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Heading to Austin next year for the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference? We’ve submitted three panels for consideration, and would love your votes to help get them on the official schedule!

Panel #1: Evangelize Your Community Base with the Social Web

Description: Everyone sees the value of social media, but they don’t know how to fully realize it. They know how to scale their members and/or fans rapidly to amazing numbers, but then what… how do you take a fan and make them a brand evangelist, how do you tap into true influencers to amplify your cause, how do you continue building your audience between the episodes, or beyond the premiere? Read more…

Panel #2: Using Online Tools to Engage the Music Community (Boring Headline = Hot Topic)

Description: Ning has been leveraged by music acts across the world to develop and energize their fan base. Based on the Ning Platform and the next generation of social technologies, musicians have successfully brought fans into the process of creating and distributing content, making fans the key drivers of the band’s success. This dual presentation, featuring musicians and Ning representatives, will delve into best practices and provide an in-depth look at what’s next for artists and their fans in social media. Read more…

Panel #3: How We Design: Small Teams, Big Products

Description: Products. We love them. We make them. We work on them every day. But the product design process is full of challenges. Maybe you’re trying to maintain consistency across an impossibly huge product. Maybe you’re in a position where you have to wear multiple hats to take an idea from concept to execution. Or maybe you’re driving and defending the visual identity of your company. No matter what, as a designer you’re always looking to solve big problems. This panel of designers will share the tips and tricks you need to alleviate your design headaches. Read more…

Please take a moment to register and vote for Evangelize Your Community Base with the Social Web, Using Online Tools to Engage the Music Community and How We Design: Small Teams, Big Products . Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Vote for Ning’s SXSW Panels

  1. johan stoltz

    Some of my members complain about slow loading of my network. They say that facebook is way quicker. How can that be fixed ?

    1. Eric Suesz

      johan: In most cases, slow loading of, say, the Main Page, can happen when there are a lot of widgets or apps on that page. I always experiment with and without added code to see how quickly a page loads. This may be a little complicated, but it’s worth checking out: Pingdom allows you to test your page-loading times.

  2. PauC

    We have paid ring pro but oír social network still dos not recognise it. We atr trying to contact ring but we gat no response! Help! They want to disconnect our network!!

    1. Eric Suesz

      My apologies if you haven’t received a response. I assume you have submitted a Help Center ticket. Appreciate your patience while we get to you. We’ve set our billing related tickets as the highest priority.

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