John Quaresma
John Quaresma
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Next week, Ning will be leading a conversation at Carsonified’s Future Of Web Apps conference in Las Vegas. I’ll be delivering a talk to entrepreneurs and speaking about my own experiences at Ning as we transitioned from a freemium model to a top-tier paid social platform empowering community organizers to build custom and powerful social websites. My goal is to shed light on ways entrepreneurs can make their customers happier, and their e-businesses and ventures successful, using the lessons learned by Ning over the past year.

Since we’re all about fostering a dialogue around community, we’ve also teamed up with Carsonified as they’ve launched their own Ning Network, Future of Community. Ning’s presence at this event is part of our ongoing belief that the future of the web is social; as the world finally breaks in their online shoes, we’re starting to use those shoes to travel along offline paths too. This presents an immense opportunity for everyone, and especially entrepreneurs looking to connect with their customer bases in new and highly engaging ways.

The future of the web is brighter than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited about the social movement on our heels. Join me at 3:20 – 3:40 p.m. (Pacific) on Tuesday, June 28. See you at the Future of Web Apps conference!

The Future Of Web Apps Is Social