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Starting today, administrators will have another great tool to add to their community management belt: Deleting a member.

For years, administrators and Network Creators have been able to suspend unwanted members. This allowed them to prevent these people from accessing the network (unless the suspension was lifted) and, more recently, to even keep their content around after suspending a member.

There are many cases, though, where administrators may want to remove a member but not permanently suspend them. Or, they may not want to keep a record of the account in the member management area. A member may have joined with a duplicate email address or perhaps a Network Creator just wants to clear out inactive accounts. Network Creators have made it clear they want the additional option of just deleting a member, and that’s what you’ll see appear on your Ning Network starting today.

Now live: Delete unwanted members

From the Moderation page (and, coming shortly, members’ profile pages as well), administrators will see a new “Delete” option. Deleting a member will remove their account and their content from the Ning Network. Additionally, there will be no record of deleted members; they will not appear in any of the tabs on the Members Moderation page.

Deleting a member is not reversible, so use it with caution. It should add a great new tool to administrators’ arsenal, and we’re excited to deliver this long-standing request.