Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Since adding the Like Feature to Ning Labs in February, we’ve studied closely how Ning Creators are using it on their social sites. What we’ve found is exciting: 12,000 Ning Creators have already replaced the Favorite and Rate features with the Like Button, and they are seeing great results. Here’s how this change has increased member engagement:

Now There's More to Like! 1

Engagement = Number of times content is Rated, Favorited, or Liked

We’re excited to report that later today, we will be taking the Like Feature out of Ning Labs.

We’ve spent the last several weeks making a series of improvements, including:

  • Like buttons for more features (Photos, Videos, Blogs, Events, Discussions, Groups, Pages, Profiles)
  • Feature-by-feature control to enable/disable a Like button
  • A revamped My Likes page that shows member Likes month-to-month over time.
Now There's More to Like! 2

Increase your engagement! Turn on the Like Button for your network now.

Haven’t turned it on yet? It’s easy. When you sign in later today, you’ll see a simple message that prompts you activate the Like Button. Choose which features you want to enable. You can make changes anytime, and we encourage you to experiment with different features to see what works best for you. We’ve set you up with the option to send a Broadcast Message to your members to let them know about this new feature (if you choose).

We’ve also updated the algorithm for Leaderboards to include Like Button activity. This ensures that the Leaderboards will reflect and surface the latest, greatest content and trends on your Ning Network.