Erika Gessin
Erika Gessin
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Do you work for or run a non-profit or political organization that is working hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all-things-social on the web? These days, using social networking sites and technology platforms are key ingredients of any effective organizing campaign or social movement. Let us help you find your way and give you some expert tips to plot your strategy. Join us for our next session of Ning Talks where our panel of experts will discuss all of the tips, tactics and strategy that you need to know to engage with your supporters, volunteers and members and activate them towards creating change.

In this web cast, hosted on Wednesday, January 12th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST, learn the specific tactics you can employ right now to meet campaign objectives including:

  • Expand your support network – build, organize, and advance your supporters up the engagement ladder
  • Drive online donations – raise money to power your organization and community
  • Focus volunteer efforts – empower grassroots activists to make measurable offline impact
  • Inspire through stories – leverage viral multimedia tools to help bring your activist movement to supporters across the world

Register for the web cast today, and learn how to create a community dedicated to your passionate supporters and volunteers with a platform that fuels grassroots organizing, community engagement and fundraising to meet campaign objectives.


Todd Zeigler
Senior Vice President, Client Services at the Bivings Groups
Joseph Porcelli
Community Engagement Strategist
Peter Slutsky
Strategic Relationships Manager, Ning, Inc.

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