Putting Your Brand First

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With the launch of Ning Mini, Plus and Pro, we’ve reinforced the ability for Network Creators to put their brand first. The ability to have total control over your brand is an out-of-the-box feature of Ning Plus and Ning Pro, and Network Creators who have already selected these plans will notice a few positive changes.

Specifically, the Ning Burst no longer appears in the network bar, and the Created By box has been removed altogether. We’ve introduced a lightweight “Powered by Ning” tag in the footer, which is easy to remove if it’s not right for your Ning Network.

Additionally, we’ve updated the sign-up and maintenance pages to focus more on your network’s brand. Details below:

The Ning ID and sign-up experience

As John wrote on Tuesday, we’ve dropped “Ning ID” from the sign-up experience on your Ning Network. This means that when members join, they won’t see the “We use a Ning ID for authentication” text. This change reinforces our shift to individual Network IDs instead of a cross-network Ning authentication (as mentioned in Diego’s product roadmap post).

Likewise, we’ve removed links to the Ning Help Center from the Problems Signing In pages. To ensure that members still have a way to get support if they’re having issues signing in or up, we’ve also added an optional contact form. This form will be OFF by default for existing Ning Networks and ON by default for new Ning Networks. Evan posted about this in more detail yesterday.

You can enable or disable the contact form by clicking My Network and choosing Controls under the Members section in the left-hand navigation. Here, you can check or uncheck the “Allow members to report login problems” link.

Additionally, you and your Admins can individually opt in or out of receiving these emails by clicking the Settings link, selecting Email, and then checking or un-checking the “Feedback and problem reports” link.

Unbranded maintenance pages

About 99.999% of the time, your Ning Network is online and speedy. For that other .001%, we try to show maintenance pages that are branded to your Ning Network. Occasionally the maintenance we do doesn’t allow us to show a branded maintenance page — in those cases, Network Creators have historically seen a variety of pages, some of which point your members to the Ning Help Center or the Ning Status Blog. In order to reinforce your brand and prevent confusion among your members, we’ve de-branded maintenance pages. Hopefully you won’t have to see these at all!

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6 thoughts on “Putting Your Brand First

  1. Mike

    I presently have two domain names that lead to my site. AlabamaAutism.org and BlountCountyAutism.com I have been paying for two premium services in the past. With the plus plan that I just signed up for will I be charged extra for having two names. If so how do I disconnect the BlountCountyAutism.com name and just keep the AlabamaAutism.org domain name. I can not pay for two plus plans and I need to make sure that I have this taken care of and will only be charged the 199.95 for my site and not two charges of 199.95.

    1. Eric Suesz

      Mike: You might want to share your question on the Creators Ning Network. We also have a Help Center that has a lot of informative articles about how domain mapping works. Providing help on the blog comments isn’t always an option.

  2. Julian

    Nick thanks for that simplified update.

    I have two quesitons for you;

    1. I still have the ‘created by’ bit that you talk about on my network.
    2. What do you mean by the ‘Ning Burst’.


    1. Eric Suesz

      Julian: You can remove that here: My Network tab > Settings > Appearance > All options > ncheck Promote Ning in footer. The Ning Burst is the Ning logo. It’s a starburst-like logo (it’s really a graphic design term).

  3. Mark Oakes

    Maybe if you’re going for this you might consider not promoting ning in the help section on the footer of my site? This seems more geared to helping a network creator or a new potential network creator find out about ning rather than helping members of a site with issues they have?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Mark: Only you can see a Help link as the Network Creator. It’s designed to help you, the Network Creator.

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