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Ever since we rolled out the revamped chat feature last February, we’ve heard that Network Creators need more ways to moderate their popular Chat rooms.

We’re happy to announce that moderating your Chat room just became easier. Administrators and Network Creators have been able to moderate Chat for some time — using the “Suspend” feature to suspend members from Chat for a chosen period of hours.

Those controls, however, were limited to administrators and Network Creators alone. As of this afternoon, you’ll now see a “Chat” checkbox on the “Add Role” page (/main/membership/editRole):


You can use this page to create a new role for a “Chat Moderator”, or you can edit existing roles that you’ve created.

Chat moderators who enter the Chat room will be able to suspend members from Chat (but not from your entire Ning Network). This should make it even easier to ensure that your members are having fun and productive conversations on your Ning Network.

Note that you won’t see this checkbox on the Add/Edit Role page unless you have the Chat feature enabled on your Ning Network.

More control over your Ning Network Name & Details

As Network Creators have pointed out recently, Ning has some spam-prevention tool in place around your Ning Network’s name, description and tagline.

In some cases, Ning Networks or accounts with particular names could not be created if they contained certain phrases. In other cases, you could still create a Ning Network that had a restricted phrase, but warnings would be shown when sending private messages or broadcast messages, informing you that your email was likely to be tagged as spam.

With all Network Creators now becoming paying customers (if they were not already), it’s much less likely that a Network Creator will be a spammer. As a result, we’re dialing back on these particular controls — and networks with warning-generating phrases should no longer run into these messages.