is one with Ruby, a 7-year old singer, actor, musician, feminist, and skateboarder. Amy interviews her and gets her thoughts on feminism. The episode is authentic and hilarious — and sends a message.

<i>Smart Girls at the Party have both silly and insightful things to say</i>

Smart Girls at the Party have both silly and insightful things to say

The Smart Girls Team uses Ning to help foster discussions around empowering young women. Beyond that, they need a platform with built-in tools to easily share their video content on Facebook and Twitter, which is key to spreading their message. Their message has been spreading fast and garnering lots of attention. Recently, Amy accepted a Webby award for her work with Smart Girls at the Party. (Check out her five-word acceptance speech!)

Get caught up now with Season 1 of Smart Girls at the Party because new episodes are starting to launch for Season 2. Be sure to check out the dance parties at the end of each episode, and keep a close eye out for special celebrity guests.