Goodbye Ning ID, hello Custom Network ID
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For some time now, we’ve been talking about the progress of our project to replace the existing cross-Ning ID system — used to sign up and sign in across all Ning Networks — with Custom Network IDs. We’re happy to announce that we’re planning on releasing the final piece of this project tomorrow!

The new Custom Network IDs will mean much more control over your brand and your Ning Network’s sign up experience. This also resolves the sign up issues some new members have been experiencing. And, as a bonus, it will allow us to add a slew of new features that we previously could not — like giving Ning Creators the ability to delete members and letting new members sign up via Twitter.

What’s changing tomorrow

Today, members must use the same password for every Ning Network they join. And, when they change their email address or password, that change must take place on all Ning Networks they’ve joined across Ning. Starting tomorrow, that will begin to change. After we complete the release tomorrow…

  • Existing members will still have the same email address and password, but anyone who changes their email address or password (including Network Creators) will only be changing it for that specific Ning Network.
  • New members will be creating an account on your Ning Network, not a Ning account that works across all Ning Networks, so they’ll be able to use any password they wish for your network.

Issues to expect during release

With such a massive change to the way sign up and sign in information is stored on the Ning Platform, it’s going to take a few hours to complete this release. During tomorrow’s release, the error message that has traditionally been seen by brand-new members who enter an incorrect Ning ID password when signing up (again, those folks who have joined multiple Ning Networks over time), will instead see this message: “The email address has already been registered. Please choose another.” As soon as the release is complete, these members should be able to sign up regardless of their password choice. They shouldn’t run into any error messages.

Following this release, of course, all new members who join your Ning Network will have an account — an email address and a password — that is specific to your network. This should greatly enhance the experience of your members and eliminate any guesswork about members who may be experiencing any issues signing up.

We thank you for your patience, and we look forward to completing it!