Introducing the Ning API

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Today, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of the Ning API. API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface; it’s a system that allows trusted mobile or desktop applications and third-party services to interact with your Ning Pro Network. This means your members can see network activity, update their status, and post photos and blog posts on the go.

How should you leverage the new API? That depends on your development experience or budget. If you are a Ning Pro subscriber and a developer (or have access to a developer), you can start building applications that use the API now. Dive right in to our docs and examples. We even have helper classes that will get you started if you’re using Java, PHP, or Python. Find out how to manage your API keys here.

Ning mobile partners

If you’re not a developer, we’ve lined up some amazing partners who will help you build powerful mobile applications for your members, and they offer solutions to fit a wide range of budgets.

  • Mobile Roadie, a Premium Ning partner, creates beautiful iPhone and Android apps that can be tied directly into your Ning Network.
  • Without any special skills, you can create an AppMakr iPhone app and submit it to the Apple Store for approval.
  • DoubleDutch, a provider of location-based apps, offers a smart way to add location and check-ins to your Ning Network.

A few details on how the API works

All Pro Ning Networks will receive the first 10,000 API requests for free, and bundles of 20,000 additional requests will be available at $15/month. Since the API is new for Network Creators, we want to help you get started and let you gauge your Ning Network’s API usage. So, we’re offering all API requests for free until the end of this year.

We’re excited to see how our creative Network Creators are going to leverage the power of the Ning API for their networks.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the Ning API

  1. Reddy

    Can my users upload pics, videos, blog posts, forum posts through app designed by MobileRoadie? If that is not so…then only fools pay $999 for MobileRoadie

  2. Richard Posey

    Sounds wonderful … but nothing for the Mini and Plus network creators? For some of us, these might be the sorts of tools that help us build our participant base to get us to the Plus or Pro levels.

    Something to think about.


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