Aaron Ilika
Aaron Ilika
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Comunidade Banco do Planeta (Bank of the Planet Community) is a network operated by Bradesco, one of the big four banks in Brazil. This community powered by Ning showcases Bradesco’s ongoing commitment to environmental and financial sustainability. Unlike many banks, one of Bradesco’s core values is to give back to the communities they serve, helping their customers invest not only in funds or stocks, but also in their communities, Brazilian society, and—naturally—the planet. The network sponsors events related to green urban development, courses on environmental education, and social responsibility seminars for businesses. With over 19,000 members, the network’s members include environmental activists, representatives of the business community, and nonprofit organizations.

Groups on the network cater to a specific stakeholders interested in sustainability, including e-construction,  ecotourism, and green energy. The network also sponsors scholarships, prizes, and essay contests related to sustainability and environmental education, which serve to increase member engagement on Comunidade Banco do Planeta. Bradesco itself funds many of these prizes, and also uses its community network to coordinate collective projects alongside NGOs and the public sector. For Bradesco, their online community is an important way to engage with customers and exemplify their core values of sustainable finance, responsible management, and social investing in the broadest sense. Their online community serves as an interactive supplement to and the bank’s other community endeavors like the Bradesco Foundation, the Bradesco Sports and Education Program, and the Sustainable Amazon Foundation.

Comunidade Banco do Planeta is a wonderful example of how Ning enables organizations and activists all around the globe.

Feliz Dia da Terra! (Happy Earth Day!)