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Christina Lee
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The recent 9.0 earthquake followed by a massive tsunami in Japan on March 11 led to thousands of death and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. What makes the situation tougher is that the challenges kept escalating in the past few days — with over two dozen aftershocks that were greater than 6.0, in addition to the radiation concerns caused by nuclear power plant blasts.

Social media has already played a vital role in recovering from this devastating earthquake. Not only is it a way for affected people to connect and stay informed, it also brings the world closer as personal stories unfold in front of us despite geographic and language boundaries. A sense of community has been formed, and our hearts go out to the victims. Our cheers also go out to the heroic nuclear power plant workers, firefighters, and volunteers who are working against the odds to rebuild.

Within the overall Ning community, a number of you have stepped up with creative ways to help with the recovery of Japan:

Linkin Park has designed two new t-shirts that are now for sale on the official site. Proceeds will be donated to Music for Relief to help earthquake survivors. You can visit here to purchase.

Ning Communities Pitch in to Help Japan Aid

Spencer Barfuss from the Theologica Community on Ning created a beautiful new Ning Theme that anyone can purchase for $5. All proceeds go to an earthquake relief agency in Japan called Crash Japan. See details here.

Theologica Community,

These are just a few examples that were surfaced to us, and I’m sure there are many more. Feel free to share your own relief effort ideas in the comments below.

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