Fortune Shines on Ning

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We got a great write-up yesterday by Fortune magazine’s Senior Editor-at-Large Adam Lashnisky. Adam covers the high-tech world for Fortune and other news outlets. He’s a long-time Silicon Valley journalist. (You may have heard his voice piping from a radio via his many appearances on NPR’s Marketplace.) Since he has well over a decade of experience covering the high-tech West Coast beat, it’s an honor to have him cover Ning.

Adam sat down with our CEO, Jason Rosenthal, for a person-to-person interview. The video interview is split into two parts:

There’s a bit more in the full transcript of the video interview if you’re at all curious about the details of our dramatic (and successful!) change of direction as a business.

If you’re interested in reading smart articles about where the start-up world meets the larger business world, considering following @adamlashinsky on Twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Fortune Shines on Ning

  1. Eric Suesz Post author

    Hello! We’re not able to handle billing-related requests here on the blog. You can contact us directly through your management page. Once you do that choose the billing related choice, and we’ll try to get your issue resolved.

  2. Brian Fløe

    I am extremely happy to hear about your 5 x more paying customers!!! This can only be good news to us. We want a company supporting us who is successful. It means resources to hire more programmers, support staff (as I know you are doing every week) etc.

    This is the best news since you announced the paid plans. Congratulations 🙂

    1. Eric Suesz Post author

      Hi, Tammy. Of course you can contact us for help! Contact us directly through your management page. It appears that maybe your domain redirection is set up incorrectly. We’ll try to get you set up.

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