We Dig This Article About Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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Snowpocalypse. Flurricane. Coldtastrophe. Snowmageddon!

It seems we may be running out of clever names for extreme weather events. But we’re just getting started with applying the wonders of technology to how we respond to weather.

Witness Mr. Joseph Porcelli. This Boston resident is using his Ning Network, Neighbors for Neighbors, as a hub for Jamaica Plain residents who either need help digging out from 18 inches of snow that’s been dumped on Western Massachusetts or want to help other people dig out of this snownami.

If you’ve got a minute today, dig into this great WGBH Boston article. It’s a great read!

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One thought on “We Dig This Article About Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  1. Becca

    Great story. We’re digging out from SNOMG in Chicago. Members on my network shared stories of how their neighbors came together to conquer the snow and have a little fun at the same time.

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