How ya “like” me now?

How ya “like” me now?
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Today, we’ve rolled out the beta for our Ning Like Button and the Facebook Like Buttons, two features that enhance the Ning Engagement System. “Liking” is a lightweight interaction that has proved to be incredibly powerful. Now, you can bring that power to your Ning Network with either a customized Like Button, a Facebook Like Button, or both. Try them out today by going to your Beta Page.

If you enable the Ning Like button, members can “Like” photos, videos, and blog posts right from the Main Page, in addition to detail pages:

This gives people an incredibly easy way to interact with content on your network. Additionally, anything your members Like gets added to a brand-new My Likes page, which is a handy way to archive interesting stuff:

The Ning Like button comes with a ton of customization options. You can choose the default icon, as well as the default name for the feature, on the Like Button Settings page. This is also where you can re-enable “Rating” and “Favorite” if you want to hang on to those features.

If you enable the Facebook Like button, it will behave just like other Facebook Like buttons you’ve seen elsewhere. Unlike the Ning Like button, you don’t have to be a member to like something on Facebook. So the Facebook Like button is a great option if you want the maximum number of people to Like network content and make it go viral.

One awesome addition is that we hooked Facebook up to your network’s engagement system too. This means that if your content gets a ton of Facebook “Likes,” it will still rise to the top of the Leaderboards and other popularity sortings.

Naturally, you can enable the Ning Like Button, the Facebook Like Button, both, or neither. It’s up to you!

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13 thoughts on “How ya “like” me now?

  1. Saibal

    We need a “like” feature on forums. I don’t understand why the blogs and photos got it first and not the forums. Please, please implement this soon for posts on the forum!!!!

  2. Jamie

    Any chance we could get like buttons on the comments too? I”m getting requests for this, and I’m really not sure how to address it. Is this something in the works?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hello! Yes, this is something we are considering adding. We’ve had a number of similar requests.

  3. Zahid Torres-Rahman

    This is such great news! Any chance it can also be enabled for new pages? We are creating a lot of bespoke content using the New Page feature of Ning, and it would be great if people could “Like” these too!

  4. gioperation

    I think this feature is awesome… the only problem is with the FB like button with I really love- I lost the ability to share a blog post with my fan page on FB- now when I share with through the like button it goes to my personal profile- am I doing something incorrect- thanks! I want that ability back plus the FB like button- thanks!

  5. 562CityLife

    Thank you VERY much for this feature! Please also apply it to the Status Updates and Latest Activity Items. Thank you!

  6. Jim

    I like the new “Like” feature, but why agree that it should be added to Forums. Why not? A great way to stir participation! Also, could you add “Dislike” too so folks could vote on questions?

  7. Debby

    Just enabled the LIKE button, which we’ve been waiting for months. So happy! Agree with everyone. All of our activity is on the FORUMS, but no LIKE button there. The LIKE button is only for the article and not the comments. Is that correct? I gave it a go on the photos and seems to be working and also enabled post to FaceBook. Whoo-hoo! Thanks NING.

  8. George

    Great new feature. Thank you. Members on my network like it and use it a lot already. The only thing – on Facebook you get a notification if somebody likes you content. On Ning you don’t – neither if somebody added content as favorite or rated content.

    I am wondering if liking (and the other legacy features) should not trigger notifications to the content owner. Would this not enhance the engagement even more when the content owner would know what got liked and could respond? This way they might oversee the activity and will rather not react on it.

  9. Brijendra Dharampuria

    I was using Ning as my second most favorite social networking sites after Facebook. Recently I came back on Ning and got lots of advance features that was not at that time. In the past, Group and chat option is mostly used by me but Now I am ready to use its all features because I have sufficient time for it. Continue to add such new features that is liked by users.

  10. Mark Miner

    Only thing that could make this better is if we were allowed to like profile pages, music & groups.

  11. Gavin Johnson

    OMG Call an ambulance I just died! Should have read this post before I read about the design studio!…..keep the good news coming Ning this is great!

  12. Phil Sim

    Please add to Forums as well. Forums are out main content source (we’ve actually renamed them blogs, which we did because blogs don’t have threaded comments which we wanted) and we liked the ability to group our blogs (ie forum threads).

    I like the Leaderboard but a lot of people post lots of blogs to move up it, and it would be great to be able to reward those who post quality stuff that gets a lot of likes.

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