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We’re very excited with how smoothly our new plans rolled out this week. A number of you have already purchased a plan. Thank you! Given all of the communication we’ve been putting out in the past few weeks to get everyone prepared, we thought we would wrap up the first week with a summary of all of the new features Network Creators who have chosen a new plan have at their fingertips.

I’ve divided the new features and improvements into categories below.

Increased limits

The following increased limits only apply to Ning Plus and Ning Pro.

  • Place up to 50 tabs in your Ning Network’s navigation (up from 14)
  • Include up to 25 Text Boxes, 25 RSS feeds, and 50 total features on your Main Page (up from 5, 5 and 20, respectively)
  • Include up to 100,000 characters of CSS in your Advanced Appearance (up from 15,000)
  • Include up to 20,000 characters of JavaScript in your Analytics box (up from 2,000)
  • Ning Pro Only: Add up to 10 Ning Apps to your Ning Network (up from 5)
  • Add Ning Apps to your Main Page (developer must have added Main Page support to the app)

Control over your Ning Network

Selecting a plan gives you even more control over your Ning Network.

  • Your Ning Network now has a revamped, simplified Terms of Service, with no mention of Ning (soon, you’ll have the ability to add your own terms to that document)
  • The previous “Privacy Policy” has been removed, replaced by the simplified Terms of Service
  • Network Creators can now limit the number of photos that members can upload each day (head to the Content-Controls page)

Management Dashboard

Network Creators now have a shining, new management interface for their Ning Network. It includes:

  • New management navigation that no longer requires use of the “back” button to navigate between management pages
  • Statistics that allow Network Creators to easily see exactly how much new content is being added, how many new members have joined and how much content is pending approval
  • An “announcements” section, where Network Creators will see the latest Ning announcements and tips without leaving their Ning Network
  • A view into which profiles and what content is popular right now on your Ning Network

Login Changes

Ning Networks now have a sign up flow that doesn’t have Ning branding and is easier to troubleshoot.