Soccer fans on Ning getting geared up for World Cup kickoff

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Women_s Soccer United

The first whistle blows for the FIFA World Cup only once every four years, but Ning Networks keep their passion for soccer alive year-round. When the 32 teams from all over the globe converge in South Africa this week, people of all races, religions and genders will rally together around their favorite sport.

While the FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to take place in 2011, members of Women’s Soccer United celebrate female players and fans of the sport every day. They regularly blog about important events, players and teams in the world of women’s soccer, and they even use the Forum on their Ning Network to share news about the teams they’re currently playing for.

This week, their Ning Network is featuring a timely Group that’s dedicated to getting to know the women’s team of the World Cup’s host country.  The South Africa 2010 Group, has information on the club itself and a powerful glimpse into how important soccer has become in the lives of South African women.

Even after the World Cup draws to a close next month, Ning Networks will continue to bring soccer fans together. There are a lot of them on Ning! You can keep track of your favorite clubs, from large ones like FC Barcelona, to U.S. pro teams like the Houston Dynamo all the way down to fans of small teams like the Tampa Bay Rowdies. You can even find your next pickup game on Spoccer, the pickup soccer community.

From casual World Cup watchers to the most passionate of soccer devotees, Ning Networks have something for just about every kind of fan.

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4 thoughts on “Soccer fans on Ning getting geared up for World Cup kickoff

  1. Liz Lundberg


    Believe it or not this IS about sports, though not soccer.

    Currently my website is not up. I want to use my domain name to make a .ning network.
    Unfortunately, the automated .ning registration application has not taken well to this name. I set up a ticket onThursday, and though I wasn’t really expecting a response right away, I can’t help wanting to say something in a place where it will be seen and maybe heard or read or responded to sooner.

    I am a career racetrack person; what we call a “racetracker’. I want this community to be for my wonderful people who work on the back side – trainers, jocks, exercise riders, grooms, hotwalkers, vets, blacksmiths, security, tack sales, feed dealers, immigrant workers, and their children, too.

    This NING Network is called the Far Turn, designating the area of the racetrack FARTHEST from the grandstand (can’t take “backstretch’, because THAT’s the HBPA’s official magazine), and anyway, where I work we are truly located beyond the far turn. PLUS, my domain name has been the far turn ever since I set it up in ’05.
    And it is intended for the good of an entire culture and for the betterment of racing- standards, safety and well-being of horses and horsemen, through Transparency in Racing.
    That’s all. Hope I get my network!! :):):)

    Liz Lundberg

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hey, Liz! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. We’ll do our best to respond to you via the Help Center ticket you’ve created.


    Mil gracias por publicar mi red, me habeis dado la alegria del dia jeje.
    Es como un regalo a los 2 años que cumplimos el 18 de Julio,
    Viva el Futbol, Visca el Barça! y espero que disfruteis mucho el Mundial de Surafrica.
    Thank you for publishing my network, you have given me the joy of the day hehe.
    It’s like a gift to the two years that we meet on July 18,
    Viva el Futbol, Visca el Barça! and I hope you enjoy the World Cup from South Africa a lot.

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