Jason Rand
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Last night, T. Boone Pickens appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to share his vision – breaking America’s reliance on foreign oil imports. It’s a tall order and Pickens believes this is achievable. Pickens describes how we can tackle this problem with the Pickens Plan.

To promote his cause and mobilize grassroot support, Pickens has created a “social action network fighting for energy independence” on Ning dubbed Push.PickensPlan.com. It is the place for his supporters to discuss, collaborate, and organize grassroot activities to make the Pickens Plan a reality. The result is an enlivened community taking actions, encouraging elected officials to support policies that move America closer to energy independence.

Join Push.PickensPlan.com to get involved. You can also see T. Boone Pickens’ interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart here.