Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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Video content is a major way for us to get outside perspectives through stories and expand our imaginations. And people want access to this content anytime, anywhere. We’ve all seen the success of YouTube; Netflix recently announced it has 23.6 million subscribers globally, eclipsing U.S. cable juggernaut Comcast.

The much anticipated Cannes Film Festival just wrapped up and the lush event is a great reminder that film is a universal medium connecting us all. We see people passionate about films use Ning as the way to organize communities. If you weren’t able to jet-set to Cannes to catch a glimpse of Hollywood heavyweights or the next award-winning flick by Sofia Coppola, your escape is no further than the Ning community, TheFilmPortal.net.

TheFilmPortal.net attracts attendees and alumni of the Cannes Film Festival, film aficionados, and celebrity-seeking fans. In true Titanic style, it’s the tip of the iceberg for Ning communities surrounding heavy-hitter festivals around the world and global video projects. ÉCU, The European Independent Film Festival uses their community as a jumping board to discover, project and promote independent films produced from around the world.

While the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is ever-present, there’s a bustling video production community based south of the Mason-Dixon line: TarHeel Films. There, film industry professionals in the southeastern US use their digital water cooler to connect with filmmakers, cast and crew, job opportunities, local red-carpet events and industry news. Florida State University has its own film school network called FSU Film, were students and alumni share their digital portfolios, highlighting their creative endeavors and big-screen successes.

Today, the art of making a meaningful and influential movie can come from anyone with an eye for storytelling and creativity. This drive, intersecting with new low-cost technology and community organizers coming together, has democratized this concept. Film Makers Alliance and One Day on Earth both denote the importance of community-based collaboration. The end-result (or perhaps just the start) is unexpected, unique and one-of-a-kind works available to the masses.

Let us know what your community is creatively brewing—we can’t wait to see the things you’re supporting and inspiring!

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