Junaid Basir
Junaid Basir
Language Filter Live
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The Language Filter is now live! This feature enables you to filter out offensive or otherwise prohibited words from content on your Ning Network. Many of you have requested this feature to help you more efficiently moderate your networks, as well as increase the value of your network traffic to advertisers.

The Language Filter is an opt-in feature available on Ning Pro. The feature comes with a default set of offensive words to filter, but the set of filtered words is customizable and completely controlled by you, the Network Creator.

The feature is easy to set up. Simply go to your My Network page and select Content > Controls in the left navigation.


Enable this feature by checking the “Enable Language Filtering” checkbox in the Language Filter section. In the text area below, you can choose to keep the default set of words that are shown or enter the words (separated by spaces) you would like to filter on your network. Once you save the changes, your Ning Network will start filtering these words so that only the first letter of each word is shown and the rest are replaced with (*). So if you entered “swear” it will show up as “s****”. Words are filtered when the page is being prepared for display to the user.

You also have the option to disable this feature by simply un-checking Enable Language Filtering check box. This allows you to easily disable the feature without having to enter the entire list of words to filter in the text area again.

If you currently subscribe to the Ning Mini or Plus plans, you can unlock this feature by upgrading to Ning Pro.