Coming soon: Full text emails!

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Following discussions and comments on Ning Networks today isn’t as easy as it could be. When another member comments on your content — or something you’ve already commented on — you receive an email notification.

The notification is pretty simple. It just alerts you to the comment and provides you a link to click through to view the comment. It looks something like this:


Later this week, that’s going to change. Instead of having to visit your Ning Networks to keep up with discussions and comments, you’ll be able to view the content right within your email. Email notifications will include the text added by your members. So that same reply above might, instead, look something like this:


Of course, it’s your Ning Network, so we don’t want to automatically make this change for you. After all, making it easier for your members to keep up with discussions and comments via email might actually decrease the number of actual visits to your Ning Network.

It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your Ning Network, so when this release goes out, your emails will remain just as they are today. While some email notifications already include full text (like network broadcast messages), if you want to display 200 characters of text or full text in comment and new content emails, you’ll need to enable that for your members.

To do so, you’ll head over to your new “Email” settings page in your Dashboard. Then, simply choose how much text you want in your Ning Network’s email notifications:


This feature will only be available to Ning Plus and Ning Pro subscribers. Ning Mini will continue to have the same email settings they have today. For more information, check out our FAQ.

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10 thoughts on “Coming soon: Full text emails!

  1. Mocha J

    Please add the ability to reply directly from e-mail. This will afford members and NC’s the ability to respond without having to log on to the site as well as increase site activity.

  2. Mark Avey

    Neat feature, but I’d like to set the 200 limit for members and the full text for admins – that way I can see everything, but members would still require a visit for the full text.

  3. Markus Miner

    Great add Ning! The ability to reply from email would be a great add on this in the future; It will stimulate mobile interaction on our social networks!

  4. Maxim

    Maybe its time to fix password remind email issue? It has charset=us-ascii instead of UTF-8. I’ve reported this several months ago but it wasn’t fixed!

  5. Gus

    Well as I now rely on traffic to generate income to cover the cost I won’t be switching this on. My members are used to the way it operates now.

    Nice idea for others though.

  6. Eric

    How about having the ability to reply straight from your email? That would be the complete solution we need and I’m sure everyone wants! Please, please make it happen 🙂

  7. Dave Iannone

    One comment, instead of saying ‘To View the new reply” add to ‘To view the new reply or add your own, visit:” or something like that so they realize they sholdn’t just reply to the email to eliminate any confusion….or some way to know they need to click a link to add additional comments

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