Live now! New features for your Network Leaderboards

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It’s been a little over a week since we launched Leaderboards for your Ning Networks. Since then, we’ve been busy working on several new features to make your Network Leaderboards even more powerful. Many of these come straight out of the requests you made on the Ning Creators Network — Thanks for your feedback!

Here’s a quick-and-dirty rundown of everything that’s going out today:

  • Every Leaderboard page now has a Text Box — this is perfect for adding more context, like explaining the rules for a contest you’re running.
  • 2 new display options for your Leaderboards: You can hide the Network Creator and Admins, and you can hide members and content you’ve already featured. Up to you whether to hide these, or leave them as is.
  • You can grab an RSS feed for every Leaderboard page. Great for adding them to another site, or for creating a custom widget.
  • We introduced a drag-n-drop interface for the Leaderboards landing page, giving you more control over the layout.
  • Group discussions are now counted in the Top Discussions Leaderboard.
  • Share links now appear at the bottom of every Leaderboard Page.
  • We made some optimizations to improve how members and content appear. Specifically, inactive members shouldn’t show up and new members and content shouldn’t spike as rapidly.
  • We went ahead and made “popularity” sorts consistent with your Leaderboards across different features.

And that’s it! Hope these improvements help make Leaderboards an even more compelling part of your network’s social experience.

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28 thoughts on “Live now! New features for your Network Leaderboards

  1. Bill Kalivas

    I have submitted a help ticket and posted on the Network Creators Council Forum that our Leaderboard settings are not working properly on my network but have yet to get a response from Ning.

    This is a great feature that I would like to use but the Network Creator (me) and Admins are still showing up in the leaderboards so I am not able to use this feature. Can you please advise or provide assistance, thank you.

  2. Amanda

    Hi there! I love that you can now choose to NOT include your admins and network creators on the leaderboards. But I can’t figure out how to make this adjustment. Where do I find this setting? Thanks!

  3. Percy

    Dear Sir:

    My website is out of order in the mail sysytem, please check it for me.

    Thanks a lot !

    Sincerely Yours’

    Dr. Percy Shih Sep. 09,2010

    1. Eric Suesz

      Percy: Please submit a ticket in the Help Center if you are having specific problems and we’ll try to get you some one-on-one help. I am not able to provide support on the blog comments section.

  4. Leo Talisaysay

    Good Day Admin. I need an advice to how and where I can pay for my network. I don’t have a credit card active right now but have an ATM Debit Card with a MasterCard logo on it. I did pay with this card online but does’nt accept it. Any idea or suggestion where and how to pay? I am presently in the Philippines right now.

  5. Diana

    Hi Eric! I wrote again, through the Help Center. Question # 00,328,055th

    Please send me your bank account, where to send the money. Please do not Eliminate it from my page!

    Please help me!

  6. John

    So what actually is a “Top Member”.? The help system doesn’t define it in the discussion on leaderboards.

  7. Daithi

    I noticed during the announcement of Ning upgrades to pay there was something about text box in header features for pro users.

    Any updates on this?

    I want to get my google ads into the header fast.

  8. Marconis Trajano de Jesus

    Dear Directors,

    Through this request, information on how to redeem a Ning Network – despoluiçã,
    I was traveling to work in an area of difficult access the internet, the reason why I could not access the network to make the payment on the date Previte, plan (150 members).
    Please ask the gentilizar to meet this request, I am Environmental Educator – Environmentalist, and I need despoluiçã network to access information and exchange of experiences among members environmentalists and students from schools of the municipality of Waterfalls Macacu. This network is linked to the River Pollution Abatement Program Macacu – A Dream of Childhood, which aims Sensiblizar and mobilize society to the importance of cleaning up the river which is responsible for supplying approximately three (3) million people, or 6 (six) cities, with waterfalls Macacu, the city holds the largest reserves of water. also, the largest forest reserve with the greatest biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro.
    Now appreciate the request, await response.
    Greetings ecological and sustainable

    Marconi Trajano de Jesus
    Environmental Educator
    Waterfalls Macacu – RJ
    Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
    Ler foneticamente
    Dicionário – Ver dicionário detalhado

  9. Julie

    I don’t see how to remove myself (Network Creator) from the leaderboard results. Can someone explain how to do that? I am using Safari on a Mac, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  10. Jefferson Champagne

    I need to know if there’s a way I can allow members from my site to add music to their page that way artists who join my page can share their songs with their fans. Please advise.


  11. Diana

    Hi! On 12 August I wrote to you, but not yet received a reply. Please do not delete off my page!
    I pay only by bank transfer. Please send me your bank account, where to send the money.
    Thank you!

  12. Hot Rod Revival

    I definitely plan on using this to start our first contest.
    Would be good though if the group creator didn’t show up on the leaderboards, because as a beginning community the creator is very active and appears as #1.

  13. Jason

    Love the Leaderboards. Any way to include “Top Groups”? We run a website that promotes animal rescue groups and it would be a neat way to encourage competition among groups to become active!

  14. Darryl Earnshaw

    We are still waiting to be contacted on how to make payment for this account. The onetwentyone site was established in remembrance of our son Jeremy Earnshaw who was washed out to sea in 2008. The account was established by the YWAM base in Townsville, Australia but is taken care of by the YWAM Newcastle base. YWAM Newcastle established this site for my wife and I and we would not want to loose the content. Can someone please contact us to get this back on track…and we will make the necessary option payment. We have been travelling all summer and did not notice the notice. Darryl and Ruth Earnshaw

  15. Julia

    this is really what we need: text boxes on other pages besides the home page. I’d be happy to see additional text box on groups page, members page, forums page and more 🙂

    thank you

  16. Morten Aabo

    Thank you for this finetunning Nick, and thank you bringing alot of the feedback request into this.

    A detail like the ability to remove NC’s and Admin’s from the Top content, was one of my specific wishes, there might have been some other with this request, but anyway… it really reflects how you guys work around stuff, and get into the details to deliver the best features.

    Thumbs Up! :0)

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