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SoundCloud and Ning

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with SoundCloud to offer a brand-new integration for our Ning Creators.

SoundCloud offers a fantastic platform for sharing and listening to music across the web and mobile devices. Upload your audio to one place, then play it back wherever you’d like. Their Ning App integration offers the following features:

Example #1: Music & Entertainment-Themed Ning Networks
Our friends at are using the app to power their new indie music section. Members are encouraged to submit their songs for review by the G-Unit A&R team, with the possibility of being featured on the network’s main page:

Example #2: Artist Websites
Jones Street Station has also made great use of the app as the main “Music” page and player on their site:

We’re excited to have SoundCloud on board as a partner, as is clear from the following photo:

You can install the free Ning App here. Happy listening!