Coming soon: You control spam suspensions on your network

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Update: This is now live.


One of Ning’s primary goals in the past year has been ensuring that your Ning Networks are as spam-free as possible.

As part of this effort, we introduced some new spam-fighting features for Creators, and we built a behind-the-scenes system to automatically disable the accounts of members who we suspected of posting spam or posting too often. The system has achieved its goal. We’ve disabled hundreds of thousands of genuinely harmful spam accounts on the Ning platform.

This push to reduce spam hasn’t been without side effects, though. In the search to weed out spammers, ordinary members or administrators have occasionally been flagged and had their accounts disabled. Making matters worse, because Ning disabled their account across the Ning platform, Network Creators could not see who had been disabled or restore their privileges.

That’s about to change.

New Spam Suspension Controls For Network Creators

Next week, we’re releasing a set of changes aimed at giving you visibility into — and control over — how our spam prevention system works on your Ning Network.

Instead of disabling an email address Ning-wide, when members are suspected of being spammers by Ning’s system, their content will be made visible only to administrators, and they will be suspended from your Ning Network. Additionally, a note will appear next to their name on the Suspended Members page, explaining the reason they were suspended. On the Suspended Members page, you’ll be able to reinstate any members who may have been suspended in error.

If you visit the profile page of a person who was suspended as a suspected spammer, you’ll see a special warning message explaining the suspension, and you’ll be offered the option to reinstate the member (shown above) right from their profile page.

Any members who are reinstated will be protected from future spam prevention, meaning they will never again be automatically suspended for spam, as an administrator has indicated that they are a trusted member of the Ning Network.

Most important, if you still don’t want Ning automatically suspending spammers on your Ning Network, you can turn automatic suspensions off completely. Just head to the Members-Controls page under “My Network” and uncheck “Automatically suspend suspected spammers.”

This feature will be available to Ning Mini, Ning Plus and Ning Pro.

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15 thoughts on “Coming soon: You control spam suspensions on your network

  1. Camelite

    I am struggling to find a way to pay ning!!!!!!

    So please do not take my network off the net.

    I do not own a credit card and cannot get one even if I wanted to, since I am unemployed. That is what is making it so difficult for me. I am trying to find someone to help me. It would have been much easier if I could just pay the money directly into your account by EFT.

  2. Josué Lafolle

    hi, this is a good feature. but can you add another new feature that when verifying email is off and that a member enter an email address that i suspect is wrong… i go to the profile, and click on a link that make the user the next time he come on my website, he is asked to verify his email address.

  3. Stephanie

    Eric………..I have sent TWO help tickets (one on Aug. 2nd and one on Aug. 3rd) NEITHER had been answered. All I want to do is get an invoice and pay for my NING site and no one answsers the help tickets. What can I do???

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, Stephanie. If you have submitted a ticket, we will definitely respond. My apologies if you are waiting longer than expected.

  4. Gilberto Borges Filho

    Dear Sir

    Greetings form São Paulo, Brazil.
    I ned your help.
    I was advised about Ning Plans.
    Unfortunetelly I don’t have any credit card.
    I decided for MINI, but I was not informed about how to pay besides credit cards.
    What should I do?
    Sincerily yours
    Gilberto Borges Filho

  5. Gilbeto Borges Filho

    Dear Sir
    Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil.
    I chose MINE PLAN. I have a problem, because I don’t have any credit cards.
    Do you heve any other way to pay you?

    Mr Gilberto Borges Fo.’.

  6. Adrianne

    Evan, I wonder if you can help me since I haven’t receipved a reply from

    (1) I cannot figure out how to point my domain to Ning and simple need to know what to do in the CNAME and A Record (if that’s what it is called). From there I can get help from my host.

    (2) I would like to pay my subscriptions costs ahead for additional years, how do I do that? Forget this raising money every year to keep the network on Ning. I want my network to be viable.

    (3) How do I see the Ning networks to which I belong? I only see the ones I created. For example, I would have loved to post these questions in the Ning Network Creators network but can’t find that page?

    Tusen tack,


    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Adrianne. Some of these answers are available on Creators or in the Help Center. You can also submit a ticket in the Help Center if you are having specific problems and we’ll try to get you some one-on-one help. However, sending an email to an address at Ning won’t guarantee a response. Open a ticket and we’ll do our best to answer.

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