Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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It’s been a little over a week since we launched Leaderboards for your Ning Networks. Since then, we’ve been busy working on several new features to make your Network Leaderboards even more powerful. Many of these come straight out of the requests you made on the Ning Creators Network — Thanks for your feedback!

Here’s a quick-and-dirty rundown of everything that’s going out today:

  • Every Leaderboard page now has a Text Box — this is perfect for adding more context, like explaining the rules for a contest you’re running.
  • 2 new display options for your Leaderboards: You can hide the Network Creator and Admins, and you can hide members and content you’ve already featured. Up to you whether to hide these, or leave them as is.
  • You can grab an RSS feed for every Leaderboard page. Great for adding them to another site, or for creating a custom widget.
  • We introduced a drag-n-drop interface for the Leaderboards landing page, giving you more control over the layout.
  • Group discussions are now counted in the Top Discussions Leaderboard.
  • Share links now appear at the bottom of every Leaderboard Page.
  • We made some optimizations to improve how members and content appear. Specifically, inactive members shouldn’t show up and new members and content shouldn’t spike as rapidly.
  • We went ahead and made “popularity” sorts consistent with your Leaderboards across different features.

And that’s it! Hope these improvements help make Leaderboards an even more compelling part of your network’s social experience.