Bob Ghoorah
Bob Ghoorah
Changes to Ning Terms of Service: It’s Your Network & Your Data
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Today, I want to let you know about some changes we’ve made to our Terms of Service and supporting terms to reflect the launch of our new service. A number of these changes have been long requested by Network Creators who desire more control over their members’ online experience. These changes are designed to deliver more freedom and control to Network Creators and to enhance the experience of all users of the Ning platform.

Highlights of the major changes include:

• It’s your network: A central premise from the very beginning of our company has been that Ning is an online service provider and that these are your networks. You have the freedom to create and control the content and members on your networks. We have revised our terms to further reflect this central premise and to clarify that it is the Network Creator’s responsibility to manage their networks and members. In keeping with this concept, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will no longer persist in the footer of your network. Rather, each network will now have a general set of terms. Soon, Network Creators will be able to customize it to suit their network’s particular design and focus.

• It’s your data: Along these same lines, we have further clarified that Network Creators have control over and access to all data associated with their networks, including registration information, profile data, answers to network profile questions, all content and other information contributed by members, and statistical information and analytics relating to usage and interactions within the network.

• Help is at your fingertips: We have created a Safety and Policy Resource Center for Network Creators to help you avoid safety or security issues with your members or address any issues that might arise. For all other questions or issues, you can continue to find helpful articles and resources in our Help Center.

• No more nudity: We will no longer permit nudity of any kind on the Ning platform. A little over a year and a half ago, we prohibited the upload of adult content and pornography to the Ning platform. At the time, we said that nudity that wasn’t adult in nature would still be allowed. Unfortunately, many of the issues that caused us to stop supporting adult content in the first place are still arising on networks that post content with nudity. We believe that the implementation of this policy will further reduce abuse on the Ning platform and will create a clean, well-lit environment for Network Creators as well as the advertisers and partners you choose to work with. Network Creators and members will have thirty days (until August 20th) to remove any nudity they may have uploaded to the Ning Platform prior to today or to transition their networks off of the platform.

You can find all of our terms and policies here.

Thanks for using the Ning platform to create your networks, and please let us know if you have any questions via the Help Center!