Junaid Basir
Junaid Basir
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After our launch earlier this week, we have been busy listening to your feedback on the changes we made in the product. One area has been the difficulty in navigating manage pages that some of you reported. We have investigated this in detail and it is clear we need to make improvements here.

These navigation issues fall under two clear but distinct areas:

  • General difficulty navigating the manage pages.
  • Not rendering the navigation links properly (options that show on the left side and the “My Network” tab).

To address these we plan to make the following changes to the product: (Please note that we are iterating over the mock ups and the exact functionality. We are sharing it here to give you an idea of what to expect)

  • Provide a “Shortcuts” view, so those of you who are used to the old manage landing page can still use it if you please. On the Dashboard page there will be a link to “view Shortcuts”. Clicking it will show a section with links in the same style as the old manage page. Once you make the selection to show this section it will become sticky (i.e. the section will always show) until you choose not to see it by clicking “hide Shortcuts”. 
  • ClassicView-Expanded

  • Options on the left side of the page will be auto-expanded so you see all the sub-options (without having to click each individual option).
  • AutoExpanded

  • A link to manage your Network will also show up in the Ningbar. This will not replace your “My Network” tab but will serve as an additional and cleaner entry point to manage your Network. Only you and your admins will see this link.
  • We have found problems linking how the manage pages render and options on the left side not showing up properly or being clickable. We will be fixing these known issues as well.

We are planning to roll these changes out mid to late next week. Again we appreciate all your suggestions and feedback. Please keep the feedback coming so we can continue to make the product better for you.