My Network: Navigation Updates [Now Live]

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After our launch earlier this week, we have been busy listening to your feedback on the changes we made in the product. One area has been the difficulty in navigating manage pages that some of you reported. We have investigated this in detail and it is clear we need to make improvements here.

These navigation issues fall under two clear but distinct areas:

  • General difficulty navigating the manage pages.
  • Not rendering the navigation links properly (options that show on the left side and the “My Network” tab).

To address these we plan to make the following changes to the product: (Please note that we are iterating over the mock ups and the exact functionality. We are sharing it here to give you an idea of what to expect)

  • Provide a “Shortcuts” view, so those of you who are used to the old manage landing page can still use it if you please. On the Dashboard page there will be a link to “view Shortcuts”. Clicking it will show a section with links in the same style as the old manage page. Once you make the selection to show this section it will become sticky (i.e. the section will always show) until you choose not to see it by clicking “hide Shortcuts”. 
  • ClassicView-Expanded

  • Options on the left side of the page will be auto-expanded so you see all the sub-options (without having to click each individual option).
  • AutoExpanded

  • A link to manage your Network will also show up in the Ningbar. This will not replace your “My Network” tab but will serve as an additional and cleaner entry point to manage your Network. Only you and your admins will see this link.
  • We have found problems linking how the manage pages render and options on the left side not showing up properly or being clickable. We will be fixing these known issues as well.

We are planning to roll these changes out mid to late next week. Again we appreciate all your suggestions and feedback. Please keep the feedback coming so we can continue to make the product better for you.

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49 thoughts on “My Network: Navigation Updates [Now Live]

  1. Seru

    Is there a possibility that the premiums be paid manually on bank draft? dont have a credit card and would really like to continue operation of this website especially with the new dashboard application being introduced. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie

    I have sent and sent help tickets to CS just to get an invoice so that a company who is sponsoring my site can pay for it for me. I am NOT getting any response. I have seen numerous posts with this same issue. How do we get our site paid for if no one will contact us? Please help.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Stephanie. You should receive an invoice on the same day you purchase. It will be sent to you via email as a PDF.

  3. Dan Bassill

    I’ve seen a couple of comments that say “Where is the link that shows me the ning networks that I belong to? That was one the BEST features of ning.”

    I’m looking for this feature, too. Where is the answer?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Dan: With the removal of Ning ID, there is no longer a place where all Ning Networks are created. This was at the request of many Network Creators.

  4. henrik kielb

    Hello Ning Personnel,
    The administrator of the Muddy Boots website on your NING network reports that it will not be free anymore and that we will receive a bill to pay for it if we are to continue. I offered to pay the bill for the website to continue but no one will respond to me on how to pay for the website to keep it going. I have no problem with paying for an entire year as long as it is the approximately $ 600.00 (or less than $1000.00). I don’t know if there is a problem but there are more than 700 members worldwide. I want to pay for the website provided that everything is entirely legal and if no laws are broken. I don’t like any pornography that a few have placed on the website and if this is the problem; then maybe it can be removed with your help. If there is no administrator now; then I will volunteer for that provided that everything is entirely legal as I mentioned before. Henry Kielb 5900 Enterprise Ct Apt. A-19 El Paso, TX 79912

    1. Eric Suesz

      henrik: Submit a Help Center ticket, and we’ll set you up with an invoice if this is possible. You can also transfer ownership of that Ning Network so you can be the Network Creator.

  5. prof. pierre coupet

    Where is the link that shows me the ning networks that I belong to? That was one the BEST features of ning.

  6. Kai Masata

    I was wondering when the rest of the coming soon features will be in effect and if I am paying for them why can’t I access them also what can you do about making the networks fully accessible by mobile devices as well as the internet. When will the log in with facebook and the add up to 25 text boxes and full ad control be available I have been waiting for these features for a while now. Also I remember hearing about a way to charge for memberships being in the process of being added will this actually happen or is this just a rumor? My members really want full mobile access as well as internet through pc access can anyone help me. I thought you also said that there will be more control over members and better features so far all I see is the same things except for being able to post ads on the main page is there a way i can post them on other pages on my network and the statistics information which I do find helpful could you please help me with these request and questions.

  7. Mike Maloney

    Well, You took my money ..but I still cannot access my network. Going to the network you can visually see it ..but it is darker and none of the links work. It was like this before I paid for it too. Has this happened to anyone else? I will give it a little time, but will cancel the network and notify my credit card company to reverse the charges I’ve paid. I have another network I have not paid for and it also does not work with the same (almost like a shadow) screen appearance. Someone please advise. I want a phone number to a Ning employee that can address this problem.

  8. chuck

    Just a suggestion for those who already members of others social networks on your homepage sign in should be easier instead seperate. When I had my old profile page here prior to your changes it made it easer for me to reach my 23 social ntworks which I’m a member of.

  9. julian

    Hi there

    Im trying to get my url to show instead of the ning url, your help says i must go advanced options (see below) but there is no advanced options in the new menu so i have no idea what to do now please help

    Please ensure that your “Point your domain to your social network” premium service and DNS settings are set up properly and working before you attempt to use this tool. Your network will be inaccessible unless your domain name is working already.If you have a Ning Plus or Ning Pro network, you can point your custom domain name to your Ning Network. There’s a simple way to make sure that visitors to your Ning Network always reach it though your domain rather than via its address.To set up domain redirection, sign into your Ning Network as the Network Creator. Then click the “Advanced Options” link on the Manage page. From here, click the “Domain Redirection” link.Select the domain name that you would like your members to see from the drop-down menu and click “Save”. Members will now automaticaly be redirected to the domain name that you selected.If you’d ever like to disable this function, just return to this page and select the “” subdomain from the list.

  10. Daniel

    we would like it to stay how it is right now. much easier to navigate just have to adjust to the new look. after the 1st day i was flying threw it

  11. Junaid Basir Post author

    Hi Mike, We will launch the changes for the “shortcuts” view later this week. In the meantime you should already see the auto-expanded left navigation which we pushed earlier this week.

    To access your forums settings go to Settings > Features (using links from the left navigation on the My Network page). On the page that shows up click on “Forums” link.

    Also as Eric suggested feel free to join Creators as you will find it very beneficial.

  12. Mel Tan

    Hi. I was just wondering why our ning has limited features during daytime here in the Philippines (i.e. 12-hour ahead of Western U.S.). The tabs/dropdown menus are not available, editing is limited (even to designated admins), etc. Since the tabs are not available, we can only access the sub-pages by clicking the “All Pages” link.

    This is quite frustrating for us. The tabs do come back in the evenings – but by then, most of our members and “audience” have no access to or choose not to access the Internet.

    Could you tell us when this will be resolved? I hope it’s soon…



    1. Eric Suesz

      I’m not aware of this happening at all, Mel. I’ve never received a report quite like this one. You might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network.

  13. jeff spadafora

    I signed up for one of the paid options and now all my custom tabs and the content under them are gone. What happened?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello, jeff! The Creators Ning Network might have the answer you’re looking for. You can also submit a ticket in the Help Center if you are having specific problems and we’ll try to get you some one-on-one help. Hope this helps.

  14. Mike

    i wish to change some of my forum settings but cant because there isnt a link in the ‘manage’ tab to do so. Also, i clicked ‘dashboard’ in the ‘manage’ tab and i dont see the ‘shortcut’ link on the upper right hand of the window. please help!

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Mike. You might want to share your questions on the Creators Ning Network. We aren’t always able to provide one-on-one support in the blog comments.

  15. Bonnie Gibson

    I’m frustrated that even now that I have to pay for the site, I still can’t get anyone to approve me so I will earn revenue from gifts. I wrote over 6 months ago and haven’t even gotten the courtesy of a reply. Now that I’m paying, I hope for better service. I want to use this extra revenue to help pay for my site.

  16. Heather

    I like the icons, it’s quicker to see what you want, but both work as far as I can see. You just have to spend a bit of time getting used to the new way.

    Thanks for letting us know about all the changes as they come about.

  17. SHEREE


    I have suddenly lost the ability to BROADCAST A MESSAGE to my entire network. The MY NETWORK tab doesn’t get me anywhere near it. What happened please? I depend on the feature often. Where do I go to broadcast a message?


    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, SHEREE. You might want to look here on your Dashboard: Members > Message Broadcast.

  18. Dave Iannone

    Maybe I’m lost but where do we go to update our Ad code for right side of the page??

    1. Eric Suesz

      Dave: You can simply use a Text Box and include any ad code you wish to use. Hope this helps!

  19. M ali

    I want to create a ning website but anyone who can tell me that income collect by adsense (adds) will
    give me or it will be collected by ning network.

  20. Katie

    I like the proposed changes. BTW, I am the forum founder yet mine still says “Manage” it never changed to “My Network” I am ok with that, but want to be sure that I am not missing any functionality.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Katie. You might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network. I think that if you have previously used the Language Editor to change the name of that tab, it may affect this.

  21. Brian Fløe

    I think the obvious solution is to combine the best from both of the two solutions:

    1) People like the icons for navigation
    2) the new left column navigation offers more room for the future and you don’t have to “go back” to the icons area every time you want to go to the next control panel

    • The problem with 2) is that you still have to click a menu item and wait for a new page load before you can see the sub-menu items so this really offers very little advantage to the old style control panel design where we had to “go back” to the overview page before we could navigate to the next control panel because in the new solution we still have to click a menu item and wait for a page load before we can choose the next control panel.
    In fact it is a step back cause in the old style we could at least see all the control panels at once and then choose, where in the new solution we have to sometimes “browse” through different menu items before we find the right one.

    The best of two worlds:
    – Keep the left column navigation
    – Give the menu items an icon
    – Make the navigation a “click to drop down” accordion style so there is no need to click each menu item and wait for a new page load to see the sub-menu items.

    Now everyone is happy with one solution and we even improved it so we don’t need to either “go back” or “wait for a page load”.

    I created a forum thread with a mock up here:

  22. Stefaan Boel

    For me the Manage tab can then be removed, that makes that my menu is not splitted in 2 lines for admins.
    I sure like these changes you plan to make, thanks!

  23. Judy EWhite

    I am having trouble signing up and paying for our site. Can someone please help me?

  24. Dixie Redmond

    I am bumbling along with the changes and doing okay in the new paid format. What happened to being able to click on my name at the top of the page and seeing the list of ning networks that I’m part of? Now I have to go to and only see the groups I’ve created. My members are asking about that as well…


  25. Rob Wright

    This sounds good to me. I like the old dashboard with the pictures for each section. Easier to navigate.
    I’m now having problems with the invite section. I can’t send invites to my address book anymore. Neither can my members. I’m on the PRO Package. I can only use the csv upload or manually imput email addresses.

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